Ebook Samples with Copywriting Tips You Can Use Today

Master the Copywriting Tips & Techniques of Conversion Copywriters… Even If You Don’t Like Writing or Selling

1: Where Stellar Messages Come From
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  • Great copy follows a (simple) messaging strategy
  • The percentage of your traffic you should be writing for (hint: not 100%)
  • The secret behind making sense of your features & benefits
  • Revealed: should you write copy in the positive or the negative?
  • How your SEO efforts will produce better copy… and vice versa
  • 8 messaging tricks that will make you go, “Aha!”

2: Headlines, Subheads & Value Propositions
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  • What your headlines & subheads MUST get right
  • How to assess your headlines objectively
  • The 7 secrets of attention-grabbing headlines
  • The visualization exercise that will change how you write
  • Replace your boring headlines with any that follow these 9 formulas
  • 4 headline formulas everyone uses – and why you shouldn’t!
  • The truth about what your subhead is really supposed to do
  • Why you need to find your TRUE value proposition (and how to!)

3: Buttons & Click-Boosting Calls to Action
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  • The principles that should guide the copy on every single button
  • 10 examples of amazing calls to action online today
  • 8 click triggers to wrap around your buttons today
  • Why getting your button noticed is your #1 objective
  • The 2 major anxieties your visitors may have
  • A list of over 12 sure-fire “reasons to believe” you can use ASAP

4: Formatting & Better Body Copy
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  • The top 5 instant outcomes of formatting your copy right
  • How pro copy hackers format their bullet lists
  • What not to do when formatting your web copy
  • 15 easy formatting tricks you can apply today
  • The 1 situation when it’s actually okay to use jargon
  • What Dr. Seuss can teach us about formatting copy that gets read
  • The Hall of Shame! 17 examples of web formatting gone bad

The following samples are from our 3 books for advanced & more specific copywriting tips