• If you’re not sure how to write a value proposition, a value proposition formula may be helpful.
  • Copywriting formulas are a great way to eliminate the stress and anxiety of the blank page.
  • The value-specific value proposition formula has been tested and proven an effective way to write a value prop.

What is a value proposition?

A value proposition is a single statement that highlights what is unique and highly desirable about your offer.

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Whether your offer is a webinar, a product, a newsletter, a product feature, or just your brand in general, it should have a value proposition.

Writing value propositions: the rule of one

When it comes to value props, the rule of one is important.

Your value prop is written for the one offer you’re trying to sell to one specific reader.

It should answer key questions like,

  • Who is this for?
  • What does it do?
  • Is there anything the competition can’t or won’t say that you can capitalize on?

Beyond these key questions, how does one go about writing captivating value propositions that show the value of an offer?

With copywriting formulas, of course.

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And one of our favorites is the value-specific value proposition.

The value-specific value proposition formula

The value-specific value proposition formula answers a key question — What value are you providing?

It tells your prospect the specific benefit they will get when they buy your product or service.

An easy way to think about the answer is to frame it in this way:

My product is the one that ___________.

You should fill in the blank with the specific value your offer provides.

Value proposition examples

What’s a copywriting article without some examples?

Here are four examples of brands that use the value-specific formula to write their value propositions.

Reclaim: Clear and specific benefit with actual stats

Scheduling software Reclaim has a clear and effective value prop on their home page.

Reclaim creates the perfect schedule for your priorities, saving you up to 40% of your workweek.

The use of actual numbers is genius. Saving time is a clear benefit that resonates with Reclaim’s target audience.

The H1 — “Smarter scheduling for busy teams” — makes it clear who Reclaim is for.

Reclaim - home page with value proposition

Day Designer: Bold promise with a clear benefit

Planner and stationery e-commerce brand Day Designer squeezes their value prop below the fold. (This practice is not uncommon for e-commerce brands.)

The H2 text makes a bold promise — “Life, Well Designed” — while the body copy tells us what Day Designer makes and why we should care.

“Day Designer creates beautifully functional planners that enable you to overcome overwhelm and live a more organized, productive and stylish life.”

Day Designer makes gorgeous planners, and their value prop is a solid start. But I would love to see something more concise that speaks to their target audience.

It’s not very clear who they make these planners for; this may be intentional to attract a larger audience.

But going back to the rule of one, I think they miss out on an opportunity here.

Day Designer home page with value proposition

Ari Hale: Clear and specific with a bold promise

Coach to online service providers Ari Hale has a clear value-specific value prop above the fold on her website.

“I help freelancers & consultants like you hit consistent $10k+ months without the burnout or overwhelm.”

In one sentence, she tells website visitors who she serves, how she helps them and the value they get from working with her.

Below the fold, she goes even further and expands on the value she provides.

“Freedom. Flexibility. And a steady stream of clients.”

It’s a bold promise, but she backs it up with social proof. And that boldness makes her stand out.

Ari Hale - home page with value proposition

Wave: Specificity and differentiation

Like Reclaim, invoicing software Wave uses the traditional approach with an H1 and H2.

The H1 promises value — “Manage your money like a boss.”

Meanwhile, the H2 text tells us what Wave is and who it’s for. It also explains the value of the solution.

“Wave is one-stop money management for small business owners.”

With many invoicing solutions on the market, Wave distinguishes itself from the competition by focusing exclusively on small business owners.

Wave app - home page with value proposition

Where to find data to inspire your value proposition

Conversion copywriting begins with research. And your value proposition is no different.

The best place to find data for your value proposition is from your customers.

Whether you use interviews with closed or open-ended questions, review mining, or another research technique, the insight you gather from customers will be very useful.

In the Tutorial Tuesdays video below, Joanna Wiebe of Copyhackers shares How to Use Voice of Customer in Your Brand.

Your turn to use the value-specific value proposition formula

Copyhackers eBook 2 — Headlines, Subheads, and Value Propositions — is an excellent resource to learn more about value props and how to write your own.

You can download it here. (Click to download the free eBook automatically).

You can also join the Conversion Copywriting 101 course (free). Module 2 — How to Write Messages that Stick — covers value propositions.