To marketers, founders and copywriters who aspire to

Cement your status as the rainmaker. The retention whisperer. The master of all metrics.

Copy is the business’s online salesperson. Copy School helps you drive the bottom line.

Get the on-demand training AND personal feedback you need to hit your Q4 targets. With our best-ever membership deal.

With up to $5000 in instant annual savings AND 1:1 copy reviews, there's no better time to try Copy School than right now.

Copy School

Perfect for founders & marketers

$497 $197 / month

  • All 17 of our copy programs

  • All new copy programs we add

  • All live online copy bootcamps

  • Unlimited chat Q&A

  • 1 copy review a month


Copy School Premium

Perfect for copywriters

$797 $297 / month

  • All 17 of our copy programs

  • All new copy programs we add

  • All live online copy bootcamps

  • Unlimited chat Q&A

  • Unlimited copy reviews

7-day money-back guarantee. Ongoing chat & email support.

But wait. Is copy actually your online salesperson?

Maybe you’ve never actually seen copy that delivers measurable sales results. In fact, most copy doesn’t. Because most copy is written the way you wrote essays in high school:

  1. Open doc.
  2. Stare ahead.
  3. Notice deadline is looming.
  4. Write something fast. 

If you’ve been skeptical about a) copy’s actual ability to sell and b) your actual ability to make it do just that, allow us to introduce to you: 

Copy that drives revenue… leads… and measurable business-transforming uplift.

Let’s start with these six-figure paydays:

“One of our clients had a $100K + launch for a $47 product. Another is seeing a 22% conversion for a membership site. PLUS I’ve been able to streamline AND deepen my conversion copywriting process too.”

Prerna Malik

Co-founder, Content Bistro

Used: 10x Emails, 10x Launches (in Copy School)

“As of my cart close yesterday, I am 77% sold out for next summer. And I just earned $172,759 in 20 days. For a farmer, that’s freakin’ awesome.”

Corinna Bench

Organic Vegetable Farmer

Used: 10x Emails, 10x Landing Pages (in Copy School)

Now consider this…

What would happen if YOU suspended disbelief and actually wrote a real, honest-and-true sales page? Not because it’s popular. But because it’s proven.

Or what if you replaced ho-hum ignorable emails with emails that coach the conversion? And made the haters grumble with how different they are… but made the finance people thrilled with how different they are…

Like Brad does for his clients:

“Over the course of a 5-day launch, my sales page did 1161 sales for a grand total of $228,717.”

Brad Wages


Used: 10x Sales Pages (in Copy School)

yellow dots

Would you believe in the converting power of intentional copy if you started seeing results like these:

“I 10xed my client’s investment (I helped Teachable make $500k using this sequence). I 10xed my hourly rate. (Seriously, I now charge $500 per email.)”

Marian Schembari


Used: 10x Emails (in Copy School)

Photo of Marian Schembari

“My most recent email campaign had a 15% clickthrough rate and 3 times the expected signups.”

Molly Mac


Used: 10x Emails (in Copy School)

“Just wrapped up my very first campaign for a super competitive affiliate launch. I was able to hit over $15K in revenue!”

Tarzan Kay

Email Specialist

Used: 10x Emails, 10x Landing Pages (in Copy School)

“I applied what I learned to a client course launch that hit over 40+ sales of their $997 product in a 10 day Facebook launch.”

Ryan Cruz


Used: 10x Facebook Ads (in Copy School)

Do you have the courage to put your skepticism aside and give your copy a fighting chance… so you can break the cycle of bad copy and actually start to see results like these:

“I have launched three programs in the past, this was my 4th. I sold 52 spaces, grossed £47,500.”

Suzy Ashworth

Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker

Used: 10x Launches (in Copy School)

Suzy Ashworth photo

“I updated my client’s sales page. And since re-launching it, she’s brought in $56,000 in one week.”

Chanti Zak

Quiz Funnel Strategist & Growth Coach

Used: 10x Sales Pages (in Copy School)

Podcaster Tara Gentile turned a workshop that wasn’t selling into a lucrative launch – and TRIPLED her revenue!

Used: 10x Emails, 10x Landing Pages (in Copy School)

To exceed quarterly lead and revenue goals, you can’t just write whatever you feel like. You need conversion copy.

Unlike creative copy or SEO copy, conversion copy is specifically engineered to persuade real people making decisions in a distraction-filled world.

It is based in the science of human decision-making, principles of UX and a relentless, rigorous drive to experiment and learn. Not by undertaking massive projects. But by swiftly and repeatedly optimizing your words.

You get the results of conversion copy when you finally crack:

That’s scratching the surface.

What it means is this:

Conversion copy is methodical. Data driven. With one clear goal: get the YES.

INSIGHT: Your future customers want what you offer. But they don’t want to be bashed over the head with scuzzy sales tactics. When you learn conversion copywriting, you learn how to coach them through their journey… to the point that they happily say yes. And use your product. And refer other people to you.

When you know how to write copy that converts, you control every metric that matters.

