“Putting into practice everything I learned in Copy School helped me go from averaging $85k in revenue each year to eclipsing $202k in 2021 – without a large team and without being a big name copywriter."

Betsy Muse

Founder of Rocket Fuel Strategy



Joanna can show you how to write with confidence.

Joanna’s trainings are incredible. Her techniques are genius in their simplicity. Her over-the-shoulder tutorials make absorbing the material both easy and fun. Even if you’re not a copywriter, you’ll be able to write with confidence and know it’s damn good.”

Marie Forleo


“Ry has been my not-so-secret weapon on Digital Course Academy's launches."

Amy Porterfield

Entrepreneur & Podcaster

"These programs are making money for me over and over again.”

Tarzan Kay

Entrepreneur & Copywriter

“Email is at the core of my business – and if you’re online, it’s at the core of yours, too. Because it’s so critical, I cannot impress this upon you enough: learn to write emails from Joanna. Do what she says. You’ll 10x your confidence. And as for business results? The sky’s the limit.”

Brian Dean

Founder of Backlinko

Joanna is the New England Patriots of copy and email strategy. Everything is just championship calibre.”

Todd Herman

Olympic coach, entrepreneur and author

Joanna is the best copywriter I’ve ever met, hands down. One of the things that makes
her so freakin’ good is her unique ability to combine finely-tuned intuition from years of
experience with solid research.”

Michael Aagaard

Conversion expert

“I have no doubt that my team is stronger both in their jobs, as well as careers thanks to Joanna’s training.”

Tara Robertson

CMO of Bitly (testimonial given while at Sprout Social)


"I know I'm supposed to give a neat little "Copy School gave me a X% ROI" but it's impossible for me to quantify the value that Copy School has given me and my clients. There isn't a piece of copy that I've written that wasn't influenced by something (usually somethings, plural) that I learned from Copy School. Doesn't matter if it was a simple 43-word sale expiration email – and definitely if it was a 1,246-word monster FAQ email. Everything is influenced, everything is more strategic, and everything is more conversion-focused."

Nikki Elbaz

Email copywriter

"Copy School gave me tools, templates and processes."

“I’ve been a writer for twenty years, but I had studiously avoided copywriting because I hated feeling like I was just making stuff up.

But when clients I cared about were paying good money for bad copy, I couldn’t sit on the sidelines and watch them wither.

Copy School gave me tools, templates, and processes that walked me step-by-step through how to develop my copy skills. Now I never have to start from a blank page again and I am completely confident in my copy because I know it’s based on data and experience, not guesses. And the results speak for themselves. My most recent email campaign had a 15% clickthrough rate and 3 times the expected signups. My client is thrilled, and my imposter syndrome has been banished forever.”

Molly Mac


“Copy School’s given me all the tools and the process necessary to write high performing copy for my clients that keeps them coming back for more. I don’t know a better program. Thanks to it, I’ve been able to confidently land $3,000 projects from the get-go. Figure that figure looks good when so many folks are charging less.”

Bayardo Barrios


“Just want to say, both 10x Emails and 10x Landing Pages [in Copy School] are really incredible, and I suspect they will likely transform my business more than most other courses I’ve taken over the years.”

Kimberly Houston


“Copy School came right on time for me this year. I had just taken a position running marketing and sales for a B2B company made up of cool people (way younger than me) – a gig I absolutely love but didn’t feel ready for. When I read how you built Copy School on roadmaps to get a copy job done, the timing for me was spot on. And it’s delivered just what I needed.

I’m now confident I’m using best practices for doing what I’m doing. While I’ve always been willing to stick my neck out and do things I’ve never done before, it’s wonderful to have a seasoned guide in my back pocket. Copy School WORKS.”

Mike Vaughn

Director of Marketing & Sales (B2B)

“So helpful – I love the concrete, tactical approach.”

Anna Maas


“I’ve done many online courses, but nothing compares with Copy School. No kidding. All the courses are stimulating, thought-provoking and totally resonate with me. Yes, Copy School is about copy and conversion copy, but weaved throughout are outstanding concepts of contemporary marketing and the psychology of the buyer. Copy School is an outstanding program full of stuff you just can’t unlearn.”

Mark Crosling


"I literally owe my career to Copy School."

