Why Your Copy Needs to Pick a Fight with the Other Guy (Instead of Smiling and Shrugging)

The Lane Bryant #ImNoAngel campaign is the most recent of many comparative advertising campaigns that call out competitors directly. We’ve found that the benefits of writing copy that picks a fight with your competitors far outweighs the challenges. In this post, see the studies and examples that will help you decide: should your copy pick a fight?

The Diva List, Or How I Found Happiness As A Freelance Copywriter

You’ve heard the saying, “The client turns on the lights.” That old idea makes your work feel less than valuable. As much as our clients make it possible for us to have a thriving business, we too make it possible for their businesses to thrive. Read this post to see how you can make yourself more desirable to prospective clients – so the convo isn’t about who’s helping whom more… but rather how they can hire you to work for them STAT.

If You Want To Measure Your Copy So You Can Improve It, Give Every Element 1 Job To Do (Infographic)

You want to measure the success – or failure – of your copy. But how the hell do you know how to measure it? Do you call all the copy on a page “bad” if the page isn’t converting? Or is only one element of your copy to blame? In this post, we’ll introduce you to the You Had One Job rule of conversion copywriting.