The Startup Guide to Differentiation


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Y’know how people are always saying annoying things like “I don’t get what you do” and “what’s special about that?”

Well now you’ll have an answer for them. No, not just any answer – a great answer. How? Start by picking up this brand new ebook on differentiation.

Designed to act like a workshop, this guide will help you complete the included Differentiation Interview. At the end of the written interview – and the end of the book – you’ll have a ‘strong candidate’ for your key differentiator as well as supporting points of differentiating. This will make writing your copy and telling your brand story MUCH easier.

93 pages. PDF and mobi. Includes worksheets.

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What Makes You Desirably Different?

The Answer Doesn’t Have to Be “We’re Fast”, “We’re Easy” or “We’re Cheap”


Explore Different Possibilities

If you want to be memorable, you need to tell a better story. That starts with figuring out the core of what makes your startup special…

And that means going beyond unsticky messages like cheap, easy, time-saving and money-saving.

Consider 9 Differentiators

In this ebook, dive deep into 9 specific ways that you might consider differentiating your startup.

Naturally, there are more than 9 ways businesses are standing apart from the crowd. But you don’t need 300 ideas. You need an actionable starting point. 

Shortlist Your Options

As you read, complete the handy Copy Hackers Differentiation Interview.

Questions in the interview map to chapters in the book. And answering each question will bring you closer to landing confidently on a great way to stand apart.


Ideal for early stage startups and marketers that are struggling to gain traction

Not sure you’re even remotely unique?

Explore really helpful ideas. So you’ll see that no 2 businesses are exactly alike – and yours is special.

Need examples that are specific to your startup sitch?

Each of the 9 differentiator-focused chapters includes examples for these 4 startup types:

  1. Software as a Service (SaaS)
  2. Downloads & Installs (apps)
  3. Hard Goods
  4. Services (online & off)

Stuck in a features rut?

Change the way you look at your business. As you’ll see, it doesn’t have to be about features. Which is a relief. Because features wars are exhausting.

Differentiation for startups








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