• Use AI to pack emotion into your product descriptions, no matter your word-count limit
  • For ecommerce store owners, productized-service providers, copywriters
  • Get your product description written up in a couple of minutes

Use your customer reviews to write compelling product descriptions fast.

Product descriptions tend to be a boring ol’ list of features. Don’t waste this opportunity to pull customers in – by using their own words – and help them see themselves using your product to solve their problem.

Here’s what to do: Prompt AI to write product descriptions that are filled with powerful emotions. This is what ChatGPT 3.5 created for me when I used the AI copywriting prompts I’m about to teach you:

Screenshot of AI generated product description of lunchbox

Here’s how to use GPT-3.5 to get similar results for your business or client.

Step 1: Analyze the customer reviews and organize by mood

The goal of Step 1 is to organize the reviews by mood. To demonstrate this prompt, I’m using reviews on the Amazon listing for the Bento lunchbox sold by HSYTEK. GPT-3.5 identified positive, neutral or constructive feedback and negative language in the reviews.

Quick note about pasting a lot of reviews or data into GPT-3.5: At the time of writing, GPT-3.5 can do strange things like “hallucinate” and start making stuff up. 🤦🏽 So this is what do you do: Double-check that the reviews GPT-3.5 includes in its output are taken from text you actually pasted.

In GPT-3.5, prompt AI to analyze the customer reviews of your product and organize the reviews by the mood of the language.

Screenshot of AI prompt to analyze customer reviews and organize by the mood of the language

Copy paste this prompt:

Analyze these customer reviews and organize by the mood of the language: [ customer reviews ]

Step 2: Organize the (positive) reviews by use

Next, we’re going to organize the reviews by use case, as mentioned by the customer, because product descriptions are often structured as a  list of features. Also, for this example, I’m only going to use the positive reviews.

In GPT-3.5, prompt it to organize the reviews by use. If you want only positive (or another mood) reviews, specify your preference in the prompt.

If a list of features isn’t what you’re looking for, experiment with this prompt by asking GPT-3.5 to organize the reviews by another characteristic like the frequency of a specific word or suggested alternate use cases. 

The great thing about the chat format in ChatGPT is that the conversation builds and improves as you refine your prompts, which can give you results that can spark more ideas for your product description!

Screenshot of AI prompt to organize only the positive reviews by use

Copy paste this prompt:

Organize the [ desired mood ] reviews by [ desired characteristic ]

Step 3: Prompt GPT-3.5 to write your product description

In GPT-3.5, use the prompt below to write your product description. I included instructions for a desired word length and bullet list in the prompt. You can do that and add other instructions like tone, voice and reading level.

AI prompt to write a 400-word product description

Copy paste this prompt:

Write a [ desired length ] product description, [ desired structure ], using the [ desired mood ] reviews and the  [ desired mood ] reviews organized by [ desired characteristic ]

As described in Step 2, you can change the prompt as you wish by mood and characteristic sought in the reviews.

Within a couple of minutes, AI had generated the following for me:

Screenshot of AI generated product description of lunchbox

Access the chat here.

I tried this AI prompt for a few different products. Here’s what happened.

I used these prompts to write a product description for exercise resistance bands sold by Gritin, which like the lunchbox used in the example above, are also sold on Amazon.

AI generated product description of resistance bands

Access the chat here.

Modify these prompts for things like tone and voice and length so you can write more emotionally-charged product descriptions that are so good your customers won’t think twice before clicking the “Buy” button.

Pro tip: Try using the Heightened Emotion sweep on your copy to optimize your product descriptions