BOOK 3: Buttons & Click-Boosting Calls to Action


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SECOND EDITION! Updated June 2014

Do you know why button color tests can bring in such outstanding results?

It’s not necessarily because the color orange is more persuasive than the color blue. It’s got far more to do with the fact that the button is THE point of conversion on a page. Unlike your headline, subhead, body copy or video, your button call to action is the one element on the page with which a visitor MUST interact to move forward.

There is so much riding on each and every call to action on your site.

Do you give your buttons enough thought? Do you know why people click, why they don’t or why they hesitate to?

This ebook will answer all your call-to-action questions and teach you how to write, design and position buttons that get clicked.

55 pages. PDF + mobi. Read a sample here


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Because Your Visitors Can’t Convert Online
Without Clicking a Call to Action Button

Stop treating button copy like “microcopy”, and start helping your visitors glide more confidently through your site, through your funnel, and all the way to your Thank You page…


Consider Calls to Value

What do your prospects truly want?

When you learn to think of your buttons not just as calls to action but rather as calls to value, you can find yourself with not only more clicks but also more prospects who understand your value prop.

Connect with Your Inner Lizard

What sources of friction are preventing your visitors from clicking?

When it comes to optimizing buttons, you should start by thinking like a lizard. What the hell does that mean, and why will it help you? Find out inside.

Boost Video Views + More

Anything you want your visitors and prospects to do IS a call to action. But are you treating them like they are? That is to say, are you giving your visitors reasons to watch your explainer video, sign up for your newsletter or even go to the next page?


Ideal for online businesses that have identified a need to optimize their funnel

Read a sample here






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