• Stop putting off writing your mission statement and start connecting with your customers
  • Ideal for any business that knows their “Why” 
  • Takes about 10 minutes all-in (compared to AGES if you do this without AI)

Finally get this often overlooked marketing asset done once and for all.

You know you need a mission statement, but you’ve been putting it off because you have no idea what to say. Use the prompt that you’re about to learn to get it done and display it proudly alongside all the awesome stuff your business accomplishes day in and day out.

Here’s what to do: Prompt AI to write a company mission for you. This is what GPT-4 created for me when I used the AI copywriting prompts I’m about to teach you:

Screenshot of AI generated mission statement for real estate agency

Here’s how to use GPT-4 to get similar results for your business or client.

Step 1: Answer some quick questions about your company and what it stands for

You’re going to answer some questions about your company and what it stands for, so that GPT-4 (or GPT-3.5) can write you mission statements that’ll fit on your different marketing assets.

To demonstrate this prompt, I completed the questions as if I was the Marketing VP of a real estate agency.

Copy the text below into any word processor and complete the sentence after the colon.

I’ve included some hints to help you get this done fast. Just type over this.

Don’t paste the brackets ( [ ] ), or any of the instructional text in between, when you use the prompt in Step 2.

Copy paste this into a word processor:

Our company name is: [ Your company name ]

Our primary customers are: [ Who are our primary customers? Example: Are they young parents, college students, or small business owners? ]

Our primary customers’ key needs and values are: [ What are their key needs and values? Example: Do they value affordability, quality, convenience, or sustainability? ]

The unique benefits we offer to our customers include: [ What unique benefits do we offer to our customers?Example: Is it 24/7 customer support, innovative solutions, or cost-effective products? ]

We stand out from our competitors by: [ ​​How do we stand out from our competitors? Example: Is it through superior quality, lower prices, or a unique shopping experience? ]

The core values driving our business include: [ What are the core values driving our business? Example: Is it integrity, innovation, customer satisfaction, or community engagement? ]

Our core values benefit our customers: [ How do our core values benefit our customers? Example: Does our commitment to sustainability lead to safer, higher-quality products? ]

Step 2: Prompt AI to create your mission statement (for multiple marketing channels!)

Next, we’re going to prompt AI to create your mission statement. This prompt includes instructions to create mission statements for not only your website, but also email signatures, social media, logos and business cards!

In GPT-4 (or GPT-3.5), prompt it to create your mission statement.

Personalize the prompt by:

  • Adjusting the prompt to suit what you want for Tone, Voice and Reading Level, in the section below the line, “Write the customer-facing mission statements with these characteristics:,” and then
  • Take the work you did in Step 1 and paste it to the bottom of the prompt, in the GPT chat, below the line, “Write the customer-facing mission statement based in this information:”

View the screenshot below to see how you can personalize the prompt.

Screenshot of where to personalize AI prompt to generate mission statement

Copy paste this prompt:

You are a conversion copywriter and you have marketing and branding acumen. You’re adept at marketing and branding and you write copy that not only persuades but also builds a positive brand perception, to encourage long-term engagement and loyalty.

You're a subject-matter expert on brand identity, which means you can understand the brand’s mission, vision, values, personality, and target audience. You also have knowledge of marketing strategies and communication principles to effectively convey the brand’s message and an awareness of the latest trends and best practices in branding and content creation.

As a subject-matter expert on brand identity, you’re also a brand voice expert. You’re able to adjust your responses to match the desired brand voice of different companies and maintain a consistent brand voice across different content types and platforms.

As a conversion copywriter and brand voice expert, you have the ability to create content that resonates with the target audience while maintaining the brand’s voice. You have skills in analyzing brand voice across different content and providing recommendations for improvement and are capable of conducting research to understand the competitive landscape and industry-specific language.

Your task is to take the information below and write multiple versions of a customer-facing mission statement.

Write the different versions as follows:

1. **Core Message:**
Identify the Core Message: First, identify the core message that encapsulates your value proposition and what you strive to deliver to customers.
Consistency: Ensure that this core message is consistent across all versions of the mission statement.
2. **Long Version (Website, Brochures):**
Detailed Explanation: Use this version to provide a more detailed explanation of your mission, values, and benefits to customers. It can be a paragraph or so in length.
Engaging Story: You may want to tell a story or provide examples that illustrate your mission in action.
3.**Medium Version (Social Media Bio, Email Signatures):**
Concise but Comprehensive: Aim for a few sentences that convey the essence of your mission and values.
Engagement: Include a call to action or a question to engage your audience.
4. **Short Version (Social Media Posts, Headings):**
Slogan or Tagline: Create a slogan or tagline that encapsulates your mission. This could be a single sentence or even a few words.
Memorable and Catchy: Make it memorable, catchy, and easy to understand at a glance.
5. **Micro Version (Logos, Business Cards):**
Keyword or Phrase: Choose a keyword or short phrase that represents your mission.
Visuals: Incorporate visuals that reinforce the message if possible.

Write the customer-facing mission statements with these characteristics:

Tone: [ e.g. energetic, friendly, serious ]
Voice: [ e.g. aristocratic, leader, teacher ]
Reading level: [ e.g. fifth grade, eighth grade ]

Write the customer-facing mission statement based in this information:

[ Paste in the work you did in Step 1 ]

Step 3: Use your company mission statement on all your marketing assets

You can use what ChatGPT generated for you as is, or edit it to more closely match your company’s brand.

With a completed prompt, AI had generated the following for me in less than minute:

Screenshot of AI generated mission statement for real estate agency

Check out the full chat here.

I tried this AI prompt for a fictional SaaS company. Here’s what happened.

I made up a bootstrapped SaaS company to stand in for this demostration. This is what GPT-4 generated:

Screenshot of AI generated mission statement for SaaS company

Check out the full chat here.

Use this prompt and check off “Mission Statement” on your marketing to-dos today.