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You know that a company like Unbounce doesn’t ask just anyone to write for them or be their partner. We know that, too. So it makes us feel pretty cool that they believe in our work enough to invite us around…

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The Copywriting Essentials
Why isn’t your shizzle selling? ‘Cuz your copy isn’t optimized. See how to write sales copy that doesn’t sound spammy.

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Long-Form Sales Pages
Have a long-form landing page? Wanna get pro copywriter results? You just found the book that’ll help!

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Get Awesome!
You have a hunch copy is the key to selling online. This case-based 10-part course will prove you right.

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Need a Review?
You want to move more units. You’ve done all you can with your copy. Now, get Joanna’s help with a review.

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Yeah, But Does This Stuff Work?
Check Out a Few Recent Emails from Copy Hackers Readers

“I just wanted to write you to say that I really enjoy your eBooks. I have purchased the four pack bundle and am almost complete with my first time reading through them. They are easy to use and include such great action items to actually use what you learned. I appreciate books like this so I just wanted to write you to say thank you!”
– Jay B.

“I’ve got your 4-book bundle and it totally KICKS ASS. Truly.  I’m sure that you’re wildly successful with this endeavor because it’s so damned valuable. Thanks for putting it together.”
– Matt C.

“I just wanted to tell you how awesome I think you are! I love your advice. I also like your style and your sense of humor. A few months ago, I read The Dark Art of Writing Long-Form Sales Pages and it convinced me to finally start a copywriting career. It’s going well and I’ll soon quit my job and reach my goal of being my own boss! You are among my top 4 resources for learning copywriting, in good company with Copyblogger, AWAI and John Morrow. So that’s it…just wanted to say Hi and Thanks!”
– Antoine B.

“I’m transitioning roles into a customer education/copywriting-centric position, and both the founder and I absolutely love your work! I only wish I didn’t have homework so I could fully devour your ebooks, instead of quick skims… I totally dig your ‘write like you talk’ style (one of my favorites), and think it’s rad to have a resource like Copy Hackers to show people ‘words that work,’ to borrow a phrase from Frank Luntz (one of my bigger hate/admire figures).”
– Taylor B.

“Your content is so awesome!  Thanks for what you offer up to us.”
– Bill E.

“You Ma’am are a bloody genius.”
– Jake D.

“Book 5 was great! TONS of awesome advice that I’ve never gotten from top books on business. I will definitely reread when I”m ready to write my first sales page.”
– Nash K.

“On day 3 of 4 and gotta say that i’m really impressed with your mini-course so far. I had heard of you and your course before and never got around to signing up. One of those things where I wasn’t sure how useful it would be and was hesitant about sharing my email. Then you re-entered my mind the other day when I was reading Patrick McKenzie’s blog (http://www.kalzumeus.com/blog/). I’ve been struggling with my startup around who my target audience and how to write to them and your course is the right medicine at the right time. So – awesome course and thank you! You’ve got a new fan singing your praises!”
– Sebastien G.

“Kudos on your work. You’re a copy rockstar. I’ve known Ted Nicholas for 2+ decades and you write circles around him (respectfully of course).”
– Eric R.

“Just wanted to give you props for all the amazing work and info you’ve shared with your community. So in case you needed a little boost to get you through your day, here you go :)”
– Karl S.

“I just wanted to say thanks for providing the information that you do.  I’ve learned a lot from reading your eBooks and am looking forward to putting that knowledge into practice soon.”
– Oscar P.

“Joanna, you have one of the only email “newsletters” that I not only make sure to open, but consistently enjoy reading. Please quote me on that.”
– Sarah P.

“Thanks for all your practical, down to earth advice. You’re the bomb!”
– Tracey K.

“Through your ebooks and through dedicated investment of my time I am teaching myself how to sell through this medium. It’s empowering that a CS guy like me, who is entrepreneurial with software products and services, has an avenue through your material to sell.”
– Naveen D.

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