"Is it even feasible to make $10K / mo as a freelance copywriter?"

Replay now available! Originally attended live by 1000+ freelance copywriters, this masterclass is now available on demand for the next:


Presented by Joanna Wiebe, the founder of Copyhackers

You became a freelance copywriter because you heard you could make money... while working for yourself... from home.

And now you're working for yourself... from home... but the whole "make money" thing? It remains a mystery. A mystery no amount of Googling can solve. Because you're not wondering things that masses of people are wondering, so Google doesn't care. Which means you can't find articles, how-tos or tutorials to help you with things like:

  • How to charge royalties as a freelance copywriter
  • How to price your services for work you've never done before
  • How to get leads on board with paying you 2x their budget

I've worked with 500+ freelance copywriters over the last half-decade. I've also grown my business from moi making seven-K a month to moi + 11 team members making seven figures a year.

This masterclass exists to help you through the real challenges getting in the way of you meeting your earning potential. So grab a pen. Grab a sheet of paper. And let's do the work!