I started chatting with Conversion Scientist Brian Massey recently, after he posted a rather nice comment on my KISSmetrics blog post.

Brian’s a pretty cool dude, although quite intimidating – after all, he’s got a growing team that includes Jeff Sexton (whom I started following back when he was with the Eisenbergs). And he was preparing to speak at the Conversion Conference, which is happening this week. So, like I said, slightly intimidating.

We chatted for a little over a half-hour late last week, and he posted our talk on his site: https://conversionsciences.com/writing-killer-conversion-copy-with-joanna-wiebe-of-copyhackers-com-audio

Give it a listen! I may sound like a tool half the time… or maybe not. I dunno. I’m scared to listen.

If you have any questions or comments, post ’em here if you’d like me to respond… and post ’em on Brian’s site if you’d like him to respond.