If You Want To Measure Your Copy So You Can Improve It, Give Every Element 1 Job To Do (Infographic)

You want to measure the success – or failure – of your copy. But how the hell do you know how to measure it? Do you call all the copy on a page “bad” if the page isn’t converting? Or is only one element of your copy to blame? In this post, we’ll introduce you to the You Had One Job rule of conversion copywriting.

How to Write a Kickstarter Pitch: An Analysis of the Best – And Worst – Campaign Copy

Trying to get backed on Kickstarter? You’ll need a pitch page – and a damn good one at that. But where do you even start? And how long does it need to be? And what’s your story? And should you demonstrate your product? And what if your product doesn’t lend itself well to demonstration?!!?! There are tons of questions that Kickstarter’s handbook doesn’t help with. So we analyzed top-performing Kickstarter pitches, which we present to you today. (Beware: it’s a meaty post.)

Book Review: Why “Traction” Fails The Startup Entrepreneur

Two impressive entrepreneurial successes get lost in this customary, been-there-read-that book. The startup life is no place for the weary. Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares know this all too well. The authors of Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers (S-Curves Publishing, 2014), Weinberg founded DuckDuckGo, an alternative search engine, while Mares is a former executive […]

70% of SEO Is Easy. Here’s What One SEO Pro Swears You Should Do to Master It.

You’re busy. Your business is doing pretty well. So why should you care enough about SEO to spend time on it? The main reason is that you probably already see around 30-60% of your website traffic come from the search engines. That might make you think that you don’t need to bother, because you’re already doing so well. But you’re almost certainly wrong. Read this to get the whole picture…

How to Do Reciprocity Right… So It Actually Persuades Instead of Fostering a Culture of Takers

Reciprocity is the persuasion principle at play in most of our content marketing efforts and when we give out free trials. We’re banking on the idea that, if we do something generous for someone – such as giving them a free whitepaper, letting them try our software without entering their CC or writing super-helpful posts (ahem) – they will give back to us in kind. But if reciprocity is so powerful, why don’t more trial users convert? Why don’t more leads open our emails? And why don’t more readers comment on our posts?

How Much Is High-Converting Copy Worth to YOU? (No, Really, Calculate It Here)

Decent copy takes time & skill. Consistently high-converting copy takes time, skill, research, and statistical validation. If you’re outsourcing the job, this will cost you money — often quite a bit more than you might expect for what appear to be, you know, just words. So what should you expect to pay for stellar web or email copy? Use these calculations to find out.

2015 Challenge 3 of 4: Stop Building Something That “May” Solve a Problem for People You Don’t Even Know

We watch enough Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den to know that a ton of products just aren’t meant to be. The timing isn’t right. Or the audience isn’t there. Or the product is just a product, not a solution – not a painkiller, vitamin or addictive drug. In this challenge, we do the extremely difficult… and ask you to think about what in your life needs to go but hasn’t yet.