• Forget the blank-page cold sweat, and get unlimited (actually good) value prop ideas
  • For startups, copywriters, founders, marketers and product marketing managers
  • Takes no more than 10 minutes

Dreading the blank page is normal.

It’s especially normal when you can’t be creative on-demand… or you don’t have all your customer research neatly prepped before starting your work.

But your next campaign is looming. And you HAVE to get those value propositions out the door and in front of your audience YESTERDAY.

You google “value proposition formulas,” robotically take whatever product info you have and voilà…

Except it always ends up like force-squeezing your suitcase into an overhead compartment.

Fitting your value prop into a formula

There’s a better way…

Here’s what to do: Prompt AI to write an unlimited number of value proposition headlines and subheads for you. This is what ChatGPT created for me when I used the AI copywriting prompts I’m about to teach you:

ChatGPT result for value propositions

Here’s how to use ChatGPT 4 to get similar results for your business or client.

Step 1: Tell ChatGPT its role and series of tasks

The best way to get good, reliable results from ChatGPT is to give it guardrails and constraints. For starters, we’re going to have it wear the shoes of a copywriter with our usual prompt.

Copy-paste the following prompt into ChatGPT:

Prompting chatgpt to wear the shoes of a copywriter

Copy paste this prompt:

You are a conversion copywriter, expert in decision making, persuasion, psychology, behavioral economics, marketing, sales, UX design, customer experience, branding, and conversion rate optimization. Pretend that you are also highly empathetic and understand how people think and what makes them tick. You can easily and expertly detect human behavior, thoughts, and needs based on language.

Step 2: Share any frameworks or examples with AI

Next, we’ll provide examples and frameworks that ChatGPT can use as guidelines. Then, in the same prompt, we’ll tell GPT exactly what to do and in what sequence.

Use the following prompt:

Asking chatgpt for 50 value propositions

Copy paste this prompt:

I’d like you to write 50 value proposition headlines, each with its own subhead. First, here’s more info on what I mean when I talk about value proposition, pay attention, it’s important:

First, your value proposition is not:
A description of your product or service
A list of features
A list of benefits
A mission statement
A tag line
A slogan
An ‘about us‘ section

A great value proposition is:

Here’s 3 value proposition formulas you can use, but don’t limit yourself to these:

The “like” value prop formula: Like X for Y, where X is a known thing and Y is your new audience.
The “who-specific” value prop formula: The only/best/easy X for Y, where X is your offer and Y is your target audience.
The “value-specific” value prop formula: My product is the one that ………..

Now that you know what I mean by value proposition, here’s next steps:

#1 I’m going to share with you the product details, once I share them, please just acknowledge with “Got it”.
#2 You will write 50 value proposition headlines each with its own subhead, based on the criteria above
#3 I’m going to share with you a few customer reviews (voice of customer data)
#4 You will re-write the 50 value propositions using the customer reviews I shared in step #3 to infuse them with details and inject specific, vivid words from the reviews. Use the following format [Improved headline] [Improved subhead] [Exact quote used to improve and enrich the value proposition].

This structure will help ChatGPT mover step by step through the process.

Step 3: Share your product or service information

Now, we’ll have to provide GPT with product information to use for our value props. Notice that we still have to tell it what it should write about.

To test this, I wanted to use very little information and I didn’t want it to be web copy. You should be able to run this prompt with any sort of product information — even if you’re not a copywriter. So I headed over to LinkedIn and grabbed text from an About section. I chose Calendly’s LinkedIn company page for this.

Feeding chatgpt with information about product and company

Just find any information you have about what you do, who you do it for and how. And then copy paste it into ChatGPT. As expected, the AI will return some pretty generic value props. But better than nothing already!

First rough value propositions from chatgpt

Step 3: Share your VOC

Next, it’s time to spice it up with real voice-of-customer (VOC) language. This is how you turn run of the mill value props into gold.

Find any piece of social proof, testimonials, reviews or case studies you can get your hands on and copy paste them into ChatGPT. In my example I went to G2 and collected a couple of customer reviews (5-star only) for Calendly.

Feeding chatgpt with reviews from customers

In a few seconds ChatGPT will share your fabulous, VOC-rich value propositions.

ChatGPT result for value propositions final

Notice we’ve also asked ChatGPT to include the exact quotes it used to optimize each value prop. This allows you to refer back to real customer language and, in case you need it, improve the copy even more with your human intuition. And as a side bonus, you also have great contextual social proof ready to be placed right next to your value prop copy on your website.

Here’s the full chat.

I tried this AI prompt for an ecommerce product. Here’s what happened.

I wanted to see what the result would be when applying this prompt to an ecommerce website and for a physical product, where reviews can be even more vivid and descriptive. So I’ve picked LMNT electrolytes.

After sharing the same prompts and taking basic information about the company and product from their About page, plus injecting a couple of reviews, here’s the final result:

Alternative final result for ecommerce value propositions
Alternative final result for ecommerce value propositions cont.

Here’s the full chat.

You have no excuses anymore. Use this as a way to brainstorm ideas and attack that blank page. Write and optimize your value proposition today.