Tested in 37 diverse industries... Over $24+ million in revenue generated... 

Marketers and copywriters: throw out those boxes and arrows... and instead swipe this proven process for optimizing your funnels to convert 

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or 12 payments of $97 / mo

Joanna Wiebe is the CEO of Copyhackers - the place SaaS founders, entrepreneurs, small biz owners and copywriters go when they’re ready to ditch rookie “best practices” and avoidable mistakes and learn how to write copy that converts. Like pros. 

The OG conversion copywriter, Joanna’s been invited to speak on 100+ international stages, including Google, Mozcon, CTA Conf and INBOUND. She’s also the mastermind behind Copy School - the ultimate mastery-based copy training.  

Image of Samuel Woods' face.

Sam Woods has created 100s of funnels for cold, hot and in-between audiences in over 37 industries. These funnels have generated 24+ million dollars in revenue. 

His funnel creation system marries timeless principles from direct response copywriting, customer-focused research techniques and digital optimization principles to create and optimize online growth funnels that predictably generate leads and sales. That's why businesses from HubSpot to Agora hire him!

The unique research system that will help you create high-converting funnels for 1) capturing leads, 2) converting leads into customers, 3) upselling and 4) re-engaging 

You’ll 10x your strategy skills and: 

  • Use the “Funnel Brief” to road-map your custom strategy for turning indifferent strangers into warm, excited leads
  • Ditch the “customer avatar” in favor of “The perfect lead profile” → your ticket to the exact copy strategy you need to use to attract attention 
  • Build good-will (and earn sales) by crafting authentic funnels that have zero in common with the icky, click-me bait that’s destroying trust between marketers and customers
  • Help your clients go from overwhelmed to empowered by confidently guiding them through the exact process and steps involved in the perfect-for-them funnel
  • Know what metrics to pay attention to - and which ones are safe to ignore - so you can make informed recommendations 
  • Help clients transform ordinary, boring “offers” into something so irresistible your perfect lead can’t help but say yes → all thanks to your “Funnel Brief”  


You’ll 10x your conversion copy skills and:  

  • Confidently recommend the optimal funnel structure as well as the kind of copy that belongs in each stage → thanks to a proven, multi-industry process
  • Analyze failing funnels and expertly pinpoint the breaks you see and the elements that make them ineffectual 
  • Master funnel mechanics so you know what’s essential to conversion, what can go and how to keep your clients from falling into the new-and-shiny-tool trap
  • Use the blueprint style worksheets to approach your work with informed confidence that magnetizes your perfect prospects 
  • Focus on “the unresolved problems” and “unfulfilled desires” hiding in the heart of every prospect → the ones that every other funnel is ignoring cuz they don’t know how to speak to that without sounding like sleazeballs
  • Confidently add funnels to your services knowing that you can deliver the level of work your client expects 
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