Storyhacking: Cracking the Code Behind the Irresistible Selling Power of Stories

Big wigs in boardrooms love to talk about storytelling. “What’s our brand story?” … “Our marketing is lacking a sense of story.”… “This quarter, let’s engage in richer storytelling.” It all sounds fluffy and intangible, right? We thought so, too. Which is why we’re bringing you this decidedly mondo piece on storyhacking, the practical way to tell your story and grow. Featuring 25+ real-life examples.

Please, for the Love of God, Read This Post (Or How to Fight Content Fatigue)

Smell that? That’s the scent of 52,776 sweaty, desperate content marketers trying to grab a tiny slice of your attention. Okay, I made that number up. The real number is higher. And the reason you’re smelling those content marketers, instead of eating up what they’re dishing out, is because we’re all experiencing “content fatigue”. Our content […]

After Writing 500+ Pieces of Content and Analyzing the Most Popular Content Today, This Is What I Learned About “Engaging Content”

It’s been building to this point for the last 5 years… I saw it coming. I was powerless to stop it… What is it? Shock. Your audience is in shock. Content shock. They’re overwhelmed with the content that lands in their inboxes and social media feeds every minute of every hour of every day. And you have to […]

Why Your Copy Needs to Pick a Fight with the Other Guy (Instead of Smiling and Shrugging)

The Lane Bryant #ImNoAngel campaign is the most recent of many comparative advertising campaigns that call out competitors directly. We’ve found that the benefits of writing copy that picks a fight with your competitors far outweighs the challenges. In this post, see the studies and examples that will help you decide: should your copy pick a fight?