Long copy vs short copyLong-form sales pages are ugly.

At least, that’s their reputation.

Even though long-form sales pages consistently outperform shorter pages – for a broad range of brands, products, services and events – most marketers don’t want to consider long-form because, well, it’s ugly.

But it doesn’t have to be.

And you don’t have to give up the chance to increase your conversions with long-style copy simply because the look of those old-school sales pages makes you cringe and your designer quit.

If you’re willing to open your mind to the idea of 1) letting people scroll and 2) writing copy that reads like a narrative / story, allow me to introduce you to your new non-fugly BFF: hybrid sales pages…

Now, I could TELL you alllllllll about hybrid sales pages. In fact, I started to write a post that did just that…

But I’ve got a whole course on essentially that. So I opted for something slightly more visual. Something you can print and use as a checklist. Something you can post to your blog. Hey, something you can share ’round. And that something is a brand new “instructo-graphic”… a.k.a. a poster:

How to Create Hybrid Sales Pages: An Instructo-Graphic

Preview of the Copy Hackers "hybrid sales pages" poster...

Keep scrolling to get the full Copy Hackers “hybrid sales pages” poster…

Here are 3 things you should do with the instructo-graphic you’re about to see:

1. Print It & Keep It on Your Desk
Because when you’re ready to create a hybrid sales page, you’ll wanna know what long copy elements to keep – and what to scrap.

2. Tweet It Out – click here for the tweetable
Infographics get – on average – 832% more retweets than tweets with just an image or an article. So give your followers something to retweet!

3. Email It to a Conversion-Focused Colleague
Do you know a designer who’s a new CRO addict? Are you a copywriter with a client who’s adamantly fixated on short copy? Email this to them!

Copy Hackers Poster - Long Copy Page Checklist

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And when you’re ready to take a crack at a hybrid or long-form sales page, you’re ready to check out this course in Copyhackers’s school