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Tara Robertson
I have no doubt that my team is stronger both in their jobs, as well as careers thanks to Joanna's training.
Tara Robertson CMO, Teamwork
Michael Aagaard
Joanna is the best copywriter I’ve ever met, hands down. One of the things that makes her so freakin’ good is her unique ability to combine finely-tuned intuition from years of experience with solid research.
Michael Aagaard CRO Expert (formerly @ Unbounce)
Marie Forleo
Joanna’s trainings are incredible. Her techniques are genius in their simplicity. Her over-the-shoulder tutorials make absorbing the material both easy and fun. Even if you’re not a copywriter, you’ll be able to write with confidence and know it’s damn good.
Marie Forleo Author and Founder of MarieTV
Brad Wages
I’ve written just one sales letter using 10X Sales Pages, but it was a huge success. Over the course of a 5-day launch, my sales page did 1161 sales for a grand total of $228,717.
Brad Wages Launch Copywriter
Brian Dean
Because it’s so critical, I cannot impress this upon you enough: learn to write emails from Joanna. Do what she says. You’ll 10x your confidence. And as for business results? The sky’s the limit.
Brian Dean Founder, Backlinko
Prerna Malik
48% open rate. $17,991 in revenue. Yes. That's what using just TWO of the email "themeplates" in 10X Launches did for me for one of my productized service launches. And here's the best part... I know exactly why I put a word on a page and can explain that to my clients so not only do they love the copy they know why it's converting too! It's no secret... Copy School has been THE best investment I've made in my business, both as an online marketer AND a copywriter.
Prerna Malik Agency Founder

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Master of AI Copy

Master of AI Copy

New lessons added! Did you start 2023 nervous that your job would vanish with the arrival of ChatGPT? If so, you need to grab a spot in Master of AI Copy, the program that will show you how to use AI to do your job faster and with greater success. It’s not about being replaced. It’s about hiring AI to help you win back time.

Use AI to your advantage
10x Sales Pages

10x Sales Pages

After Jo wrote her very first sales page (back when she was in-house at a tech company), she was hooked, with results to prove that the best copywriters are truly online salespeople. If you’ve been tasked with a long-form sales page OR if you just wanna get great results but you’re not sure “how to sell online,” get yerself a seat in 10x Sales Pages.

Write long copy like a pro
The 10x Freelance Copywriter

The 10x Freelance Copywriter

Why are leads ghosting you? Where can you find more? How can you actually close BIGGER business? These questions scratch the surface of what freelancers go through. But here’s the thing: copywriters have an unfair advantage in the gig economy. With this training – and the Slack community that comes with it – you’ll see how to use that advantage to attract more leads and close ’em like it’s your job. Cuz it is.

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