This is not a joke, exaggeration, hyperbole, embellishment, or overstatement: I literally owe my career to Copyhackers and Copy School

Back in 2014, I signed up for 10X Emails because I was in an email marketing sweatshop writing 10+ e-commerce emails a day. I figured “if I get better at this, maybe it’ll make my job easier”. Little did I know it would be an entrance into a whole new world. 

Copyhackers and what would become Copy School was the first dollar I invested in myself and I have not regretted it for an instant

Now I run my own marketing consulting business supported in large part by the lessons learned in Copy School. I always know I can take on new, exciting projects that I may not have before with the confidence that I have all I could possibly need just waiting for me in Copy School. 

It’s like having the A-Team on-call except, you know, they’re not on the run from a crime. I think.”

Bryan Grover

Founder of Grover Consulting

"Almost as soon as I started Copy School, I felt relief."

“I think of my time as a copywriter in two separate steps: BCS (Before Copy School) and ACS (After Copy School). Prior to joining, I did a lot of guessing, a lot of hoping. I read a ton of blog posts, taking note after note, and I found I couldn’t quite figure out how to write the kind of copy that would make me in demand and help my clients get results. 

I simply never had the confidence that my copy would give the lift in sales that my clients were paying for. Copy handover day was often accompanied by nausea and fear of feedback.

Almost as soon as I started Copy School, I felt relief that people with a ton of knowledge were guiding me through the process, step by step. Everytime I wrote an email sequence that got great results, my confidence grew. Every landing page or sales page was written faster because I had a solid template. I worried less and less about the feedback whenever I submitted copy, since I had so much conviction in the process I was following. 

And it worked! I’ve gotten great results for my clients! 

I’ve had Copy School for four years, and I still go back to the training periodically. There is always something new to learn or skills to hone. 

Copy School is worth its weight in gold!”

Patti Haus
Conversion Copywriter

"Get ready for the WOW!"

“I called myself a copywriter before I enrolled in Copy School but when Joanna shared her enormous amount of insights & practices – and Ry brilliantly took us through the process of converting readers to buyers – my copy became so much more effective and intentional.

I keep going back to the modules and videos inside – even a year later – there’s just SO much goodness inside. You can NOT go wrong with Jo and Ry – get ready for the WOW!”

Suzanne Hamilton


“I have been excited to use my 10x learnings on new projects with clients. A prospective client sent me his budget for a very low amount. I was able to sell the value of the email campaign (armed with my new 10x knowledge) and ended up getting him to sign for 3x’s what his first offer was!”

Matthew Carroll


“I just finished 10x Emails. Another fabulous course. I am so happy with my Copy School purchase.”

John Buckley


“I’ve bought several copywriting courses over the years and each one has been nothing less than a huge disappointment. So, I was a little skeptical when I joined Copy School. Not anymore! You have blown my mind…simply by delivering what you promised – confidence.  Thank you! Thanks again for the AMAZING, helpful content!”

Meg Harris



"This year I booked my first $35k month. It couldn't have happened without your training."

Jesse Gernigin


“Since taking Copy School and putting the knowledge into practice, I’ve been able to exponentially explode my business in just a few months time.

I’ve been a successful copywriter for about a decade and wasn’t sure if Copy School was for me. I am so glad I took the leap. My newfound knowledge gave me the confidence I needed to quadruple my copywriting rates. The price I charged for my very first post-Copy School writing job more than covered my entire tuition and my client was beyond thrilled with the work.

And just this week I secured another $21,000 in copy clients and I finally had to say that I am booked through the end of the year. The impact has made positive ripples throughout the rest of my business as well. With the knowledge I have gleaned I’ve been able to double the fees I charge for consulting as well, and I still have a waitlist. I really cannot thank you enough. My advice to anyone out there who’s even considering taking this course, stop what you’re doing right now and hurl your money at it. It will come back to you many times over if you work the concepts. I’m living proof.”

Melissa Bolton


“In running $500K+ of FB ads each month, we have a never-ending need for high converting copy.

Although we’ve been successfully writing ad copy for years, it’s often been the bottleneck in the process, especially when we’re creating complicated funnels and multi-stage launch sequences.

10x FB Ads [in Copy School] allowed us to refine our copy process from start to finish so we can produce copy that converts faster than ever. Less time writing, same or better results? Total win for our agency.