And ev-er-y-one in your organization knows it.

Everything is influenced. Everything is more strategic. And everything is more conversion-focused.

“I know I’m supposed to give a neat little “Copy School gave me a X% ROI” but it’s impossible for me to quantify the value that Copy School has given me and my clients.

There isn’t a piece of copy that I’ve written that wasn’t influenced by something (usually somethings, plural) that I learned from Copy School. Doesn’t matter if it was a simple 43-word sale expiration email – and definitely if it was a 1,246-word monster FAQ email.

Everything is influenced, everything is more strategic, and everything is more conversion-focused.”

Nikki Elbaz


When every word you write has a WHY, it becomes nearly impossible for you to fumble with embarrassingly-bad copy.

Instead, you can look the CMO in the eye. And smile confidently. Because you know your copy is the key to scalable sales.

Because it's backed by insights you just can’t unlearn.

Switch from space-wasting words to persuasive sales arguments with

The most wildly comprehensive, ROI-focused copywriting training on the planet, Copy School is engineered to help marketers, founders and copywriters earn high-fives from the CMO and CFO. Again. And again. And again.

If you’re responsible for generating revenue in a business, you need Copy School. Whether you write copy once a month, once a week or every day.

Copy School is a full spectrum master’s level training, filled to the brim with techniques and tools you can use to drive results. Now. And long term.

Within seconds of enrolling, you’ll get immediate access to:

Which means Copy School gives students the training and feedback they need to gain mastery over every moment across the customer journey – wherever leads line up and wherever cash changes hands.


“I’ve learned from Copy School the psychology behind what my ideal client needs to hear from me in order to know that I’m the right solution for their problem. THAT has totally changed my business. I no longer talk with people who aren’t a good fit.”

Kelly Rudolph



“Somewhere in my deeply nerdy heart, I knew I didn’t want to wing it. I wanted a credible, proven, tested method. That’s what I personally need to sell my skills to clients. And that’s exactly what I got inside Copy School. It’s like a revelation when you dive in. It will change the way you think. It will change the way you write. And it will change the results you get for clients.”

Anna Bolton


“Our CTRs on our Facebook ads are VASTLY improved. Up to 5% CTR on initial with between 10 and 15% on re-targets. Email registrations have increased significantly. Sales are coming in.”

Austin F.

Used: 10x Funnels (in Copy School)

Sarah Jones broke her previous monthly revenue record by 71%!

Used: 10x Launches (in Copy School)

Photo of Sarah Jones

When you enroll today, you’ll get our complete training library. So you can be the hero the next time you…

The next time you’ve gotta knock out a welcome sequence…

The next time the head of lead-gen slacks you with “any chance you can help me get more leads on this page???”…

The next time you get tasked with writing not one but 100 Instagram ads overnight…

The next time you have to write a website from scratch…

The next time you read “MOFU” in a brief and you’re like umm…

The next time you’re the lead on a campaign and you decide it’s time to not just beat but totally obliterate revenue targets…

The next time the analytics lead identifies that the pricing page is leaking sales and turns to you for help…

The next time you’ve gotta lock in a butt-ton of demo calls but you have no ad budget and no clue how to get started…

The next time the CEO gets super-stoked about a new product line and hands you 15 product detail pages to write ASAP…

Or even when…

When everyone’s talking about making money with webinars and you realize you can totally take the lead on your own webinar… because you’ve got Master of Sales Webinars (Sells for: $497).

When hot promo opportunities like Back to School come around – with Black Friday on the horizon – and you hop right into Master of Seasonal Sales (Sells for: $497).

When you realize that, as good as your copy is getting, people aren’t quite connecting with your brand… so you spend 90 minutes inside Master of Brand Voice ($497).

Or when your pages, emails, ads and entire funnels are working so well because you’ve applied all ^^ that ^^… and now you need to turn on the traffic tap. So you take Master of Guest Blogging ($497) to build your authority (and backlinks) across the web…

Yes, we sell these individual courses every day for the prices shown here.

And if you were to buy each of the 17 programs individually, you'd actually pay $15,346.

Add on another $500 / mo to get us to review your copy once a month. And you can start to see that not only is Copy School as powerful as a university degree... its program fees could also stack up like one.

But ^^ that ^^ massive investment is not the investment you'll make.

Not even close...

Say "yes" to Copy School before the timer hits zero and

Get at least 80% (or $400) in INSTANT, ongoing savings.

And get everything you need to confidently tackle every copy project that’s thrown your way. PLUS get your copy reviewed by a Copyhackers conversion copywriter. So you can deliver knock-out results month after month after month.

Copy School

Perfect for founders & marketers

$497 $97 / month

  • All 17 of our copy programs

  • All new copy programs we add

  • All live online copy bootcamps

  • Unlimited chat Q&A

  • 1 copy review a month


Copy School Premium

Perfect for copywriters

$797 $197 / month

  • All 17 of our copy programs

  • All new copy programs we add

  • All live online copy bootcamps

  • Unlimited chat Q&A

  • Unlimited copy reviews

7-day money-back guarantee. Ongoing chat & email support. Cancel anytime.

