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MARCH 2018: How to write headlines that work (fast!)

What would you learn if you wrote 100 headlines every day for 100 days… and for 100 different companies / products? Justin Blackman of Pretty Fly Copy found out exactly that when he wrote 10,211 headlines over the course of about 3 months. In this tutorial, he’ll show you exactly how to write headlines faster – and tell good ones from bad – using his process and his favorite copy formulas.

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MARCH 2018: How to join the conversation happening in your customer’s mind

When you write copy, you’re supposed to join the conversation happening in your customer’s head. But how? In this tutorial, conversion copywriter Joanna Wiebe gives you a simple 7-minute exercise to start finding out what your customers are thinking… starting today. You’ll also see how to make sense of what you learn so you can use it at the top of your page (i.e., where you join the conversation they’re already having with themselves).

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FEBRUARY 2018: How to optimize your SaaS onboarding (case study)

A guided feature tour vs a video tour from the CEO. Which one do users respond better to? In this tutorial, the founder of Know Your Company employee engagement software Claire Lew shares her before-and-after case study of optimizing their onboarding flow. See how her team got a 44% increase in activation.

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FEBRUARY 2018: The SaaS onboarding emails you should be writing

So you’ve written the welcome email. …Now what? In this tutorial, head of marketing for Customer IO and email genius Janet Choi walks you through the best SaaS onboarding emails she’s seen, why they’re so good and how you can do what they do. Includes not one but TWO email templates (instantly add them to Airstory for free)

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FEBRUARY 2018: How to plan a SaaS onboarding funnel

Before you start writing welcome emails and figuring out what features go where in your SaaS onboarding funnel, you need a plan. You need to know 4 things about your target user. In this tutorial, SaaS CRO consultant Sam Woods tells you what those 4 things are. And he shows you how to focus on one of them when you plan a SaaS onboarding funnel.

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FEBRUARY 2018: How to write a SaaS trial-to-paid sales email

So your user has made it through your trial period. Now it’s time to go for the upgrade. Time to write the upgrader email! This is where the money changes hands. This is where your MRR goes up a notch. And if you can get this trial-to-paid sales email right, this is where your growth initiatives start to scale. In this tutorial, SaaS copywriter Sophia Le shows you how to write an upgrader email for your SaaS trial.

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JANUARY 2018: How to write an ultimate guide (Advanced Class)

If you target businesses of $10M+ a year, you need an ultimate guide. But here’s what’s probably been stopping you from writing one: it seems like it would take forever, and you’re not even sure what you’d have to include to make an ultimate guide, well, ultimate. In this tutorial, Joanna Wiebe teaches you the core of writing ultimate guides – and walks you through a premium Airstory template for ultimate guides.

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JANUARY 2018: How to research a kick-ass blog post

You can do 2 primary things with research: you can support a story, or you can find a story. In this tutorial, Joanna Wiebe shows you how she does online research to write share-worthy blog posts. Be sure to install the Airstory Researcher for Chrome, and research along with Jo!

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