While many FB Ads courses focus heavily on targeting and technical ad set up, they gloss over ad copy or throw it in a bonus as an afterthought. If you don’t write scroll-stopping copy in your ads, those ninja targeting skills aren’t going to do you any good. The templates, frameworks and copy focus of 10x FB Ads let even our most junior team member produce copy that wowed our clients, got approved on a tricky policy issue and brought in the leads.

Rita Barry

Agency principal

“Nowadays if you don’t know how to write consistent high-converting ads for clients, you’re leaving money on the table.

As a creative agency, I had been repeatedly asked if I also handled copywriting for Facebook ads. Before taking this course, I was always hesitant because I had no set structure or processes in place to generate consistent results for my clients.

10x Facebook Ads [in Copy School] helped me to map out a consistent strategy for my agency and gave me the confidence to sell a new service through my business.

I loved the way that Copyhackers broke the course down into actionable steps with checklists and emphasized where you should prioritize your time along the way. And the overall marketing strategies like mapping your message to the stages of the buyer’s journey and her secret tips on handling persona mapping are absolute gold.

Since taking 10x FB ads less than 30 days ago, I now have four clients on retainer to not only write their Facebook ads but to handle their monthly ad spend as well. My clients have already seen a significant lift in their KPIs thanks to the golden nuggets I’ve learned from this course.

This will be a significant revenue booster to our services this year.”

Michelle Murtha

Agency principal


"Copy School has been THE best investment I've made in my business, both as an online marketer and a copywriter. I know exactly why I put a word on a page and can explain that to my clients, so not only do they love the copy - they know why it's converting too."

Prerna Malik


Photo of Prerna Malik




Farmer Corinna Bench went from worrying about crop sales to nearly selling out during her off-season (and earned $172,759 in 20 days).

Podcaster Tara Gentile turned a high-ticket, hard-to-sell workshop into a lucrative launch – and TRIPLED her revenue!

Email Copywriter Eman Ismail has never felt so confident in her skills as a copywriter since being in Copy School.

Copywriter for coaches and instructors Brad Wages immediately started seeing results for his team, including a quarter-million dollar promo.


“I credit Joanna with my entire career. Seriously. Before her trainings, I thought being a good writer was enough. WRONG. Thankfully, I found Joanna. Through her brilliant and super-easy-to-follow trainings, I fully booked out my business in under a year. Then I got my dream job writing copy for my idol full-time. Joanna’s techniques are groundbreaking."

Marian Schembari

Copy chief

Photo of Marian Schembari

Photo of Sarah Jones

“Huge thank you! I did the Minimum Viable Funnel last month, and it really, really resonated. We enrolled 12 guys into our program, which was a record. Our biggest month before March was 7 enrollments, so we surpassed that by 71%!! Amazing. THANK YOU… it was the easiest thing I’ve ever implemented.”

Sarah Jones


“I have launched three programs in the past, this was my 4th… I sold 52 spaces, grossed £47,500. I loved the format videos, they were really easy for me to tweak to fit my needs but mostly I LOVED the idea of coaching the client through the process. That is my job so it made it all really easy to apply.”

Suzy Ashworth

Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker

Suzy Ashworth photo

“Before the Facebook ad training [in Copy School], I was utterly clueless about social media ads and failed miserably at getting any conversions (didn’t even know the term “conversions” existed). The simplicity of the videos and workbooks for multiple forms of Facebook advertising was amazing. There’s no more second-guessing on what to do next. If there was one course that made sense using the unifying glue of copy across several contexts without a rigid template or salesy process, Copy School provided that.”

Christopher Ngo

Entrepreneur & Osteopath

What makes Copy School a no-brainer is not badges, new courses, or the community (although they all are awesome). For me, it’s learning how to think about copy *strategically* – and actually getting that behind-the-scenes look at how to go from research to copy, so that you’ll never again find yourself randomly tweaking words on the page or saying ‘Sure, I can change that!’ on a review call.”

Ekaterina Howard

Conversion copywriter

“Facebook is very important for our e-commerce brand because it’s where our audience hangs out. But before Copy School, I didn’t have a system for writing ad copy or ad landing pages. Until now, it’s been a money sink. Courses I’d taken in the past taught the “how” of putting together FB ads, but you’re wasting money if you don’t know the art of ad copy that converts. Now, I feel confident to write Facebook ads myself… For me, the Facebook ad training was a mindset change. I always knew it was possible to profit from Facebook ads but I finally feel capable of making a profit.

