Write fast, and never start from scratch! Put these principles to work with us LIVE. 

LIVE WRITING: Write a sales email in 60 mins. Live. With 100s of others.

March 21, 2019 9am PST / Noon EST / 4pm GMT / Other time zones

  • See how pro copywriters establish a profitable relationship with email subscribers (and put an end to being chronically used for free content)  
  • Get a new view into why consistently producing high-value content, like podcasts and videos, can actually be a DETRIMENT to the sales process - and how to coach your leads out of complacency and back into “buyer” mode
  • Start using the subtle art of smoothly and effectively pivoting your existing email subscribers from pure freebie seekers... into perfectly primed leads for your core offer
  • Grab the swipe-friendly two-sentence email opener that powerfully calls your prospect to consistency by reminding them of one oh-so-obvious fact