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Take the guesswork out of measuring whether your copy works (or doesn't) even if you're a non-numbers kinda person.

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Nicole Luke is the Chief Data Whisperer at Novac Solutions Ltd - the go-to place for businesses looking to make strategic, evidence-based decisions with their data and analytics.

She's got 20+ years running the numbers at fast-growth tech companies like Intuit and Jobber. AKA Nicole knows her sh*t. CMOs trust her insightful and actionable recommendations because they're based on reliable data analysis. You'll trust her, too.

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With Analytics for Copywriters, you’ll finally know exactly what data to use (and what's "bad data") so you can be a strategic partner. Not just a do-er.

10x the strategic value you bring to any project because you’ll:

  • Approach strategy like a data analyst, focusing on the essential elements that show you how site visitors make decisions
  • Know the metrics that matter across the sales and marketing funnel
  • Understand the intent and quality of traffic coming to the site and how it interacts with the copy
  • Confidently analyze the work you do and spot opportunities to improve without fear of misinterpretation or misrepresentation  
  • Present data clearly and concisely without overwhelming or confusing your audience

10x your conversion copy skills because you’ll:

  • Understand, collect and organize the data that accurately reflects the impact of your copy
  • Use the metrics that matter to tailor experiences and content to generate better and more engaged leads
  • Accurately analyze visitors behaviours across website pages to identify where the wins and biggest opportunities exist
  • Know how to design and structure your copy to reduce bounce rate

New to data analysis? Now you can build confidence and skills in all things data-driven marketing. Talk numbers. Talk tools. Talk reports. Ask good questions. And use what you learn to optimize your copy. Sans guesswork.

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