Copyhackers training is used and trusted by…

Oh, and this might be the best part:

You don’t need to finish Copy School to boost the bottom line. Not even close.

Just take the exact program you need when you need it. For example:

When it’s time to optimize your ecommerce experience…

Instructor: Erin Steele

Sells for: $997

10x Emails 2.0 is a copywriting course for any level of copywriting.

Instructor: Joanna Wiebe

Sells for: $997

Instructor: Joanna Wiebe

Sells for: $1997

When your software’s trial-to-paid funnel isn’t pulling like it should…

Instructor: Joanna Wiebe

Sells for: $997

Instructor: Joanna Wiebe

Sells for: $997

10x Emails 2.0 is a copywriting course for any level of copywriting.

Instructor: Joanna Wiebe

Sells for: $997

When you - or your client - is launching a new program…

Instructor: Ry Schwartz

Sells for: $997

Instructor: Joanna Wiebe

Sells for: $997

Instructor: Joanna Wiebe

Sells for: $497

When you’re prepping for a massive Black Friday blowout…

Instructors: Joanna Wiebe, Erin Steele, Carolyn Beaudoin

Sells for: $497

Instructor: Wahida Lakhani

Sells for: $997

Instructors: Joanna Wiebe & Ry Schwartz

Sells for: $1997

When you have $0 in ad spend but need to flood your pipeline with quality leads fast…

Instructor: Laura Lopuch

Sells for: $997

Instructor: Jesse Gernigin

Sells for: $497

Instructor: Aaron Orendorff

Sells for: $497

When you need to measure - and test - your copywriting prowess…

Instructor: Nicole Luke

Sells for: $197

Instructor: Joanna Wiebe

Sells for: $197

When you need to optimize the Helsinki outta every funnel in your marketing system…

Instructor: Sam Woods

Sells for: $997

10x Emails 2.0 is a copywriting course for any level of copywriting.

Instructor: Joanna Wiebe

Sells for: $997

When you just want to knock the socks off your boss or client or CMO…

Instructor: Joanna Wiebe

Sells for: $497

Instructor: Justin Blackman

Sells for: $497

When you have 5 mins to optimize your pricing table…

Or when you need to get a self-segmenter email in Klaviyo now…

Use Copy School while you work. (Instead of spending every Friday afternoon upskilling.)

Then – wait for it, wait for it – get direct feedback on your copy from an on-demand Copy Chief. Yup. You read that right. You can get your copy reviewed by a pro.

From researching, to planning, to writing, to editing, to optimizing.
(To wowing your CMO with the most effective sales email they’ve ever seen.)

With Copy School, you get everything you need - training AND 1:1 copy reviews - to deliver dazzling results on-demand.

PLUS! Get every new lesson or course we add, when we add it - at no additional cost.

Copy reviews are the missing link between knowledge and actual improvement.

“Wow. Wow. Wow. Such helpful, concrete feedback (and especially appreciate the links to existing Copy School lessons on the topics referenced). This feedback is definitely the missing link between applying the skills taught and having a clear pathway to improvement.”

Pauline Magnusson


Get feedback that can motivate even the most skeptical writer.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Joanna while leading 2 different marketing teams. First at Hotjar, now at Sprout Social. In both of these experiences Joanna’s leadership has been invaluable to helping my team of non-copywriters become confident in their writing, and start writing with conversion and results in mind.

It’s incredible to see the journey of now two teams of marketers who have never seen themselves as a writer become some of the stronger writers I have worked with. Joanna is both patient and direct and has the amazing ability to give feedback in a humble way that can motivate even the most skeptical writer.

I have no doubt that my team is stronger both in their jobs, as well as careers thanks to Joanna’s training. Would hire her again and again!”

Tara Robertson

CMO of Teamwork

(testimonial given while at Sprout Social)


“The content that Joanna puts out there - and the quality of the content - is unparalleled.”

Paul Melrose


This is not a joke, exaggeration, hyperbole, embellishment, or overstatement: I literally owe my career to Copyhackers and Copy School.

Back in 2014, I signed up for 10X Emails because I was in an email marketing sweatshop writing 10+ e-commerce emails a day. I figured “if I get better at this, maybe it’ll make my job easier”. Little did I know it would be an entrance into a whole new world. Copyhackers and what would become Copy School was the first dollar I invested in myself and I have not regretted it for an instant.

Now I run my own marketing consulting business supported in large part by the lessons learned in Copy School. I always know I can take on new, exciting projects that I may not have before with the confidence that I have all I could possibly need just waiting for me in Copy School. It’s like having the A-Team on-call except, you know, they’re not on the run from a crime. I think.

Bryan Grover

Principal, Gover Consulting

“What makes Copy School a no-brainer is not badges, new courses, or the community (although they all are awesome). For me, it’s learning how to think about copy *strategically* – and actually getting that behind-the-scenes look at how to go from research to copy, so that you’ll never again find yourself randomly tweaking words on the page or saying ‘Sure, I can change that!’ on a review call.”

