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Transform your relationship with Facebook ads from a source of constant, consistent frustration to the revenue-generating partnership it should be 


 Transform my relationship

Joanna Wiebe is the CEO of Copyhackers - the place SaaS founders, entrepreneurs, small biz owners and copywriters go when they’re ready to learn how to write copy that gets results. 

The OG conversion copywriter, Joanna’s been invited to speak on 100+ international stages, including Google, Mozcon, CTA Conf and INBOUND. She’s the mastermind behind Copy School.  

Image of Wahida Lakina's smiling face.

Wahida Lakhani has earned multi-millions in revenue for clients, managing over $1 million in ad spend across some of the most competitive and difficult verticals globally. She worked with household names like Coca-Cola and L’Oreal as well as Fortune 500 companies and start-ups.

And the 10x Facebook Ads copy system she shares was developed through years of unrelenting, hands-on FB and Insta testing to deliver high returns - consistently and with very little room for error.  

With 10x Facebook Ads by your side, you’ll be able to confidently and easily navigate the anatomy of a high-converting ad, even if you’ve never written one before 

You’ll 10x your strategy chops and:

  • Craft irresistibly authentic ads that stand out in a sea full of Spammy McSpammersons 
  • Know how to integrate ad copy at every stage of any funnel and become a bonafide ad strategist
  • Write ads faster and easier with frameworks and templates for every stage of the customer journey
  • Be able to zero in on the right Facebook or Instagram ad type and placement every time (thanks to an awesome cheat sheet!)
  • Rescue underperforming ad copy from Zuck’s wall of shame by knowing exactly what to change using the “threshold of awesome”  

You’ll 10x your copy chops and:

  • Guide and nurture prospects who’ve never heard of you through every stage of awareness with zero ick-factor → by making each ad and offer feel custom-crafted and natural
  • Craft ads that break through cynicism by giving your audience what they want, when they want it → simply by joining the convo already happening in their minds
  • Use above-board ninja copywriting tactics to raise click-through rates, relevance scores and conversions at a lower cost
  • Raise your ad copy to the “threshold of awesome” with complete control over three essential factors
  • Spot and avoid the BIGGEST mistakes that will crush your conversions and tank your performance  


  • Know the drill when it comes to targeting and retargeting so you can work that call with your ads manager like a pro
  • Wait for the right amount of time calmly to know if your ad copy is even WORKING – and snag a simple, repeatable process for optimizing copy that isn’t
  • Spot the red flag situations where ads will never work, whether you’re a copywriter or you own the campaign
  • Easily tell the difference between a message that sells and the “sounds-kinda-good-but-will-it-work” ads that follow all the trendiest “best” practices but fail to deliver → and only craft the first kind
  • Set down the rules for putting your copy to the right tests, avoid the scattershot approach to testing and make ‘little bets’ first that save big money 

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