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How best-in-class marketers and copywriters create winning digital campaigns - from ads to sales pages, web copy to emails - that consistently generate leads and revenue

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Copy School is mastery-based training at its best. 

You’ll get concrete systems and processes you can apply immediately to instantly improve the key junctions where money changes hands...

... In other words, you’ll be able to transform your ads, landing pages, emails, sales pages and websites into conversion-generating machines. With proven, tested practices and templates used by the CH Agency. And applied by 10,000+ students.

The real-world-tested processes to tackle any digital marketing asset you write. You’ll get access to the strategies and tactics used in multiple 6 and 7-fig campaigns for companies from Wistia to Amy Porterfield split across 7 key courses and build on - and complement - each other.  

With 10x Emails, you’ll master the art of mapping out email sequences that speak to your reader so that you can write irresistible emails that demand to be read (and acted on) again and again.  

With 10x Landing Pages, you’ll learn all about the three things you should do before writing a single word of copy and you’ll use that to structure your page in a way that makes saying “yes” feel like the most natural thing in the world.  

With 10x Launches, you’ll get the winning theme-plates behind some of the best 6 and 7-fig launches in recent history (we’re talking Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman and, of course, Copyhackers) and learn exactly how to apply the underlying psychological principles and strategies that made them oh-so-good to your own launch. 

With 10x Sales Pages, you’ll finally know the answer to the question “Am I doing this right?”. Because you’ll have two proven systems to choose from, you’ll know exactly how to tackle the beast and make it convert. 

With 10x Facebook Ads, you’ll put an end to the continuing battle with Zuck’s ever-shifting rules and the beastly career-destroying behemoth that’s the Facebook algorithm and - instead - use the proven system to craft ad campaigns that stop scrollers and get the thumbs up from the algo-overlords.

With 10x Web Copy, you’ll design and engineer the words that make sites sell. You’ll pull away from every generic competitor, regurgitating the same tired keywords, and craft websites designed built for results.  

With 10x Funnels, you’ll discover what’s wrong with almost all the funnels in use right now and how to avoid that fatal error. Instead - with the powerful research methodology inside - you’ll design the perfect funnel to fit your business goals. In a lot less time than the ones you’re sweating over right now. 

 To master messaging that sells (both what to say and how), join Copy School

“The sheer value inside Copy School is BREATHTAKING ... It's like Joanna and Ry emptied their entire heads into your brain, and arranged all their years of solid gold expertise on tiny, easy-access Skillz Shelves just for you!”

Gin Walker, copywriter

Copy School gave me tools, templates, and processes that walked me step-by-step through how to develop my copy skills. Now I never have to start from a blank page again and I am completely confident in my copy because I know it’s based on data and experience, not guesses. 

And the results speak for themselves. My most recent email campaign had a 15% clickthrough rate and 3 times the expected signups. My client is thrilled, and my imposter syndrome has been banished forever!”

Molly Mac, copywriter 

I’ve done many online courses, but nothing compares with Copy School. No kidding. All the courses are stimulating, thought-provoking and totally resonate with me. My writing has improved and I have more confidence in going deeper to hit those psychological trigger points.  

Mark Crosling, copywriter 

"48% open rate. $17,991 in revenue. That's what using just TWO of the email "themeplates" in 10X Launches did for me for one of my productized service launches.  

THAT is the power of not only mastering incredible conversion copywriting techniques BUT getting the tactical tools to help you implement those techniques."

Prerna Malik, copy chief and agency owner  

"My newfound knowledge gave me the confidence I needed to quadruple my copywriting rates. 

The price I charged for my very first post-Copy School writing job more than covered my entire tuition and my client was beyond thrilled with the work. And just this week I secured another $21,000 in copy clients and I finally had to say that I am booked through the end of the year."

Melissa Bolton, copywriter

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