Saul Kropman

Ecommerce entrepreneur

“I LOVE that there’s no BS in this program. If you want to learn how to kick-ass as a copywriter, this is the gold standard. I didn’t want to mess around with one-off courses that teach me one thing at a time. I’m happy to pay AND do the work myself to level up across the board in my business.”

Katie Auker

Freelance copywriter

I feel much more confident approaching any project now. I know what to do and in what order, and that is huge. The email training showed me that I love writing email and want to keep doing it! I use the bag o’ emails basically weekly, and I pitched/wrote a welcome series for a client who hired me to do content marketing. That felt like a huge win. I would have never done that prior to [Copy School].”

Heather Dileepan

Freelance copywriter

“I signed up three new clients in August and am writing my first 2 sales pages at the same time! My clients are so happy with my work on the sales pages so far that they now both say that they want to work with me as their copywriter for emails, launches, Facebook ads, proposals, writing their social media profiles… It took me a while to get there, but once I got those first clients and they could see what I could do, the work just came flooding in!”

Naomi Dalton

Freelance copywriter

“I signed up for 10xFC, then Copy School shortly after. I did two roadmaps, and… I closed $12,000 last week using what I learned!!

It took longer to complete a job, and I was nervous, but now I’m a Copyhackers fan for life. I know that Jo is offering the best training one could ask for. It’s delivering on all the promises – I learned so much! It’s reinvigorating my love of copy – I’m waking up early to watch, and skipping Netflix at night to watch another lesson or three.

I feel excited to start writing and I know it sounds corny… but I feel like I’ve got my spark back! It’s not just that my imposter syndrome is cured, I feel like a superstar again.”

Abigail Prendergast

Freelance copywriter


“I love the templates that allow me to be loving and cool and happy AND get people to step up and enroll. Since I joined Copy School, I’ve been thinking very differently and feeling much more confident in knowing exactly what I want and need to write. Copy School simplifies everything… even thinking.”

Kelly Rudolph


The 10x courses [in Copy School] are the most profitable I’ve taken to date (and I admit to being a course junkie). 

They’ve been key to landing major contracts and breaking the million-dollar launch mark.

No matter where you are in your business or copywriting career, odds are good that the investment you make in 10X will have the highest ROI of any course you’ll ever take.”

Katie Momo

Copywriter & entrepreneur

Photo of Anthony T

“The biggest difference between other courses and Copy School, and a big reason I am a fan of CH, is the volume of content. With other training companies, one course might be very complete while another course could, in all honesty, and despite holding very good information, be just enough content to fill a 10-page book. I find CH content to be both very complete and very revealing (as in, I am often found thinking, “Gosh, well just look what they did there.”)”

Anthony Tibbles


“I love 10x Emails [in Copy School]. I got a huge boost in confidence from learning about how a campaign is structured, not just the copywriting bits.

Signed up a client pretty much directly because of how much confidence I emanate from knowing I could handle it.”

Larry Yap


“Before I watched 10x Sales Pages [in Copy School], sales pages felt like these big mystical things I knew all the top copywriters were doing (and making a lot of money doing) and I knew I wanted into the club… but I had no idea how. After I watched the training, sales pages were totally demystified and attainable. They were no longer out of reach. Plus, they were a huge new source of potential income.

In fact, I reviewed a sales page for a dream client using everything I learned from the course. It was someone I had never met before but desperately wanted to work with. They were so impressed that they asked me to get on the phone with them so we could discuss a project.
I would never have even made it onto their radar if it weren’t for that review I did using 10x Sales Pages.”

Katie Thies

Freelance copywriter

“I had recently completed the creation of my own online school. It was a two year endeavor… I believed I had a great product but knew nothing about how to market it. Enter Copy School. 🙂 I’ve learned so much. Taking these courses has given me confidence to start writing copy that will convert.

I feel like I now know what was lacking before I started Copy School and why it’s critical that I implement these strategies in my own work. I feel like I’m getting an intimate look “behind the curtain”. It’s a bit overwhelming to be honest but at least now I know what I didn’t know! I’m trying to take my time implementing the strategies but not too much time. I want to see this stuff work for me!”

Gregg F.

yellow dots

“My confidence had begun to wane and when [the instructors] taught about magic words having a reason for why every word is on a page… they were the teachers I needed.

