Here's what we're working on these days

April 2022

  • It’s all about the upcoming Copy School promo for the CH team this month. 
  • We’re releasing Master of Headlines to Copy Schoolers. And we’re adding live chat into so students can chat their copy docs to our team for review. This is kinduv major. I can’t even express how many times we’ve been asked to review copy for our students but have had no mechanism to offer that.
  • Maaaybe we’ll do a “copy box” of cards?

March 2022

I (Jo) went to Bologna, Italy for an indie founders retreat. (The offices of Balsamiq are incredible, BTW. They call it “the nest” and the idea is for startups to meet up there IRL to work through ideas. Peldi and his team are so generous.) Anyway I wasn’t gonna go because we’re so busy with “stuff”… but then I realized that the trip is EXACTLY what I need in order to prioritize work based on our goals. A founder energy reset. And it was SO worth it. 

Also happening now:

  • Our new bloggers started publishing – they added 10 posts to our blog this month, in addition to the one’s Erin from our team makes happen. 
  • I noticed we have one review on Glassdoor and its negative. le sigh. I guess you’re supposed to ask your team to review you? Or if they dig working here, you’d think they just would… no? When I think about it, I left my review for Intuit on Glassdoor when I was quitting. Hmm. Maybe it’s a good thing then that the 10 folks on our crew haven’t left reviews?
  • Decided not to renew our Mutiny account, which is what we use for personalization. It’s $30K USD a year, which is no small amount. I really believe in personalization in theory, but the reality is that you need at least one person full-time on personalization efforts for it to be remotely worth it. Make it a $150K+ investment. We saw <1% ROI, so it’s hard for me to justify renewing when the contract is up.
  • I’m gonna write a book. At least one. This year.

February 2022

The Objection Wheel research continues. 

Our team finally got together for an off-site in Banff. 

Packs is making major progress – loads of feature updates this month (based on what users have shown clear indication of needing).

We’ve been thinking about turning Copy School into its own site. It’s a Copyhackers product, just like Packs, ReferralKit and Completely. So shouldn’t it get its own site – particularly given how many individual courses are available through Copy School? Right now it’s just sold on one big long-form sales page that we don’t even like around here.

And we made offers to three writers, who will be contracting for our blog – two writers and an editor + writer. Looking forward to getting more short, quick posts on our blog on the regular… so that, when you go looking for “how to” + anything to do with copywriting, you’ll find what you need right here. From people who actually do this stuff for a living.

January 2022

For the first time ever, we’re running an experiment with our pricing for The 10x Freelance Copywriter: we’ve introduced a 30-day free trial, where you can sign up for the trial any time in the month of January. We call this “Slow22” internally. It’s all about avoiding hype and growing slowly and steadily, which we’ve seen work 10x more often than rushing after whatever mania the latest “here’s how to get rich” blog post has stirred… 

  • A little over 100 sign-ups for the annual plan for The 10x Freelance Copywriter
  • A little over 200 sign-ups for the annual plan for The 10x Freelance Copywriter with Copy School

I, Jo, am starting to plan out training for something I’ve been working on called The Objection Wheel. 

We may have found ourselves an editor for our blog, dare I hope, plus a couple great writers.

Our software Oh Completely is coming along… slowly but surely…

December 2021

After going crazy with the BFCM campaign, our CH team wrapped up light plans for the first half of 2022… and took two weeks off.

The Packs team was busy rethinking the UX for teams. We also made good headway on search and a tabbed interface to help the Hyper Organized persona keep her packs separate.

November 2021

This is the month we were SUPPOSED to have our team retreat in Banff. Thanks covid. Bumped it to Feb 2022.

We launched BFCM and saw not just 100s of new students join us but 100s of existing students upgrade from monthly or annual subscriptions to what we’re calling Limitless: a flat fee to “buy” Copy School. It was the first time we’d offered Limitless, and we do believe we’ll do it again.

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