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No more doing it alone, dear Copy Schooler...

Now, there's an even faster way to build confidence and skills. So you speed up yer transformation into the badassest conversion copywriter.

As part of the Copy School fam, you’re all in on the conversion copywriting life.

But we’ve been listening to you for the past several months. And we even looked over your shoulders for a change.

And this is what we noticed…

After you fly through the Copy School lessons, one of two things happen:

You get seriously amped UP about the new framework or technique you just learned.

But when it’s time to get out there and put it to work, there’s nowhere for you to immediately apply this knowledge in the real world.

Or you’re on the flip side…

You get the theory you’re learning in Copy School. But the overwhelm is real.

You don’t have YEARS to get good at this…

You’ve got a launch kicking off in 5 weeks.

You’ve got a sales page due Friday.

You need to sell a client/boss/partner on your idea. 

But you just aren’t convinced you’re going to do it “right”.

It’s not enough to have the knowledge from Copy School parked somewhere in your psyche. You want real confidence and conviction that you can do it. And you need it NOW.

It’s one thing to watch Copy School lessons.

But it’s in the day-to-day practice of conversion copywriting where the real shift happens.

There are good days and bad days.

Dead ends. And restarts.

Risks worth taking – that feel so damn good when you reap the rewards. 

And doozies that take you back to the drawing board.

It’s all part of the working life of a real conversion copywriter.

So, if you’re serious about diving in and scratching your head and working through the puzzles like all real-world practicing conversion copywriters do, then listen up…

We’re inviting you to a completely unique
experience inside Copy School…

It’s something specially designed to yank you out of learning mode and throw you into the deep end of conversion copywriting.

It’s a safe space, just for Copy School students that will push you harder, faster and farther than you ever thought possible on your journey to become a skilled, confident conversion copywriter. It’s called:

The Practice

Fast-paced, coach-driven workouts for ambitious Copy Schoolers ready to challenge themselves in a completely new way.

Each Practice workout is a no B.S., timed conversion copywriting exercise designed to help you grow and build confidence, strength and speed at the five key parts of the conversion copywriting process: researching, planning, writing, editing and optimizing.

Each Practice workout is led by a Copyhackers-approved, hand-picked Coach who will keep you on track and cheer you on…

Sunny Hunt

Greta K

Jess Kiernan

Jessica Noel

Betsy Muse

Your coach has just the right amount of je ne sais quoi to encourage you to do things you didn’t think you could do, like:

  • Write 40 headlines in 12 minutes
  • Put together an optimized offer in 15 minutes
  • Outline a sales page using a new copywriting framework in under 30 minutes
  • Mine for sticky VOC on Amazon, Yelp, Reddit – in 25 minutes

There's no“fake it ‘til you make it” philosophy
here at The Practice. Because it’s all about

There's no “fake it ‘til you make it” philosophy
here at The Practice. Because it’s all about

When you hit play on a Practice workout…

You check your ego at the door.

You tell your fears to eff off for a bit.

You challenge yourself to break old habits and beliefs about what you are capable of.

And you commit to doing your best to knock out your work WAY faster than you thought possible.

Every single Practice workout brings together a special cocktail of tricks and tools to help you build muscle memory and gain strength in conversion copywriting techniques:

The Countdown Timer

The Countdown Timer

Once the clock is on, it’s on.

No time for second guessing, excuses or doubt. Every day, your output will look different. And that’s the whole point. Meet yourself where you’re at today. And surprise yourself.

Coach and Buddy Comradery

Coach and Buddy Comradery

You’re never alone in The Practice.

Practice coach is there to guide you and coach you through. And your buddy is a copywriter just like you, huffing and puffing their way through the challenge – freaking out, feeling good – right alongside you.

Compete with yourself

Compete with yourself

You decide what you want out of each Practice workout.

Want to knock out data mining in 20 minutes instead of 2 hours? Nice. Want to just practice and build confidence? Let’s go. You set the goal – you measure yourself against yourself.

A variety of workout types and lengths

A variety of workout types and lengths

specifically designed for the conversion copywriting stage you're in.

The no fluff Rapid Fire workouts are designed to get your fingers flying on the keyboard, no overthinking allowed.

The work > break > work Tabata Style workouts are fast-moving and productive. Not a minute goes wasted.

For steady state activities, the High Intensity Interval & Endurance workouts give you more time to breathe, think, and go deeper.

Some days, a Practice workout’s going to kick your butt.

Other days, you’ll get some serious shit done in minutes instead of hours.

The Practice is amazing! Watching great copywriters doing the work makes mastering the techniques seem more approachable and achievable

— Mari

So… what’s it worth to you to

Watch yourself grow into the most badass version of your conversion copywriting self?

To know you can knock out writing, editing and research in minutes instead of hours…

To never be scared to slay the blank page – because you can get serious work done with conversion copywriters by your side…

To feel yourself testing out different frameworks, tools and techniques, and know which ones work best, when.

We know how important all of this is to Copy Schoolers…

This is your livelihood, your sense of mastery.

That’s why, for the next 30 days, you’re invited to take The Practice workouts for a free spin. on us.

If you watch all The Practice workouts available at launch, and don’t believe that these time- based workout will help you work faster and grow as a conversion copywriter, that’s cool. There’s $0 dollars at stake during this 30 day trial. It’s totally free.

Just know that The Practice will be available to you as an upgrade inside Copy School, year-round for just $50/month…

So, when you want to knock out your sales page outline in a quick 25 minute work block between meetings, calls, and appointments… no weekend work necessary….

Or, generate 30 headlines and pick the winning ones – in less than 12 minutes…

Or work on a mock Home Page for a dream client, and build your portfolio in SaaS or eCommerce…

You can ALWAYS add The Practice to your

membership for just $50/month.

But if you do a few workouts and discover that The Practice is exactly what you need…

Then now’s your chance to get inside The Practice. With $100 in instant savings.

Until Tuesday, April 20, you can add The Practice to your Copy School membership for HALF the price.

It’s yours for just $50 a month. Plus the first 30 days are free.



Remember: At 4:01 pm PT on Tuesday, April 20, your special 50% off discount will disappear.

We’ll be adding new Practice workouts regularly,
so you CAN always have a new conversion copywriting
workout that will challenge you to grow into the strongest, most confident - most badassest - conversion copywriter you can be.

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