Tynisha Thompson

Entrepreneur & copywriter



Can you really write copy and get results like the pros? Even as a total beginner? You bet.

Set the self-doubt aside. Writing copy that converts isn’t magic. And we aren’t wizards. The power lies in the processes we use. Guess what?

Processes are teachable.

With Copy School’s step-by-step instruction, proven techniques and templates plus other actionable aids, students find what they learn surprisingly easy to apply.

No matter your starting point, Copy School will help you execute advanced copywriting and marketing strategies with the confidence of a seasoned pro in a matter of weeks.




You may have been writing content and copy for years, and along the way you’ve heard – too often – how anyone can do your job. Maybe clients have reached out to you to say, “I’m too busy to write this – can you do it?” 

Copy School teaches you to do what others cannot. 

Writing copy is not the guessing game your clients and team may think it is. And once you know the techniques and can speak to the nuances of high-converting copy, no one questions you again or devalues your contributions.



Is it time for you to switch from blogging to copywriting?

As you read this page, you may be torn between your desire to upgrade your career… and your concern that Copy School sounds too good to be true. But if you’re ready for a career change:

Copy School becomes your sidekick and mentor as you upgrade your career. 

You won’t use Copy School once and never sign in again. You’ll use it daily. You’ll use it until your confidence soars and your clients stop asking you for $200 blog posts… and start lining up for $2000 sales pages. 



"i am a conversion copywriter."

Whether you want to go all-in on your freelance copywriting career… or you’re already writing copy for a living…

You can stop guessing.

There will always be a level of artistry to the work we do as copywriters. But what’s missing too often for copywriters is the other 80% of the job: process and systems. And once you find those – as you will in Copy School – your confidence skyrockets. You recognize yourself as a skilled practitioner. And best of all? So do your clients.


"The value is absolutely unreal."

"I closed a $10k+ monthly retainer this week to do a few cold email sequences per week with a mid-sized tech company and felt obliged to share how much you've helped me. The value is absolutely unreal. On my way to a $200K year."

Jacob Suckow

Freelance copywriter (results also due to membership in The 10x Freelance Copywriter)

Photo of Roland Fisher

“The email training alone has made me enough money to pay for Copy School and I’ve not even finished it yet.”

Roland Fisher


“This is the best copywriting training I’ve ever taken and I’m already seeing a difference in the response to my list in terms of sales. If you DON’T want to make more money, have more fun doing it, and totally wow your audience, you can pass this one up. But that would be crazy.”

Kylie Slavik

Writing for me was outside of my job scope outside of writing video scripts ….(I’m a video/audio content type guy), and have always been told I was a good/decent writer (when the need arose)… but I was always making it up as I went along….it feels SO good to have some foundational knowledge, direction … and now some burgeoning confidence to move forward with adding copywriting to my skillset.

I think Copyschool will be the best money I will have spent all year long.”

Rob Young

Non-copywriter turned copywriter

Photo of Laura Lopuch

“Just got off a call with a prospective client for a webinar sequence of landing page + email campaigns. I walked her thru A) conversion copywriting process and B) the concept of coaching the conversion. Pitched an at-the-high-end-for-me price… and because that’s *exactly* what she wants (especially the coaching the conversion part)… she said yes.

Without blinking.

Huge high fives to Joanna for her badass teaching in Copy School! And setting me up for a sweet dunk!

PS: To all y’all new Copy School members: this stuff works. Best part: it’s what your potential clients + your biz needs.”

Laura Lopuch

Copywriter and instructor in Copy School

“Before 10x Facebook Ads [in Copy School], my biggest challenge was to create messages and copy that would resonate with people wherever they are in the sales cycle. FB Ads are important for me and my clients because it’s one of the best channels right now to get high-quality leads that can turn into customers and loyal fans.

The course was easy to consume, yet provided relevant information on the WHY and HOW to create FB ads. I can now write ads that are more relevant to the prospect on social media.

Recent result: I applied what I learned in 10x FB Ads to a client course launch that hit over 40+ sales of their $997 product in a 10 day FB launch.”

Ryan Cruz

Launch strategist


“This program has helped me by providing a framework for every time I need to engage my prospects online. And the themeplates in 10x Launches convert like whoa!”

Greg Hickman

Founder of


“Copy School transformed my life. I wish that didn’t sound so cliched, because it’s 100% true. I’d been languishing as a writer and editor for years, eddying around in vague and largely unprofitable circles … I knew there had to be some way to scoop up my skills and start making them truly work for my business.

