BOOK 2: Headlines, Subheads & Value Propositions


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Without question, the most important copy on your page is the headline. It can lower bounce and help engage visitors…

…But you’ve only got one chance to get it right with each visitor. One. That’s it.

That’s why you need this book. Because, whether you pay for traffic or not, you’ve got to make the most of every single visitor arriving on your home page – or other landing pages. You’ve got to capture their attention with headlines that actually reflect their motivations and speak to the value they desire. We’ll show you how.

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Everything Is Riding on This Exact Line of Copy…

But No Pressure, Right?

About a thousand theories, practices, techniques and formulas exist for writing effective headlines. But which ones matter to startups? Which ones will help you sell in a non-scammy way you can feel great about?


Writing for Skeptical Audiences

Everyone thinks they’re above the power of advertising… but the fact is that, increasingly, some of us actually are. A lot of your visitors – especially if they’re of the technical persuasion – may be instantly turned off by traditionally high-converting headlines…

Learn the formulas and strategies to persuade skeptics.

Subheads That Aren’t Afterthoughts

Most startup founders, designers and marketers feel most confident and free when they’re writing subheads. That’s why so many subheads are better than headlines.

Are your subheads the real stars of your page? And is that okay… or should they replace your headlines?

An Intro to Value Props

Have you considered using your value proposition as your home page headline and subhead?

Your value prop can quickly help visitors understand why they should stick around. See how to find + use yours!


Ideal for startups, marketers and designers writing for today’s busy, discerning audiences

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