Do You Know How to Write Web Copy… That Will Double Your Conversion Rate? 

Do You Think It’s Even Possible to Write High-Converting Copy without Spending $1000s on Huge DVD Courses?


Let’s get this out of the way right now.

You do NOT need an expensive copywriting course to learn how to write effective copy (despite what all the people selling copywriting courses for $197 and up are suggesting).

And although you may be able to purchase an impressive-looking set of DVDs about copywriting for $300, you definitely don’t need to spend weeks in front of your TV learning the art of copywriting.

Unless, of course, that interests you.

No, if you’re searching for how to effectively write copy, you’re probably looking for ways to improve your Web site or email conversion rates.

So let’s start there.


It’s actually not a big mystery. But it FEELS like a well-kept secret.

Why? Because it’s something most marketers (and even writers) don’t know about.

Only a select few know this one thing: There are exactly 5 easy-to-grasp elements that work together to move your site’s visitors from browsers to buyers.

Those 5 elements comprise the recipe – if you will – of key ingredients that, when mixed in the correct proportions and baked at the right temperature, produce an amazing + tasty dish.

Now, what exactly is that dish?


Here’s an idea that should blow your mind: Once you know the ingredients and how important each one is to the conversion process, you can reliably move people to purchase whatever you’re selling.

And you can think of your copy as the set of measuring spoons and mixing bowls that enable you to create the dish.

Marketing Experiments has developed this recipe or “formula” to describe how conversion works.

And it’s the same formula you can use to increase your conversion rates by 10%, 50%… or more than 100%. No joke.

Once you understand the formula, you’ll have a significant edge over your competition. A ridiculous edge. The sort of edge only the highest paid conversion consultants have.

Ready for it?

Here, without further ado, is the secret recipe for converting more of your visitors:

C = 4m + 3v + 2(i-f) – 2a 

…What exactly is that? Great question.

Here is a breakdown of the key ingredients:

C = Probability of conversion
m = Motivation of user
v = Clarity of the value proposition
i = Incentive to take action
f = Friction elements of process
a = Anxiety about entering information

The 5 key components for boosting your conversion are, in fact, these seemingly neutral things:

  1. Motivation
  2. Value prop
  3. Incentives
  4. Friction
  5. Anxiety

Once you see how conversion can actually, truly be influenced with the above formula, you are on your way toward writing high-converting copy. And guess what! You’re going to learn exactly that right on this page.

Let me repeat the formula for you:

C = 4m + 3v + 2(i-f) – 2a

The numbers shown alongside each ingredient describe how important each one is to your site’s conversion rate.

In other words, motivation (m) is the most important ingredient, followed by your company’s value proposition (v).

The difference between any incentive you’re offering and the amount of friction you create for your site visitors (i – f) is slightly less important, as is the amount of anxiety (a) that people feel while exploring your site.

Now, you need to get a quick grasp on what the ingredients really mean. So you can apply them ASAP.

Ingredient 1: Write Copy That Reflects “Motivation”

Show Visitors How Relevant You Are to Their Needs!

Let’s start with motivation, since it carries the most weight in the formula.

Your site visitors arrive with varying degrees of motivation, and tapping into their motivation is simply a matter of connecting what you offer to the visitors’ needs or goals.

How about a real life example. What motivates you to go looking for new shoes? Is your existing pair worn out? Have you decided to take up a new sport? Do you have an important event to attend?

When you arrive at the shoe store, you are already motivated to find a solution to your problem.

But the type of shoe store you visit — department store, boutique, athletic, outdoors — depends on the type of shoes you’re looking for. And that’s known as relevance.

To deliver relevance on your site, your home page or landing page should describe exactly what you offer, so that people can tell whether they’re in the right place or not.

This is less about persuading people to stay, and more about explaining what product or service you provide.

You tap into people’s motivation by communicating your product’s relevance to their problem or situation.

Ingredient 2: Amazing Web Copy Showcases Your Value Prop

Do You Know How to Write a Value Proposition? Read On!

Unlike people’s motivation for visiting your site, your value proposition is actually something you control with your copy.

It’s where you should plan to spend some time, as your value proposition permeates throughout your Web site and marketing materials.

Getting this right will have a huge influence on your site’s conversion rate!

Back to the shoe store analogy. Let’s imagine that you’ve decided to take up the sport of racquetball, and that you need a pair of athletic shoes suitable for the indoor court. There’s your motivation.

So… which athletic shoe store do you visit first?

As you explore the various athletic store options online or in the phone book, there are things you’ll use to determine where to go.

Where is the store located?
What is their selection like?
How late are they open?
How knowledgeable are the sales staff and how much help can you expect when you arrive?
And how are the prices?

All these things feed into a company’s value proposition and help you decide where to start shopping.

Applying this approach to your Web site means crafting a value message that shows people that they’re in the absolute best place to find whatever they’re looking for.

And I’ll soon show you a set of tools to help you quickly and easily craft that all-important message.

Ingredient 3: When You Write Web Copy, Highlight INCENTIVES

You Don’t NEED Incentives – But If You’ve Got ‘Em, Flaunt ‘Em!

You likely already know plenty about incentives (e.g., discounts, special offers, etc.) and how they influence people to buy, so we won’t go into much detail about them here.

But the final two conversion formula elements – friction and anxiety – can’t be overlooked.

Ingredient 4: Reduce Friction to Boost Conversion

Why Are You Letting Your Copy Get in the Way of Selling? It Should Help!

