BOOK 1: Where Stellar Messages Come From


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SECOND EDITION! Major updates June 2014

Most startups have low-performing copy because they don’t have the right foundation for their messages.

They think they have to write copy that pleases everyone. (Wrong.) They let their high school English teacher’s voice guide their writing. (Wrong.) They think the best messages are hiding inside their heads (wrong) and if they just sit there long enough (wrong) genius high-converting copy will come flowing out of their fingertips (beyond wrong). If you’re stumped about where to start – if you’re staring at the blank white page or (worse) trying to edit low-converting copy – get this critical ebook today. You’ll discover not only where stellar messages come from but also how the top conversion copywriters find messages that sell… without skeeziness or cheesiness. 75 pages. PDF + mobi. Read a sample here

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You Are Not Your Market –

But Somebody Is!

Product-market fit is just the beginning. Once you’ve got a solution to a problem, you’ve got to start connecting with your prospects. You need the right messages to do that. And, guess what, those messages don’t come from YOU…


Don’t Sell Products or Solutions

Yes, you’ve created a product or a solution. And hopefully it’s actually solving a pain or bringing delight…

…but that doesn’t meant that your visitors want to acquire your product. So what are you really selling?

How Aware Are Folks?

The late great Gene Schwartz asked marketers and founders to think first about the stages / states of awareness of their prospects…

Find out what that means. How to think about awareness. And how to use it to figure out what to write, how much to write, etc.

Spend Less Time Writing

You think it saves you time to sit down and just knock out a landing page, right? Wrongzies!

As fast as you want to write, you’ll be able to zip through copywriting a lot faster if you follow the process in this ebook…


Ideal for early-stage startups and those that are pivoting or rethinking their market

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