The Great Value Proposition Test


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What if there really was a secret to writing great headlines… and we had test data to prove it?

What if our test data was based on 11 tests that had exactly the same hypothesis… 9 of which resulted in winners?

What if our win rate of 9 in 11 tests – based on this one idea – brought an average conversion lift of 33%?

What if YOU could repeat the same test on your site… using the same techniques we used… and the headline scorecard we used… because we included all of them in this brand spankin’ new data-filled ebook?

You’d probably add this to your cart stat, right? Because optimizing your site matters to you. And we’re about to show you how to make winning online easy

122 pages. PDF and mobi. Includes printable scorecard.

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Could This Be the Easiest, Smartest A/B Test Ever?

Discover how we tested “value propositions as headlines and subheads”
across 11 startup sites… with a staggering 82% win rate… and an average lift of 33%…


Help Your Visitors

One of the great rules of conversion copywriting is to put it on the page.

If you’re only implying your value proposition for visitors, you’ll quickly see how expressly stating your value prop – with the right considerations – will help your visitors.

Learn from the Winners & Losers

Okay, okay – no test is a loser if you learn from it. And learn you will! (We did!)

Get the skinny on the ins & outs of each and every test we ran. Because we worked with a range of startups, you’re sure to relate to many of these studies.

Find Your USP

What’s the biggest problem startups come to us with? “I don’t know what my USP is.”

Why’s it such a big problem? Not just ‘cuz it’s hard to come up with. But also ‘cuz if you don’t know it, every aspect of your marketing becomes torture.


Ideal for startups that are pitching investors & actively driving traffic to their site


Follow our process, and use our tools

So many case studies give you the results of a test – but don’t walk you through how to GET to the winning creative.

Here, you’ll get a step-by-step view of our rationale for each variation in each value proposition test. And the scorecard to help you rate your treatments pre-test.

Test results you’ll be confident in

  • Only proven testing tools used
  • Conducted with Optimizely, Unbounce & VWO
  • Tests run to confidence / significance
  • Appropriate # of conversions before completion
  • Most tests run within 2 weeks (or less)
  • Same or similar goals tracked consistently
  • All tests overseen by veteran CRO consultant Lance Jones

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