BOOK 4: Formatting & Better Body Copy


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You put so much effort, time, money and hope into attracting visitors…

You land them on pages with optimized headlines, beautiful subheads, gorgeous videos and juicy call-to-action buttons…

And then, when you’ve lured them in with amazingness, you dump your visitors into a wasteland of spineless bullet lists, tentative little crossheads and pathetic walls of text no one will ever read.

Any wonder your site’s still not converting like you want it to?

In this book, you’ll learn to bring your body copy to life with effective formatting and cool techniques that actually address – and eliminate – the biggest challenges in writing readable copy.

66 pages. PDF + mobi. Read a sample here


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When You Actually Get Eyes Below Your Headline,
Don’t Waste Them on Weak Body Copy

The way you format your copy directly impacts whether visitors will read and what they will read. So don’t leave it up to chance. Learn to write & format body copy like a pro…


Demo Walls of Text

Yes, people read online… but they don’t like to do work. So does your ‘wall of text’ make reading your copy feel like mind-numbing work?

Discover how to break up walls of text – so your visitors don’t beg for mercy.

Explore Innovative Formatting

Think formatting is just randomly bolding and placing bullet lists? Wrongzies.

Start using formatting techniques that directly neutralize problems in your copy. And add cool tricks – like super-long checklists – to your toolbox.

Work with How People ‘Read’

People have always scanned to find the messages most deserving of their time. It’s true with newspapers, long letters and websites alike.

It’s up to you to organize & format your messages for scanners first and foremost. Find out how.


Ideal for founders, marketers, bloggers and editors

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