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Ry’s ability to truly capture the essence of my mission as well as help me build sales pages and email sequences that have open rates and conversion numbers I have never seen before. I’ve been in online marketing for over a decade and I wouldn’t dare do a launch without consulting Ry and his genius email marketing methods…

Leveraging the frameworks and themeplates in 10x Launches, he took my online business from being just above break even to doing 5 figure mini launches every 2 weeks! I beyond recommend taking the time to learn from a true master.”

- Marc Angelo Coppola

"I've worked with Ryan on numerous successful launches and his ability to write email copy that gets someone to buy is second to none. You would be crazy not to grab anything he puts out on the subject."

- Chris Evans

The biggest difference between other courses and Copy School, and a big reason I am a fan of CH, is the volume of content. With other training companies, one course might be very complete while another course could, in all honesty, and despite holding very good information, be just enough content to fill a 10-page book. I find CH content to be both very complete and very revealing (as in, I am often found thinking, "Gosh, well just look what they did there").

Anthony Tibbles, Entrepreneur

"Copy School’s given me all the tools and the process necessary to write high performing copy for my clients that keeps them coming back for more. I don’t know a better program. Thanks to it, I’ve been able to confidently land $3,000 projects from the get-go. Figure that figure looks good when so many folks are charging less.”

Bayardo Barrios, copywriter

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