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Joanna Wiebe, Conversion Copywriter

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I fell into copywriting. Just totally tumbled in, head over feet. I didn’t like the word “copywriter” when I first started – so I went by “creative writer”. Big mistake. That must’ve set me back a good 3 years. Now I know that COPY is awesome, and copywriters are the best-kept secret in the sales and marketing world.

Has worked at: Intuit, Conversion Rate Experts, agencies

Has been doing this since: 2004

Feels the world needs more: Good news stories to normalize good behavior. And varieties of pie – it feels like we’ve capped out early on that one.

Has a warped sense of: Everything. But, in particular, I always assume things are going to be wicked-expensive. And I’m totally bad at forecasting how long something will take.

Would have been: A dermatologist. Or an architect. But the lure of a life of words was just too strong.

Favorite copywriters: Gene Schwartz and John Caples – and all the great unknowns doing kick-a$$ stuff.

Loves to optimize: Catalogue pages! Sooo much opportunity on the average catalogue page.

Lance Jones, CRO Consultant

Lance Jones Conversion ConsultantEmail Lance

I grew up believing I would optimize websites. Thank God the Internet was invented or I’d still be selling mattresses. When I’m not helping clients make sense of CRO and web experiments, I’m toying with a new startup idea or helping my 2 boys try to make sense of this world and their place in it. Or eating candy.

Has worked at: Adobe, Intuit, Conversion Rate Experts, Keynote

Has been doing this since: 1999

Feels the world needs more: Results-oriented people walking the halls of more results-oriented businesses.

Has a warped sense of: Blood relations. I’m pretty sure I was adopted by the Brady Bunch, but I have yet to be invited to family gatherings.

Would have been: An astronomer, but an astronomer visited my school when I was a child and told me not to do it. Not cool of him, actually.

Favorite business minds: A mix of everyone on the Shark Tank. Cuban’s ego; O’Leary’s data-focus; and Herjavek’s heart.

Loves to optimize: Experiences.

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Praise for Copy Hackers…

“More than anything, your newsletter content re-inspires me to alter my mindset and take action on those things that I know I could be doing better in terms of copywriting. Your excellent point about actually following through on the things you learn holds true, it’s the hardest part!”
– Jesse Storimer, Working With TCP Sockets, Canada

“I just read the first lesson and the single line inspired me so much, ‘People want what they want.’ And I should try to give them a better reflection of themselves, that much focused my copy writing should be, am really happy I subscribed to you. Thank you so much!”
– Kartikeye, Indore Area, India

“Firstly, thank you for the e-mails, I’ve found them incredibly useful. My biggest challenge as a freelance software developer is deciding whether to write about the technologies I work with, or the business problems I can solve.  I’m not sure what the state of awareness of my visitors are. Your tips about looking at analytics is certainly a good starting point, so I will start there. Thanks again for the insightful email!”
– Glen, Norwich, Norfolk, UK

“I just wanted to say ‘thanks’ for the warm welcome, the $0 e-book and the quality feel to the interaction so far.”
– Simon M.

“I signed up for your email very recently. I really like your work and I really REALLY like how you write.”
– Alexandra, Greece

“Only yesterday someone tipped me your website and already I subscribed to the newsletter and am a fan. BIG fan. You see, as a social worker-gone secretary/pa to the CEO at childcare services then lost her job when new CEO entered – then crashed and burned – then was forced to go into outplacement I discovered that what I love most is to just write. It’s what I’ve always done and never ever considered a serious career. Step one: ask a writer. A good one. An EXCELLENT one. You! Just the option of mailing you and knowing I will get a response feels like a huge leap forward.”
– Linda, Groningen Area, Netherlands

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