Free Bootcamp! Optimize your business in just 1 month with video training by 15 top marketers

“I have just read the last transcript of the bootcamp and I can’t believe how much information we received, it REALLY REALLY opened my MIND to this form of MAGIC we call COPY. It’s a whole body of knowledge and techniques, it’s a whole strategy you have to apply to satisfy your client, and we can learn (for free) a lot of it from this bootcamp. Thank you guys!”
– Yamaludin Soligo, Argentina

Over the course of the next 23 days, you’ll spend 1 hour a day on the little marketing activities you “never have time for” – the very marketing activities that, when you actually do them, can bring you lasting growth. To do this bootcamp right, you’ll first need to do these 2 things…

1. Tell others (to stay accountable)… and invite them to join you

2. Carve out 60 minutes each day, not including weekends

We recommend you block off your first hour of the day or your lunch hour like so:

First 15 minutes – Watch today’s video

Last 45 minutes – Do your homework

Every morning at 5am PST, you’ll get the day’s assignment in your inbox – starting tomorrow. The training is organized like building blocks, so you can optimize your business one day at a time. Without getting overwhelmed.

Start Now with a Breathing Exercise
(Trust me! Breathing can help you de-stress)

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