Copy School showed me how to do that – big time! Like anyone, I battled with myself over the cost – it’s way more than pin money after all…! But believe me, it was the BEST investment I could ever have made.

The sheer value inside Copy School is BREATHTAKING – hours of super-personal tutorial videos, workshops and webinars, titan templates, interviews, insights, and hundreds (thousands?!) of killer tips, cheatsheets and checklists

It’s like Joanna and Ry emptied their entire heads into your brain, and arranged all their years of solid gold expertise on tiny, easy-access Skillz Shelves just for you!

Armed with Copy School confidence, I’m now revolutionizing my business in ways I could never have imagined. I have a brand new website, I’m already helping clients convert more prospects through deeply researched, targeted web and email copy – and I’m bloody loving it!!

Seriously, if you’re even slightly on the fence about Copy School – just jump in. You will land in a World of Joy 🙂 .”

Gin Walker



Copyhackers and CopySchool stand out in the digital marketing world about as dramatically as would a 10-karat diamond in a coal mine.

To be blunt, in a marketplace overcrowded with ‘copywriting gurus’ who might as well possess the copywriting talent of an above-average carnival barker, learning from CopyHackers is like getting a creativity transfusion from Don Draper while at the same time getting a 20 point bump to your sales IQ: there’s just no comparison between what CopyHackers gives its students and anything else out there in the marketplace for copywriting instruction.

Seriously, I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of what CopyHackers gives you inside their online courses. Joanna and the rest of the gang have really put something special together. They don’t just talk about every concept, technique, and strategy you need to use to get inside your customers’ heads and 10x your sales–clearly, methodically, understandably–they show you how to use them with practical examples. I learned more about how to build and write a profitable funnel in one month than many will know even given a lifetime of ‘Brand X’ instruction.

Last year, I started an online business whose principal product was an online course. Before I found Copyhackers (Thank, GAWD!), I hired a different ‘guru’ to teach me copywriting and funnel construction. The result? A less-than-1% clickthrough rate on my Facebook ads, a webinar registration rate of less than 3%, single-digit lead generation, and ZERO sales . . . on a MONTH’s worth of ad spend.

Just applying what I learned from CopyHackers for one month, our new-and-improved funnel brought those clickthrough rates to between 5 – 7% on cold ads, with a 10 – 15% clickthrough rate on re-targets, enabled us to capture 15 leads, and led to 5 sales.

This year, the stats continue to get better and better: Our funnel already turns out a monthly 6:1 return on ad spend (“ROAS”), and, thanks to the tools CopyHackers gives you to identify where your funnel copy is weak, we’re still finding things to refine that we know are going to take us even higher. Literally, we may legitimately hit a 15:1 ROAS this year using what they’ve taught us.

If you’re an entrepreneur who needs to do your own copywriting–and you want to actually know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and be confident it’ll work–there’s nothing better than CopySchool to get you there.

Austin F.

Digital Marketer


“I had my first $20K month – it feels surreal but it wasn’t a fluke. I consistently applied what I’ve learned and this is what changed:

I come to client projects as an expert and get treated as such. It feels good.

Copy School gave me the knowledge to shift from a ‘creative’ copywriter to one who really knew wtf she was doing and can charge accordingly. I can explain my reasoning. I can stick up for my copy. I can let go of my copy if tests show it needs optimising. I’m brutal with my darlings. And I can say yes to jobs I’m not fully comfortable with because I can just dip back into Copy School and get the intel.

That’s a lot. But I feel like there’s so much more. I’ve gone from timid and broke to freaking amazing. I can’t wait to keep building (slowly but surely).”

Aja Stuart



My confidence comes from following the framework step by step. I know Ry and
Joanna’s stuff works. It’s been used in successful, profitable campaigns in the past.
And those are the examples being shared. That matters.

Having a proven process and understanding the psychology behind why we do
certain things, everything from the introduction to the lead and the guarantee, plus
all of these little sections that in the past were pretty easy to just skim over. But now
I can come at them from a much more strategic place.

I followed their process so closely, to the point that if it didn’t convert, I’d question
the offer, not the copy. I just love 10x Sales Pages [in Copy School]. I’m so happy to have it as a

I’m not only using it with clients but also for my own programs and products. Right now,
I’m writing a sales page for my quiz program, and I’m definitely using everything that
Ry teaches.”

