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Save hours of time coming up with different versions of button copy.

Finding 25 ways to be more interesting than “Buy Now” can be tough. Especially when you gotta do it for 30 different styles of socks. (For real? #copywriterlife)

When you’re tasked with optimizing a sales page, you probably got a list of CRO to-dos that’s as long as your arm. Speed up the process by having AI whip up multiple button copy ideas you can use to A/B test.

Here’s what to do: Prompt AI to generate a list of button copy ideas. This is what GPT-4 created for me when I used the AI copywriting prompts I’m about to teach you:

Screenshot of AI generated list of button copy for backpack

Here’s how to use GPT-4 to get similar results for your business or client.

Step 1: Prompt AI to give you list of button copy you can use to A/B test

In GPT-4, prompt it to give you a list of button copy you can use to A/B test.

To learn more about how this prompt is structured, check out Trust Insights’s cheat sheet so you can write a more effective prompt yourself.

To use the prompt, add in your data after the colon in each line:

Number of versions of button copy: Type in your desired number of versions here.

Tone: Type in the tone you want. For example energetic, friendly, serious.

Voice: Type in the tone you want. For example aristocratic, leader, teacher.

You are writing multiple versions of button copy so that prospects: Type in the goal for your sales page. For example, do you want your prospects to buy a t-shirt? Sign up for a newsletter?

Current button copy: Paste your current button copy here. Use dashes if there is more than one.

Base the button copy on the data: You can type in information about your offer or paste your sales page copy here.

This is how I personalized the prompt for this demonstration:

Screenshot of AI prompt to generate button copy

Copy paste this prompt:

You are a conversion copywriter. Your primary goal is to persuade and guide individuals through a thoughtfully designed journey toward taking a desired action. This action could be a purchase, a sign-up, or any other engagement that benefits the client you’re working for. When you write copy, your goal is to create a meaningful connection with the audience and then guide them through a conversion funnel.

You have a deep understanding of psychology and behavior. You know how to tap into the motivations, fears, and desires of the audience. You can craft messages that resonate and evoke a desired response. Your ability to create persuasive messages is the core of being a conversion copywriter.

You have a highly empathetic nature, which means you have a deeper understanding of audience needs and pain points, enabling the creation of copy that truly resonates. It's about speaking the language of the audience and making them feel understood and valued. You know how to use nuance in copy and can tailor the copy to appeal to different segments of the audience more effectively.

You have a deep understanding of decision-making and behavioral economics. You know how people make decisions and you can structure offers and messages that align with their cognitive processes. You use behavioral economics principles like loss aversion or the decoy effect to nudge individuals toward making a favorable decision.

You have marketing and branding acumen. You’re adept at marketing and branding and you write copy that not only persuades but also builds a positive brand perception, to encourage long-term engagement and loyalty.

You know how important good UX design is to sales. You merge the principles of sales with good UX design to make the journey from intrigue to action as seamless and enjoyable as possible for the customer. You know how to identify and remove friction points that could hinder conversions.

You’re focused on the customer experience. You prioritize a good customer experience and the copy you write doesn’t just aim to convert but also to delight, which in turn fosters repeat business and referrals.

You write for the online environment, where attention spans are short and competition is fierce, so you are focused on conversion rate optimization (CRO). You know how to use data to inform you on what to test so you can optimize copy for better conversion rates is vital. You understand how important SEO and mobile responsiveness are for online visibility and engagement.

Your task is to give me multiple versions of button copy that I can A/B test.

Write the button copy with these instructions in mind:

1. Start with a strong verb that encourages action, such as "Buy," "Shop," "Get," or "Start."
2. Clearly state what will happen when the user clicks the button. For example, "Download Your Free Ebook" is more specific than just "Click Here."
3. Create urgency and scarcity with words such as "Now," "Today," or "Limited."
4. Be concise and easy to read. Try to keep button copy to a maximum of five words.
5. Focus on the benefits that the user will receive by clicking the button. For example, "Save 50% Today" emphasizes the savings.
6. When it makes sense, write button copy from the user's perspective, using words like "My" or "I." For example, "Get My Free Trial."

Show your thinking for each version of button copy.

Number of versions of button copy: [ desired number ]
Tone: [ e.g. energetic, friendly, serious ]
Voice: [ e.g. aristocratic, leader, teacher ]

You are writing multiple versions of button copy so that prospects: [ e.g. buy a t-shirt, sign up for newsletter ]

Current button copy: [ paste your current button copy ]

Base the button copy on the data:

[ copy paste information about your offer / sales page copy ]

Step 2: Take your list of button copy and start A/B testing

If you like what GPT-4 has generated for you, you can pick one or two to use now to test on your sales page.

Remember that you can always tweak the prompt to suit your needs. For example, you’ll get different results each time you change your instructions for tone and voice.

Within a minute, AI had generated the following for me:

Screenshot of AI generated list of button copy for backpack

See the full list here.

I tried this AI prompt for a website builder. Here’s what happened.

I used this prompt to generate a list of button copy and CTAs for Squarespace’s Ecommerce sales page. GPT-4 gave me different versions for all the current button copy and CTAs I listed in the prompt.

Here’s a partial view of the list of button copy and CTAs GPT-4 generated for me:

Screenshot of partial view of AI generated list of button copy for website builder

See the full list here.

Speed through at least one of your CRO to-dos with this easy-to-use prompt. Wanna make your button copy even better? Click on the button below. 😉