Ekaterina Howard


“I’ve done many online courses, but nothing compares with Copy School.”

I’ve done many online courses, but nothing compares with Copy School. No kidding. All the courses are stimulating, thought-provoking and totally resonate with me.

My writing has improved and I have more confidence in going deeper to hit those psychological trigger points.

Copy School is an outstanding program full of stuff you just can’t unlearn.

Mark Crosling

Founder, Strategic Content

You can bring in big uplifts off the bat. Because you’re empowered to apply your skills as you acquire them.

Which makes Copy School quite possibly the highest-return investment you might ever make in your career.

Get Copy School as a set of traditional standalone courses. To learn module by module.

And in our quick-action roadmap format. To dive into exactly what you need, when you need it.

And see how quickly you come to love the “search” feature, which filters our 600+ lesson library - serving you exactly the lesson you need to watch right now to nail the work you need to do fast.

“The sheer value inside Copy School is BREATHTAKING.”

“Copy School transformed my life. I wish that didn’t sound so cliched, because it’s 100% true.

The sheer value inside Copy School is BREATHTAKING – hours of super-personal tutorial videos, workshops and webinars, titan templates, interviews, insights, and hundreds (thousands?!) of killer tips, cheatsheets and checklists …

It’s like Joanna and Ry emptied their entire heads into your brain, and arranged all their years of solid gold expertise on tiny, easy-access Skillz Shelves just for you!”

Gin Walker


Finally show the marketing world you know your stuff. Because you actually do.

Proudly display badges of completion on your LinkedIn profile or website to show off your upgraded skills from Copy School.

This is your last chance:

When the timer hits zero, our best-ever Copy School deal goes in the vault for the next 365 days.

Which means if you don’t choose Copy School before the timer hits zero, you’ll pay an extra $400 every month -- or an extra $4000 every year. These savings come around just once a year. (And they've never included personal, private notes-on-your-doc copy feedback... until now.)

Copy School

Perfect for founders & marketers

$497 $97 / month

  • All 17 of our copy programs

  • All new copy programs we add

  • All live online copy bootcamps

  • Unlimited chat Q&A

  • 1 copy review a month


Copy School Premium

Perfect for copywriters

$797 $197 / month

  • All 17 of our copy programs

  • All new copy programs we add

  • All live online copy bootcamps

  • Unlimited chat Q&A

  • Unlimited copy reviews

7-day money-back guarantee. Ongoing chat & email support. Cancel anytime.

10x your confidence. 10x your results.

“Email is at the core of my business – and if you’re online, it’s at the core of yours, too. Because it’s so critical, I cannot impress this upon you enough: learn to write emails from Joanna. Do what she says. You’ll 10x your confidence. And as for business results? The sky’s the limit.”

Brian Dean

Founder, Backlinko

Copy School gave me the tools and process necessary to write high-performing copy.

“Copy School’s given me all the tools and the process necessary to write high performing copy for my clients that keeps them coming back for more. I don’t know a better program. Thanks to it, I’ve been able to confidently land $3,000 projects from the get-go. Figure that figure looks good when so many folks are charging less.”

Bayardo Barrios


Joanna can show you how to write with confidence.

Joanna’s trainings are incredible. Her techniques are genius in their simplicity. Her over-the-shoulder tutorials make absorbing the material both easy and fun. Even if you’re not a copywriter, you’ll be able to write with confidence and know it’s damn good.”

Marie Forleo


There’s no better team to help you deliver record-smashing results again and again and again.

The CEO who coined the term conversion copywriting:

Joanna Wiebe is the CEO of Copyhackers – where marketers of all stripes go when they’re ready to become the most profitable person in the room.

As the original conversion copywriter, she’s driven multi-millions in revenue writing copy for the likes of Metalab, Shopify, Huel, BT, Tesco, Buffer, Edgar and Wistia. So when Joanna teaches, people pay attention. That’s why she’s been invited to teach conversion copy on 50+ international stages including INBOUND, Mozcon, Call to Action Conference, Jeff Walker’s PLF Event, Copyblogger, Problogger and ConversionXL Live.

The creator of the
“coaching the conversion” method:

Ry Schwartz has been the not-so-secret hired gun behind dozens of 6- and 7-figure product launches and evergreen funnels.

He’s written for and/or consulted with top online businesses like Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman, London Real, Josh Shipp, Jasmine Starr and Dan Martell.

Acquisition Lead at Copyhackers:

Erin Steele has helped scale countless emerging ecommerce brands on Facebook.

And now uses that knowledge to do the same thing here at Copyhackers – locking down targeting and messaging for some of the most successful campaigns we’ve seen.

CRO Lead at Copyhackers:

Carolyn Beaudoin has helped growing ecommerce and SaaS brands increase their free and paid conversions.

Driving research, strategy and execution, her work delivered results, like doubling qualified leads. And driving big revenue with multi-channel campaigns.

