The Super Mega Brainy Bundle: All 7 Copy Hackers Ebooks in 1

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Copy is your online salesperson. If you’ve struggled to know what to write or how to write it, get all 7 Copy Hackers series today – and get the actionable copywriting insights your conversion rate needs:

  1. Where Stellar Messages Come From (2nd Ed.) – $21.99
  2. Headlines, Subheads & Value Propositions (2nd Ed.) – $18.99
  3. Buttons & Click-Boosting Calls to Action (2nd Ed.) – $18.99
  4. Formatting & Better Body Copy (2nd Ed.) – $18.99
  5. The Dark Art of Writing Long-Form Sales Pages – $48.99
  6. The Startup Guide to Differentiation – $28.99
  7. The Great Value Proposition Test – $48.99

Valued at $205.93. Save $85.96 when you buy ’em all together.

You’ll learn how to compel more visitors to happily hand over their credit card numbers – without trickery, slime-bagged-ness or any of the other junk that turns off today’s busy, skeptical visitors.

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Delivered as PDF + mobi.
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Copy Hackers Bundle of 7 Ebooks


Stop Wasting Visitors! Write Better Copy Copy Hackers Accepts Credit Cards

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