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Thank you pages are still one of the lowest hanging fruit opportunities you might NOT be taking advantage of.

Your buyers or subscribers’ intent is sky high… and they might be dying to give you more, but you just leave it at a quick “Thank you”.

How about asking them to share more about them?

How about having them spread your awesomeness on social media?

How about getting them to book a call with you pronto (instead of waiting for your webinar to start)?

And how about making them feel even more amazing by giving them more of what they just got?

You can still do it all, and it just takes 10 minutes with AI.

Here’s what to do: Prompt AI to to write your Thank You page for you.

This is what ChatGPT created for me when I used the AI copywriting prompts I’m about to teach you:

Thank you page result from chatgpt

Here’s how to use ChatGPT 4 to get similar results for your business or client.

Step 1: Write down the details for your Thank you page

Before asking ChatGPT to write our page, we need to get clear on exactly what we want from it.

This means knowing who our audience is, what they expect, and what our marketing and business goals are. Plus a few more.

Here’s a quick list for you to fill out:

  • Audience details: Describe the target audience’s characteristics, needs, and interests.
  • Offer Information: Provide details about the offer that leads to the thank you page (e.g., webinar, eBook, free trial).
  • Primary objectives for the Thank You Page: Specify the main goals of the thank you page (e.g., lead generation, customer retention, brand awareness).
  • Audience expectations post-conversion: Outline what the audience expects to receive or experience after their conversion (e.g., valuable content, confirmation of action, further engagement opportunities).

For the specific scenarios within the thank you page:

  • If you’re collecting data or segmenting a list: Details about the information to be collected through a survey or form (e.g., job position, contact preferences).
  • If you’re confirming registration: Instructions or resources needed for confirming a registration or sign-up (e.g., webinar, newsletter).
  • If you’re providing a download: Information on the downloadable content offered (e.g., link to the material, description of the content).

Optional, but recommended:

  • Social media engagement: Guidelines on how to encourage social media interaction (e.g., which platforms to focus on, what kind of engagement is sought).
  • Use of visuals: Directions on the type of visuals to include (e.g., images, videos, infographics) and their intended impact.
  • Incentives for recommendations: Details about any incentives offered for recommendations or shares on social media.
  • Customer reviews/testimonials: Information on where to find relevant customer reviews or testimonials and how to incorporate them.
  • Further reading: Suggestions for further reading or additional resources to direct users to.
  • Additional Promotions or Deals: Information on any additional promotions or deals to highlight.

With all of this handy, let’s move on to the actual writing.

Step 2: Prompt ChatGPT to write your Thank you page

First, customize the following prompt with the information you’ve just written down in Step 1. Here’s a screenshot of what that looked like for me:

Prompting chatgpt to write a thank you page

Note: in the following prompt I’ve included ALL the alternatives (collecting data, confirming registration, download assistance) but you should customize it to your Thank you page’s purpose.

Copy paste this prompt:

Create a detailed thank you page that serves the dual purpose of expressing gratitude and further engaging the audience post-conversion. Before creating a thank you page, we need to gather some essential information to ensure the content aligns with our strategic objectives and meets our audience's expectations. 

Here’s more information:

- The audience is [audience details]
- The offer that leads to the Thank you page is [offer information]
- The primary objectives for this thank you page are [ (e.g., lead generation, customer retention, brand awareness]
- After conversion, the audience expects to [receive or experience] [e.g., valuable content, confirmation of action, further engagement opportunities]

With this information, proceed to create a thank you page that matches our marketing and business objectives with our audience's expectations. Tailor the content based on the purpose of the page, incorporating elements for each scenario as applicable:

For Collecting Data or Segmenting List:

Incorporate a brief, friendly survey asking respondents for additional information such as their job position, preferred contact time, recent content engagement, current challenges, contact details for follow-up, reasons for signing up, and their perceptions of how our service/product solves their problem.

For Confirming Registration:

If the page is for newsletter sign-up with double opt-in, include clear instructions, possibly with screenshots or a short video, on how to confirm subscription.
For webinar sign-ups, provide direct links to add the event to their calendar for convenience.

For Download Assistance:

Place a prominent, easy-to-find download link for any opt-in offers, ensuring users can easily access the materials they signed up for..
Generic Elements to Include Regardless of Purpose:
Encourage social media engagement by providing share links and asking for follows or subscriptions.

- Use engaging visuals to build excitement about what’s next, helping users visualize the benefit of their decision.
- Offer incentives for recommending our service/product to others or sharing their experience on social media.
- Feature previous customer reviews and testimonials to reinforce the “choice supportive” bias and affirm the user's decision.
- Direct users to further reading by linking to articles on topics of known interest to them.
- Highlight any additional promotions or deals currently available.

Important Note: Maintain a singular focus for the thank you page, clearly directing content towards achieving the primary goal post-conversion. The page should be engaging, concise, and effectively guide the user towards the desired action or understanding.

In just a couple of seconds, ChatGPT will provide you with a solid draft for your Thank you page. No need to remember how to maximize your opportunities, and no hustle getting 80% of the way to your final copy.

Thank you page result from chatgpt final

Here’s the full chat.

I tried this AI prompt for a completely different industry and product. Here’s what happened.

I wanted to see how this prompt performed with a different business type, product and market. While also changing the purpose of the Thank you page from confirming webinar attendance, to actually onboard on the product.

For the offer I’ve thought of “Free access to a series of introductory meditation sessions”.

Here’s what part of the prompt looked like:

Prompting chatgpt to write another thank you page

And here’s what ChatGPT wrote in a couple of seconds:

Another Thank you page result from chatgpt

Take a look at the full chat here.

With your draft thank you page done, it’s time to optimize it like only a human can do. Learn how here.