Back to that fictitious shoe store… you’ve decided to look for running shoes at a nearby racquet sports store, because they specialize in everything related your new sport, they have awesome hours of business, and they talk a lot about personal service and attention to detail.

(Motivation and value proposition are working their magic.)

So you decide to drive to the store after work one day.

Now imagine this ugly scenario:

It’s raining and parking spots are at a premium. You reach to open the door to the store and it’s extremely heavy and stiff. Upon entering the store, you wander over to the wall of great-looking shoes, but you notice there are no prices displayed, and the shoe sizes are nowhere to be found. And after 45 minutes of trial and error, you finally select a suitable pair of court shoes, only to learn that the debit and credit machine is down.

Now that’s friction.

The scenario above may seem like a stretch, but this stuff happens all the time – especially on the Web.

And as Web marketers, so much of it is within our control.

Effective site design and copy can work wonders to reduce friction for your visitors, but you need to know what to look for and how to eliminate it.

We’re getting close…

Ingredient 5: Relax Your Anxious Visitors

Why Aren’t Your Buttons Getting Clicked? Could It Be Anxiety?

The final element of the conversion formula is anxiety.

And like motivation, it’s something visitors arrive at your site with already firmly in place.

Now imagine that the horrific in-store experience I described earlier was actually very pleasant, devoid of any friction, and that you thoroughly enjoyed the store and the staff.

Sounds delightful, but it doesn’t mean you won’t have any anxiety about your purchase.

  • What if the shoe doesn’t hold up in your first racquetball game?
  • Will the return process be painful?
  • Can you get a refund or just an in-store credit?
  • Heck, will the store still be in business if you need something down the road?

There are so many sources of anxiety in real life and on the Web.

In the online world, your copy can have a huge positive impact on the anxiety of your site visitors.

It’s just a matter of anticipating the key stressors and writing copy to make them disappear.

…Did You Know Any of This Before Arriving Here Today?

Imagine If You Held ALL the Copywriting Secrets in Your Hands!

Now you understand that motivation, value proposition, incentives, friction, and anxiety all play an important role in your site’s conversion rate.

Next, you’ll need a system for pulling these elements together in a way that makes sense to your site visitors.

The system is in Copy Hackers, a brand new, easy-to-read, science-based series of ebooks that was developed with the Marketing Experiments’s conversion formula at its core.

The 4-book series is targeted at start-ups and entrepreneurs, but it’s equally relevant to established online businesses.

Why did we focus on start-ups? Because they need to convert every visitor possible in order to get traction (and funding).

But even if you’re not a start-up, these books will help your business because they get you thinking about converting every visitor to a sale.

Written by professional copywriter and conversion expert Joanna Wiebe, Copy Hackers includes worksheets that will spark your thinking and get you started immediately on the path to higher conversion.

Here’s a look at what’s included in each of the ebooks (all available as PDF):

BOOK 1: Where Stellar Messages Come From – INCLUDED!

  • Great Copy Follows a (Simple) Messaging Strategy
  • Get to Know Your Customer Before You Write a Word
  • Write Copy for 20 to 35% of Your Visitors – Not 100% of Them
  • How to Find & Document Your Features & Benefits
  • Should You Write Copy in the Positive or the Negative?
  • Create Smart Messages with Keyword Research & Content Audits
  • Always Have a (Simple) Messaging Hierarchy in Mind
  • 8 Messaging Tips Too Small for Whole Chapters


BOOK 2: Formatting & the Essentials of Web Writing – INCLUDED!

  • Format Your Copy to Be Scanned
  • The Essentials of Formatting Copy
  • The Great Big List of Little (But Critical) Web Writing Details
  • Avoid These 17 Copywriting Pitfalls
  • Debunking the Most Deleterious & Crippling Web Writing Myths

BOOK 3: Headlines, Subheads & Value Propositions – INCLUDED!

  • Spend 90% of Your Copywriting Time on the Headline
  • The 7 Secrets of Attention-Grabbing Headlines
  • 9 Formulas You Can Use to Write Headlines Today
  • Subheads: The Mini-Headline
  • Quick Power Tips for Headings and Subheadings
  • The Value Proposition
  • BONUS! Headline Hall of Shame

BOOK 4: Buttons & Click-Worthy Calls to Action – INCLUDED!

  • Create Crystal Clear, Butt-Kicking Calls to Action
  • Swipe This Copy for Your Own Buttons
  • To Get Buttons Clicked, You Need to Stomp Down Objections First
  • Before They Click, Reduce Their Anxiety and Increase Their Love for Your Company
  • The Undiscussed, Much-Coveted Secret: Click Triggers
  • How to Get People to Fill In Your Sign-Up Fields and Watch Your Demos

Learn… and Then Act. With End-of-Chapter “Next Steps”.

Ever notice how you read a great DIY book… and then totally fail to act on it?

People do this all the time. It’s normal – but it’s not helpful.

That’s why almost every chapter in every Copy Hackers ebook ends with a “next steps” section that tells you exactly how to implement what you’ve learned.

So you can put what you’ve learned into practice!

At no more than 55 pages per ebook, Copy Hackers teaches specific topics (with tons of illustrations and examples!) that you can apply as your time allows. Plus, because these ebooks are PDFs, you can read them on your PC or iPad!

And while most copywriting courses that only touch on writing for the web cost $147 to $300, each Copy Hackers ebook retails for less than $15!

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