Chanti Zak

Entrepreneur & quiz expert

DISCLAIMER: For best results, think of this training as you would think of university-level training: undertake it seriously and studiously, and you may see incredible results – but none are promised or guaranteed. We’ve made every effort to represent accurately the products we offer and their potential. However, we and our materials make no guarantee of results, nor should you misinterpret the “10x” or “6-figure” or “7-figure” part of our products’ names to suggest you will grow your business by an amount such as ten times; in reality, “10x” and “6-figure” and “7-figure” represent the quantity of ads, emails and landing pages you will be educated to complete with success after taking our training, and the additional quantity may help you achieve strong results similar to those we’ve achieved using the same techniques. Where a testimonial suggests or states results of any kind, you should not expect the same results unless your business, efforts and resources are exactly as the testimonial-giver. We avoid forward-looking statements, but should you find one, it is intended to express our opinion of earnings potential. Purchasing or subscribing to Copy School or Copy School Limitless does not offer you or any entity the rights to reproduction, distribution or resale of any part of the program, of any kind.

Refunds available within the first seven (7) days of membership. After a customer has submitted two (2) or more assets for review using the service included with a membership in Copy School, regardless of when those assets are submitted, that customer is no longer eligible for a refund.

Copy submitted for review must be written by the enrolled student. Each copy review is approximately ten (10) minutes in duration and happens asynchronously, during standard operating hours and not during holidays. Copy reviews are available May 2022 to April 2023, after which time Wiebe Marketing Ltd reserves the right to extend or terminate review opportunities. Live copy programs, such as Intensives, that may live under the Copy School umbrella are not part of this offer.

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“Every year at the same time, I try to get my subscribers to renew for next season. Historically, I would get 30-45% of them to renew, and I would spend all winter stressing.

This year, I resolved to try [Copy School] strategies. After binge-watching the email training, I have been absolutely stunned by the results. As of my cart close yesterday, I am 77% sold out for next summer.

My farmer husband was skeptical, but after showing him the results, he about fell off his tractor.

I can now say these three words: WORTH EVERY PENNY. It is probably the MOST valuable skill set I have ever learned as a business owner. And I just earned $172,759 in 20 days. For a farmer, that’s freakin’ awesome.”


Entrepreneur and podcaster Tara Gentile had built an incredible brand and a dedicated, fast-growing tribe. She had a top-tier course that was perfectly suited for her audience. But they weren’t buying it.

Struggling to sell even a measly 12 seats in her live training, she decided to give it one more shot. And if it didn’t sell out, she’d close the workshop down for good.

Tara completed just a fraction of the training (inside Copy School). Then she rewrote her launch promo materials and relaunched.

Within 15 minutes, every single spot was sold out. So, she opened more seats. Surprisingly, to her (not to us), those spots sold out too.

Those key copywriting improvements helped her sell more than 2x the number of spots she had originally intended, after multiple prior failed launches.

Her new copy skills 3Xed her revenue.


“I joined Copy School around the same time I realized natural writing talent would only take me so far as a copywriter. 

I didn’t know what I didn’t know. But I *did* know Copy School was the place to learn it all. 

Two years on and I’ve never felt so confident in my copywriting abilities. 

I haven’t even finished all the courses inside Copy School. In fact, I’ve only done a few of them – but I think that’s the point. You get to choose your own curriculum and decide what you learn and when. 

When I landed my first sales page project, it was 10X Sales Pages that I turned to to teach me what to do. 

When I decided to specialize as an email strategist and copywriter, it was 10X Emails that built my foundational knowledge. 

As for 10X Landing Pages, I truly believe that if a copywriter took no other course but this one, they’d still gain the technical skills they need to be a successful copywriter. 

At this point, Copy School has almost become an unofficial certification where other copywriters (and even some clients) feel confident hiring me because they know I have solid training. 

I actually met a big deal coach in the community who hired me on retainer for the better part of a year. 

And two years later, the coaches I met through that coach are *still* hiring me today. 

Copy School is a no-brainer investment you won’t regret. I highly recommend you go for it.”


“I’ve written just one sales letter using 10X Sales Pages, but it was a huge success. Over the course of a 5-day launch, my sales page did 1161 sales for a grand total of $228,717.”