Together, they've been featured guest trainers for:


You also get training from this team of innovation-focused marketing instructors.

Sam Woods

Funnel Copy Specialist

Joel Klettke

Web Copy Specialist

Justin Blackman, brand ventriloquist

Justin Blackman

Brand Ventriloquist

Aaron Orendorff

Guest Blogging Specialist

Wahida Lakhani

Facebook Ad Copy Specialist

Andrew Yedlin

Web Copy Specialist

Photo of Laura Lopuch

Laura Lopuch

Cold Emails Specialist

Jesse G photo

Jesse Gernigin

LinkedIn Outreach Specialist

Nicole Luke

Data & Analytics Specialist


“I’ve done my fair share of courses and there’s absolutely nothing that compares.”

Rebecca Vigelius


There’s no BS in this program. Copy School is the gold standard.

“I LOVE that there’s no BS in this program. If you want to learn how to kick-ass as a copywriter, this is the gold standard. I didn’t want to mess around with one-off courses that teach me one thing at a time. I’m happy to pay AND do the work myself to level up across the board in my business.”

Katie Auker


More than a million USD brought in with Copy School learnings.

“The best copywriting course ever in the history of copywriting courses but maybe I’m biased because the shiz I learned in [Copy School] has enabled me to write a couple of funnels that have brought in more than a million USD this year.”

Dawn Petrin


When the timer strikes zero, your instant savings disappear.

Which means that - if you miss out - you’ll spend the next 52 (!) work weeks frustratedly guessing how to execute on every single part of your marketing plan. And sacrificing an incalculable amount of revenue.

To say nothing of the loss of 1:1 copy reviews.

Now is THE time to add our all-star team of copywriting pros to your team. So you can confidently deliver wow-worthy results on every copy project thrown your way. And stop rolling your eyes when you hear how X email brought in Y revenue. Because you’ll have seen - with your own two eyes and on your QBO P&L - that this stuff works.

Copy School

Perfect for founders & marketers

$497 $97 / month

  • All 17 of our copy programs

  • All new copy programs we add

  • All live online copy bootcamps

  • Unlimited chat Q&A

  • 1 copy review a month


Copy School Premium

Perfect for copywriters

$797 $197 / month

  • All 17 of our copy programs

  • All new copy programs we add

  • All live online copy bootcamps

  • Unlimited chat Q&A

  • Unlimited copy reviews

7-day money-back guarantee. Ongoing chat & email support. Cancel anytime.


“How quickly can I see results with Copy School?”


The easy answer is: much faster than with everyone’s not-so-favorite trial and error approach.

Our students have seen huge lifts in conversion rates, signups, sales, and more after only watching a handful of videos.

That said, how quickly you see results will depend on certain business factors – things like: whether or not you’ve found product-market fit, whether or not you’re actively marketing, how much traffic you get, how many subscribers you have, etc.

For example, a course creator with an active, growing email list could see results from sales emails in a few hours after hitting send. And a business that’s running Facebook ad campaigns should have enough data in a few days to evaluate their ad copy.

On the other hand, a service provider with less than 1000 website visitors per month may need a few months to see results from a new homepage.

Regardless of where you are now, Copy School shows you exactly what steps to take with your copy to get to that next growth stage in your business – in a surprisingly short timeframe.

You’re right. Copy School is ridiculously comprehensive. Almost “too” comprehensive – if there’s such a thing. It’s essentially an entire masters-level program behind a single login.

But here’s what you’ll love:

You don’t need to finish Copy School to profit from it. Not even close.

It’s not a cumulative program that demands an unreasonable amount of time and consistency to get results.

You can watch a single lesson in 10x Launches, for example, then go write an email with it. Some of our biggest success stories generated their 5x, 10x, 20x wins with just a single module of one course – that is, with just a small fraction of what will be at your disposal on the other side of this page.

That said, we DO encourage our students to go through the entire program (at your own pace). Whether you’re a copywriter or digital marketer, the rewards of having results-based mastery over your ads, landing pages, web pages, emails, sales pages, funnels and launches are just too high to pass up.

We won’t stop you from buying just one. We simply advise against it.

10x Sales Pages and 10x Web Copy sell on their own for $2,000 each with the other 10x courses clocking in between $500 – $1,000… so there’s extremely little upside in buying your courses à la carte.

But more importantly…

It’s hard to imagine a scenario where you’d only benefit from one program and not the other training. As you’ve seen, each course teaches ONE major piece of a modern-day marketing funnel.

If you’re in-house, good luck telling your boss that you only write ads or emails or landing pages.

If you’re at an agency, imagine sitting across the table from a client and saying, “Yeah no um I totally love the funnel strategy but we’re gonna need to hire, like, three more copywriting specialists to get that done. I only do ads.”

If you’re a freelance copywriter, it’s near-impossible to lockdown A-list clients if you refuse to write all the major assets they need. When they need a sales page but you’ve only taken email training, then what?

If you’re a marketer or founder, you can definitely get your ROI with just a few email sends or landing page optimizations. But why would you stop there… when your revenue growth depends on getting major uplifts across your entire funnel?

