Is the Seemingly Humble Button More Powerful Than the Headline?

Ogilvy said, “When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” But what about buttons? Unfortunately, Mr. Ogilvy wasn’t around when buttons began to dominate the web, email and mobile. In this post, you’ll see why it’s time to update our marketing books and blogs to focus less on headlines, as Ogilvy said, and more on buttons + headlines.

If You Charge 10x More Than Your Competition, Should Your Copy Be 10x As Compelling?

Most startups pay less than $3995/mo to lease office space. But new B2B SaaS solutions targeted at online marketers are able to charge 10x more than their competitors – up to and including $3995/mo for the starter plan! Curious about this dramatic upswing in pricing, Lance takes a look at 3 competitors in an increasingly pricey space… assesses their copy… and gives his POV on whether the copy effectively sells high-priced software or not. Want to charge 10x more? Read this.