This free workshop with Joanna Wiebe – the original conversion copywriter and founder of Copyhackers – is a must-watch if you’ve ever wondered:

What if your freelance copywriting business could bring in...

$1000 or more every single day

with you doing less...?

If a) you’re not a terrified introvert and b) you have pretty good copywriting skills, then you’re in great shape to make more money. So what’s stopping you? Well, A and B alone are not enough. They’re a good start. But they’re not enough. 

Let me show you what’s missing.

In this workshop, we’re going to draw a diagram and pinpoint exactly what’s amiss in your business. Then I’ll show you what’s standing between you and the freelancing lifestyle you’ve started to believe must be a lie. It’s not a lie. You’re just not privy to the truth of getting there… yet. Lemme show you.

Here’s What We’re Going To Cover…