So even if your main interest is in a single program, we’d be doing you a major disservice if we didn’t arm you with the other programs that you’ll eventually be VERY happy to have at your disposal.

Highly doubtful.

Most blogs teach the “101” stuff from people who guessed, got lucky and decided to write a blog post about their one experience, as if it will apply universally.

The material inside Copy School literally can’t be found anywhere else.

Why? Well… we created it. You’ll find countless invaluable frameworks, templates and processes that were created by us while working with a huge range of clients like Wistia, Canva, Neil Patel, Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman – and so many others. We didn’t try X once, see it perform decently and turn it into training. We tried X multiple times, for multiple audiences, and multiple products, and multiple offers.

And we’re not holding back either. You’re getting direct, unfiltered access to the exact stuff we’re using right NOW to create game-changing uplifts and launch results for these top businesses.

Not a reverse-engineering of some direct mail piece that “pulled like gangbusters” when attention spans were 19 minutes long and radio ads were all the rage.

When it comes to mastering the modern day marketing assets with unique processes, insights and templates, Copy School is the only program we know of that will get you there.

Not here. Our goal for Copy School is to give you the highest possible ROI right out of the gate – ideally within hours or days.

That means, we don’t hold your lessons hostage, dripping new modules out over weeks or months.

You get FULL access to everything the second you wrap up your enrollment on the next page. No waiting. No slow-drip BS.

Within minutes of enrolling, you can load up:

  • 10x Emails
  • 10x Landing Pages
  • 10x Sales Pages
  • 10x Launches
  • 10x Facebook Ads
  • 10x Web Copy
  • 10x Funnels
  • 10x Cold Emails
  • 10x Pricing Pages
  • 10x Product Detail Pages (releasing May 18th)

As well as:

  • Master of Sales Webinars
  • Master of Seasonal Sales
  • Master of Guest Blogging
  • Master of LinkedIn Cold Outreach
  • Master of Brand Voice
  • Master of Headlines


  • Analytics for Copywriters
  • A/B Testing for Copywriters

Plus, personal copy reviews, where you get actual feedback and guidance on your work from the Copyhackers pro writing team.

You’ll also get:

  • Dozens of proven templates, worksheets & checklists
  • 100s of over-the-shoulder tutorials
  • 7+ top copywriting & marketing instructors

As long as you’re committed to turning your words into revenue, we’re committed to pulling out all the stops to get you there.

Inside Copy School you AREN’T learning from well-meaning amateurs who wrote something once (maybe twice) and then decided to teach it.

This major league training team comes with decades of professional experience.

We’ve created, tested and honed the frameworks, templates and processes we teach inside Copy School with companies like Wistia, Canva, Hubspot, WP Engine, and other Fortune 50 companies who cannot be named.

Our work has driven millions and millions and millions of dollars in revenue for the clients we partner with.

In other words, we’re professionals who are on the ground, doing the work and seeing the results every single day.

It begs the question:

Why learn from anyone else when you can train with the team that knows without a doubt how to write and drive sales?

Copy School shows you how to measurably improve each and every metric on the way to a successful conversion.

  • Entrepreneur Austin F. used Copy School lessons to increase Facebook ad CTRs and email registrations, and as a result, quickly started getting paid conversions (when previously sales were sitting at 0).
  • Organic veggie farmer Corinna Bench used Copy School’s email training to pre-sell her subscription baskets and made $172,759 in 20 days during the off season.
  • Online coach Sarah Jones used Copy School’s funnel training to enroll 12 new clients, surpassing her all-time best month by 71%.

Of course, we can’t guarantee your success.

You have to be willing to put in the work. But the payoff can be incredibly rewarding.

We CAN guarantee you’ll get all the training, templates and tools you need to write copy that converts at every critical juncture of your funnel.

You can check out securely online using your favorite credit card or Paypal. 

It’s straightforward. You keep your access to Copy School, including all training materials, plus access to personal copy reviews and other perks, as long as you have an active membership.

You’ll be charged automatically every month – or every year – depending on which option you choose at checkout.

If you wish to cancel your membership at any time, you can do so easily from your Copy School account.

Keep in mind, canceling your membership does mean you lose access to all lessons, reviews, templates, worksheets and everything else that comes with Copy School.

If by later you mean between now and May 17, 2022 at 4:59pm PT, then yes. Feel free to sleep on your decision. And chat us over any questions you may have.

But remember:

When the countdown hits zero, Copy School memberships go in the vault until 2023. Which means the only way you’ll get access to the entire Copy School library will be to buy each course individually. And that’ll cost you a cool $15,346 (<— that’s more than 7x as much as if you get a Copy School membership today).

So, the choice is yours:

The expensive choice: Spend $15,346 buying each Copyhackers course individually.


The no-brainer choice: Subscribe to Copy School before the timer hits zero. And get the training and feedback you need to confidently deliver record-shattering results on demand.

With over 3000 happy students who are seeing results, we know you’re going to love Copy School.

