The Copywriter Mastermind: The $200,000 Freelancer 

The third round of The Copywriter Mastermind will be dedicated to freelance copywriter success. Join us and make 2017 the year your freelance copywriting business earns an incredible six figures. 


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Far too many freelance copywriters struggle to break $50K a year. That's why we're dedicating the next Copywriter Mastermind to walking you through exactly how to displine yourself and structure your business - including your day-to-day activities - so you can realize the dream of a freelance copywriting career.

Our goal for you? A $200,000 year. 

To help you get there, we're gonna give you loads of our time, attention, strategies and tactics. In the company of freelance copywriters just like you.

It starts Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Your business will reward you for treating it like a business. With that mind, we'll dedicate the first 12 weeks of 2017 to making your freelance business work:

  • Jan 3: How to set up and structure your freelance life
  • Jan 10: The smart freelancer's web presence
  • Jan 17: Hiring yourself and time management
  • Jan 24: Goal-setting plus all the tech
  • Jan 31: Defining your niche
  • Feb 7: Owning your niche
  • Feb 14: Attracting the right clients 
  • Feb 21: Pricing your services
  • Feb 28: Signing great clients 
  • March 7: Getting paid and getting referrals
  • March 14: Outsourcing and hiring help
  • March 21: Diversifying your income
  • March 28: Measuring and optimizing

The month of April will be dedicated to copywriting training. You'll get access to all of our training programs, including 10x Emails and 10x Landing Pages. This will be an intense month. You need to master copywriting to earn well, so you need to commit to the work of this month-long crash course in copywriting. 

In May, we'll do a check-up on the health of your business. Where are you at? Where are you struggling? How should you tweak your plan to better fit your life and make you happier - without sacrificing income? 

In the summer, we'll meet twice monthly for our famous Hotseat Sessions. Expect to sit in the hotseat at least once and to help your fellow masterminders as they share their struggles in the hotseat. We'll also bring in business coaches to train you on negotiation, sales techniques and getting referrals. 

The last four months of 2017 will be all about adding fuel to the fire. We'll assess your biggest opportunities and strengths, and we'll run small-group sessions with others that can help you - and that you can help. 

As always, spots will be limited, and we will sell out

You'll be expected to participate fully and completely throughout the mastermind. You'll get access to all our training and to ongoing one-on-one and group coaching. And you'll be held to the highest standards.

  • This is for every copywriter that wants to go freelance but is trapped by anxiety or golden handcuffs... 
  • This is for every freelance copywriter that is struggling to break six figures and attract clients that pay well and on-time... 
  • This is for every freelance copywriter that wants to land cooler clients, get killer job offers, command higher rates, run a waitlist and get more mentions all over the interwebs...

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