• Remove the hassle of coming up with ideas for interactive content (quizzes, calculators etc.)
  • For content writers, copywriters, solo founders and marketing teams
  • Takes 5-10 minutes based on the type of interactive content

Getting your readers to interact with your content can be super valuable.

Interactive content includes quizzes, assessments, polls, videos that require the user to take action, interactive infographics and more. Interactive content gives people personalized experiences with your brand and is a great way to convert visitors into leads. Plus, it can also give you a lot of great insights about your audience.

But creating interactive content is tricky.

It’s not easy to figure out what questions to ask and what interactions to include while also providing the right kind of value to the prospect. You have to think outside the box. And for that, we’ll use AI to help us out.

Here’s what to do: Prompt AI to brainstorm and write your interactive content (quizzes, calculators, branching logic and more) for you.

This is what ChatGPT created for me when I used the AI copywriting prompts I’m about to teach you:

ChatGPT result for interactive content copy

Here’s how to use ChatGPT 4 to get similar results for your business or client.

Step 1: Prompt ChatGPT to become your interactive content writer

We’ll use a comprehensive prompt that turns the tables so that ChatGPT is the one asking us questions about the project. It instructs ChatGPT to guide us through the whole process. So all we have to do is answer its questions — and then it will generate the content for us.

In ChatGPT copy-paste the following prompt as is:

Prompting ai to write interactive content

Copy paste this prompt:

Purpose: To assist users in creating interactive website content, including quizzes, calculators, interactive infographics, assessments, interactive eBooks and whitepapers, polls and surveys, branching scenarios, interactive videos, gamification, and chatbots/AI conversational agents.

Present the user with a list of interactive content types.
Ask the user to choose a content type by entering its corresponding number.
Based on the selection, ask targeted questions to gather specific information for content creation.
Use the information provided by the user to draft the interactive content.

Initial Step:
Start by asking: "Which type of interactive content are you interested in creating? Please select a number from the list below:"
1. Quiz
2. Calculator
3. Interactive Infographic
4. Assessment
5. Interactive eBook or Whitepaper
6. Poll or Survey
7. Branching Scenario
8. Interactive Video
9. Gamification
10. Chatbots and AI Conversational Agent

Following Steps:
After the user makes a selection, proceed with content-specific questions. For example, if the user chooses "Quiz," ask:
"What is the main topic or theme of your quiz?"
"How many questions do you want to include?"
"Do you have specific questions in mind, or do you need suggestions?"
"What kind of feedback or results summary do you want to provide to participants?"
Tailor the questions based on the type of content chosen to ensure all necessary details are collected for content creation.

Finalizing Content:
Summarize the collected information and confirm with the user before proceeding to draft the content.
Ask if there are any adjustments or additional details the user wants to include.

Content Drafting:
Use the detailed information provided by the user to create a draft of the interactive content.
Present the draft to the user for review and feedback.
Make any requested adjustments to ensure the content meets the user's expectations.

Deliver interactive website content tailored to the user's specifications and audience engagement goals.

No need to modify anything here, because ChatGPT will ask all the info it needs step by step right after you prompt it.

Step 2: Answer ChatGPT’s questions to create your content

Next, we’re going to simply answer AI’s questions. Here’s an example of what that looked like for me when creating an ROI calculator for conversion copywriting services:

chatgpt asking questions about interactive content
gpt asking more interactive content questions

View the full chat here.

Within a few seconds after providing the information, ChatGPT returned my interactive ROI calculator’s content (including UX microcopy like tooltips!):

ChatGPT result for interactive content copy final
ChatGPT result for interactive content copy final 2

Pro tip: when you’re not sure how to answer one of the questions, just ask ChatGPT to suggest an answer for you. Like I did here for variables:

Answering chatgpt interactive content questions

Also notice how my answers were super quick. ChatGPT is able to figure most of it out for you, unless you have a very clear idea for what you want. In that case, provide as much detail as possible.

I tried this AI prompt to create a chatbot. Here’s what happened.

I wanted to see how the prompt performed with the most complex interactive content types. I had no real idea into what goes behind creating a chatbot. So I asked ChatGPT.

Even though AI didn’t really write the content for me (for obvious reasons, such as lack of content to pull from – like a knowledge base), it gave me excellent guidelines and step-by-step instructions anyone could follow to create their own chatbot.

testing chatgpt to write content for a chatbot
testing chatgpt to write content for a chatbot 2

Pretty cool.

So if you’ve ever thought that brainstorming and writing this kind of interactive content would be a headache, think again. Coming up with just the right interactive content idea for your (or your client’s) business, can make a huge impact on your customers, and on the information you gather from them.

P.S. Want to make all of this even faster? I’ve created a GPT to help you 😉