Before I started Copyhackers:

Everyone was like, "How are you gonna make a living as a writer?"

I was tying on my apron at the back of the restaurant, getting ready to start my shift. The restaurant owner, pretending to take an interest, asked me what I was taking in school.  

I told him I was an English major. 

He smirked and said, “Not the most lucrative choice.”

That was in 2001. Five years later, I was making $80K as a copywriter at a tech company. And five years after that, I was a six-figure freelance copywriter. Today, I run a $3.5M / yr business called Copyhackers. 

And that restaurant went bankrupt long ago. 

What he didn't know - and what nobody knew then - was that digital media was going to take over the world. And writing would be at the heart of it.

I’m Joanna Wiebe, and there’s nothing special about me. Unless you ask my dog Hunnybear – she’s kinduv obsessed. (The feeling is mutual.)

I’ve always liked writing. And early in my career I learned that writers do not have to be starving artists. So I wrote a book to help you dip your toes in these money-making waters. I also write a blog to teach you everything I know. 

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