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7-Day Money-Back Guarantee on Ebooks

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Enjoy a 7-day money back guarantee on all ebook purchases made on What you paid is what you get back (less any taxes or shipping charges). Within 7 days of receiving your ebook download receipt via email, request a refund by emailing us here. Just forward your original receipt to me. Done! I’ll work fast to get your refund processing pronto!

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee on Courses

(Updated May 1, 2022 to reflect new courses.)

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

You should only purchase and take a Copyhackers course if you are prepared to do the work. With that in mind, we’re happy to offer a 7-day “questions asked” money-back guarantee on all of our courses, including Copy School, 10x Emails 2.0, 10x Launches, 10x Sales Pages, 10x Facebook Ads, 10x Landing Pages 2.0, 10x Web Copy, 10x Funnels (4 in 1 and funnels 1, 2, 3 and 4 individually), Master of Guest Blogging, Master of Seasonal Sales, Master of Sales Webinars, Analytics for Copywriters, Six Figure Emails, Seven Figure Emails and any other courses or bundles of courses we may introduce, excluding 10x Freelance Copywriter and Copy School Limitless. If you take the training and do a reasonable amount of work to put the training to good use but you do not achieve results that improve your business, send your request for a refund as described here:

  • Email
  • Include your full name and the email address you used when registering, buying or signing up (so we can find you in our system)
  • Include a copy of your receipt or the transaction number
  • Include clear evidence of your effort in the 7-day period
  • Do so within seven (7) days of purchasing, which you will know based on the date on your receipt

We reserve the right to offer a partial refund at our own discretion. We reserve the right to refuse refunds.

In the case that you are on a payment plan and you do not fulfill the fully agreed-upon payment terms you will be removed from the course(s) and you are not eligible for a refund of the funds paid, nor do you get partial access to the material. (ex. You agreed to make 12 payments of $97/m for 10x Emails but then if you cancel or become delinquent in your payments after the third month you will lose access to the course and forfeit the $291 that you have already paid.)

Start your refund request by emailing us here

Membership Policy

(Updated May 1, 2022 to reflect copy review changes.)

10x Freelance Copywriter qualifies for a 7-day refund policy from the day you first sign up for the membership. You will be charged the agreed-upon monthly or yearly rate for your subscription until such time as you cancel. You may cancel at any time with zero penalties.

10x Freelance Copywriter cancellation policy and procedure

If you are unsatisfied with your Copy School membership or Copy School Premium membership subscription you may qualify for a refund within 7-days of your first subscribing. Please reach out to to discuss your circumstances. Refund requests are not granted automatically. All refund requests may be considered by Wiebe Marketing Ltd. on a case-by-case basis and granted in sole discretion of Wiebe Marketing Ltd.

Copy School Membership cancellation policy and procedure

Live Events

Unless otherwise specified, any live training (including in-person or live video calls such as webinars, bootcamps, masterclasses, etc.) purchased through will not be available for a refund. If you cannot attend a live video call a replay will be made available for you within 14 days of the event. No replay will be available for in-person events.

NOTE: If you purchased a Copyhackers product on a site other than, you’ve gotta refer to their refund policy.

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