But, for whatever reason, if you don’t feel like you’re any closer to writing winning copy, simply send an email to within 7 days of joining and we’ll refund every dollar of your initial payment.*

After 7 days, you can still cancel anytime (as you normally would) just without a refund of any payments previously made.

*After a customer has submitted two (2) or more assets for review using the service included with a membership in Copy School, regardless of when those assets are submitted, that customer is no longer eligible for a refund.

12. Can you quickly remind me of everything I’m getting inside Copy School?

Sure! The most insanely comprehensive, ROI-focused copywriting training on the planet comes with instant access to:

Actionable copywriting training, including all our 10x programs:

  • 10x Emails ($997)
  • 10x Landing Pages ($997)
  • 10x Facebook Ads ($997)
  • 10x Web Copy ($1,997)
  • 10x Funnels ($997)
  • 10x Sales Pages ( $1,997)
  • 10x Launches ($997)
  • 10x Pricing Pages ($997)
  • NEW! 10x Cold Emails ($997)
  • RELEASING MAY 18th! 10x Product Detail Pages ($997)

As well as:

  • Master of Sales Webinars ($497)
  • Master of Seasonal Sales ($497)
  • Master of Guest Blogging ($497)
  • NEW! Master of LinkedIn Cold Outreach ($497)
  • NEW! Master of Brand Voice ($497)
  • NEW! Master of Headlines ($497)


  • Analytics for Copywriters (sells for: $197)
  • A/B Testing for Copywriters (sells for: $197)

Plus, personal copy reviews, where you get guidance from the Copyhackers pro writing team so you feel completely confident your work is engineered to deliver dazzling results.
You also get:

  • Instant access to every new program we release – at no extra cost
  • Dozens of proven templates, worksheets & checklists
  • 100s of over-the-shoulder tutorials
  • 7+ top copywriting & marketing instructors in your back pocket

… and a full 7 days to test drive it all risk-free.

How much is Copy School worth?


$15,346 to be exact.

PLUS another $500 / mo to get us to review your copy once a month. 

But the more important question is:

“How much can Copy School make me?”

You decide.

Because when you can write copy that converts, my friend, your profit potential is limitless.

Hurry! Our best-ever deal disappears when the timer strikes zero:

Scoop up at least 80% in instant savings on your Copy School membership. PLUS a full 7 days to test-drive Copy School risk-free.

AND get the personal, private copy feedback AND training you need to deliver wow-worthy results on repeat.

Copy School

Perfect for founders & marketers

$497 $97 / month

  • All 17 of our copy programs

  • All new copy programs we add

  • All live online copy bootcamps

  • Unlimited chat Q&A

  • 1 copy review a month


Copy School Premium

Perfect for copywriters

$797 $197 / month

  • All 17 of our copy programs

  • All new copy programs we add

  • All live online copy bootcamps

  • Unlimited chat Q&A

  • Unlimited copy reviews

7-day money-back guarantee. Ongoing chat & email support. Cancel anytime.


“It’s one of the best investments I’ve made in my career.”

Linda Melone


“I closed $12,000 last week using the things I learned!!”

“Six weeks ago I spent a whole week on a $60 blog post. And that was it. I signed up for Copy School shortly. I did two roadmaps, and… I closed $12,000 last week using the things I learned!!

It took longer to complete a job, and I was nervous, but now I’m a Copyhackers fan for life. I know that Jo is offering the best training one could ask for. It’s delivering on all the promises – I learned so much! It’s reinvigorating my love of copy – I’m waking up early to watch, and skipping Netflix at night to watch another lesson or three.

I feel excited to start writing and I know it sounds corny… but I feel like I’ve got my spark back! It’s not just that my imposter syndrome is cured, I feel like a superstar again.

Abi Prendergast


“I felt relief that people with a ton of knowledge were guiding me through the process, step by step.”

“I think of my time as a copywriter in two separate steps: BCS (Before Copy School) and ACS (After Copy School). Prior to joining, I did a lot of guessing, a lot of hoping. I read a ton of blog posts, taking note after note, and I found I couldn’t quite figure out how to write the kind of copy that would make me in demand and help my clients get results.

I simply never had the confidence that my copy would give the lift in sales that my clients were paying for. Copy handover day was often accompanied by nausea and fear of feedback.

Almost as soon as I started Copy School, I felt relief that people with a ton of knowledge were guiding me through the process, step by step. Every time I wrote an email sequence that got great results, my confidence grew. Every landing page or sales page was written faster because I had a solid template. I worried less and less about the feedback whenever I submitted copy, since I had so much conviction in the process I was following.

And it worked! I’ve gotten great results for my clients!

I’ve had Copy School for four years, and I still go back to the training periodically. There is always something new to learn or skills to hone.

Copy School is worth its weight in gold!

