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Rob Marsh Copywriter & Student

Copywriting Articles & Case Studies

Why I’m quitting traditional buyer personas.

“Once I figure out what to do with my dining room table, I’ll be free to move.” But what...

SaaS Websites: Is shorter copy really better?

Short copy reigns supreme in the world of SaaS websites. But does that mean short copy is the shortest...

Take the guesswork out of book cover design with user testing (a Copyhackers case study)

Preference testing isn't just for testing copy. You can also use it to test book cover designs. Here's how...

Your guide to SMS marketing: Tools and tips for your next campaign

SMS marketing — also called mobile marketing or text message marketing — is marketing that uses text messages to...

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Michael Aagaard
Joanna is the best copywriter I’ve ever met, hands down. One of the things that makes her so freakin’ good is her unique ability to combine finely-tuned intuition from years of experience with solid research.
Michael Aagaard CRO Expert (formerly @ Unbounce)
Marie Forleo
Joanna’s trainings are incredible. Her techniques are genius in their simplicity. Her over-the-shoulder tutorials make absorbing the material both easy and fun. Even if you’re not a copywriter, you’ll be able to write with confidence and know it’s damn good.
Marie Forleo Author and Founder of MarieTV
Brian Dean
Because it’s so critical, I cannot impress this upon you enough: learn to write emails from Joanna. Do what she says. You’ll 10x your confidence. And as for business results? The sky’s the limit.
Brian Dean Founder, Backlinko
Tara Robertson
I have no doubt that my team is stronger both in their jobs, as well as careers thanks to Joanna's training.
Tara Robertson Head of Customer Marketing, Sprout Social

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