Patti Haus


DISCLAIMER: For best results, think of this training as you would think of university-level training: undertake it seriously and studiously, and you may see incredible results – but none are promised or guaranteed. We’ve made every effort to represent accurately the products we offer and their potential. However, we and our materials make no guarantee of results, nor should you misinterpret the “10x” or “6-figure” or “7-figure” part of our products’ names to suggest you will grow your business by an amount such as ten times; in reality, “10x” and “6-figure” and “7-figure” represent the quantity of ads, emails and landing pages you will be educated to complete with success after taking our training, and the additional quantity may help you achieve strong results similar to those we’ve achieved using the same techniques. Where a testimonial suggests or states results of any kind, you should not expect the same results unless your business, efforts and resources are exactly as the testimonial-giver. We avoid forward-looking statements, but should you find one, it is intended to express our opinion of earnings potential. Purchasing or subscribing to Copy School or Copy School Limitless does not offer you or any entity the rights to reproduction, distribution or resale of any part of the program, of any kind.

Refunds available within the first seven (7) days of membership. After a customer has submitted two (2) or more assets for review using the service included with a membership in Copy School, regardless of when those assets are submitted, that customer is no longer eligible for a refund.

Copy submitted for review must be written by the enrolled student. Each copy review is approximately ten (10) minutes in duration and happens asynchronously, during standard operating hours and not during holidays. Copy reviews are available May 2022 to April 2023, after which time Wiebe Marketing Ltd reserves the right to extend or terminate review opportunities. Live copy programs, such as Intensives, that may live under the Copy School umbrella are not part of this offer. 

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Sam Woods has created 100s of funnels for cold, hot and in-between audiences in over 37 industries. These funnels have generated 24+ million dollars in revenue. 

His funnel creation system marries timeless principles from direct response copywriting, customer-focused research techniques and digital optimization principles to create and optimize online growth funnels that predictably generate leads and sales. That’s why businesses from HubSpot to Agora hire him!

Joel Klettke is the Founder of Case Study Buddy, the case study specialists behind 500+ studies for B2B brands ranging from scrappy startups to multi-billion-dollar Fortune 50 juggernauts. 

He’s also a sought-after conversion copywriter. He’s helped brands like HubSpot, Scott’s Cheap Flights, and WP Engine drive millions in additional revenue. Interestingly, he once helped a UK-based company add over $165K to their annual revenue with two recommendations (and zero written words).

Justin Blackman, brand ventriloquist

Justin Blackman is a copywriter who goes overboard. In 2017, he wrote 10,211 headlines for 100 brands over 100 days, just for fun. Since 2018, he’s written for more than 429 entrepreneurs and dozens of brands, using an ultra-specific voice mirroring process called Brand Ventriloquism®.

He currently runs two writing programs: The Codex Persona, which trains writers how to measure and emulate a client’s voice. And Write More Personality-er, a quick & quirky workshop that teaches people how to add punch, power, and pop to their everyday writing. All the people say he’s pretty fly for a write guy.

Aaron Orendorff is the VP of Marketing at Common Thread Collective. Previously the Editor in Chief of Shopify Plus, his content has appeared on Forbes, Mashable, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, The New York Times, and more. Connect with Aaron on Twitter or LinkedIn (especially if you want to talk about ecommerce trends, #LetsGetRejected, or bunnies).

Wahida Lakhani has earned multi-millions in revenue for clients, managing over $1 million in ad spend across some of the most competitive and difficult verticals globally. 

She’s also a conversion copywriting consultant hired by some of the best-known digital marketers, plus dozens of coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs. Her Facebook Ads copy system was developed through years of unrelenting, hands-on testing to deliver high returns – consistently and with very little room for error. 

Andrew Yedlin has written conversion-focused websites and landing pages that have helped his clients grow their sales pipelines by millions of dollars. 

Notably, his work drove over half-a-million dollars in customer lifetime value in a single quarter for a Series C SaaS company. 

He brings his experience working with fast-growing SaaS companies including Culture Amp, CallRail and Netsparker to hundreds of subscribers at, an email newsletter and YouTube show that features copywriting tips and live examples. 

Photo of Laura Lopuch

Laura is a cold email and pitch expert who helps copywriters, consultants, and entrepreneurs make more sales naturally with emails.

Four months after launching her business she grew it by 1400% using only cold emails. Then one of her cold emails brought in a $20,000 client. She has since helped her students get their next big $10k or $25k with cold emails, using her powerful “The Relevancy Method”.

Jesse Gernigin is a serial entrepreneur and entertainer turned conversion marketer who is sought out by entrepreneur-led brands and Fortune 500 companies looking to accelerate their growth.

He specializes in creating marketing so good the competition swears it’s mind control!

When he isn’t growing sales and helping companies establish footholds in new markets he travels the world with his wife and son, writing novels and finding new friends in unexpected places.

Nicole Luke is the Chief Data Whisperer at Novac Solutions Ltd – the go-to place for businesses looking to make strategic, evidence-based decisions with their data and analytics. 

She’s got 20+ years running the numbers at fast-growth tech companies like Intuit and Jobber. CMOs trust her insightful and actionable recommendations because they’re based on reliable data analysis.