• Write emails for money because email marketing can deliver massive ROI
  • If you’re new to writing emails, focus on writing and rewriting great email copy to improve your skills
  • Building your own email list is one of the best ways to get practice and develop relationships with your audience
  • Getting copy reviews is also an excellent way to get better at writing emails

When it comes to writing emails for money, there are techniques you already use when writing to friends or colleagues that should also be used when you write email copy.

Writing conversationally, like writing to a friend, is advice nearly every copywriter gives.

Email copy that feels like a conversation between two people builds a connection.

Being clear and to the point, like you’re writing to a colleague, builds on the Rule of One

(One reader, one big idea and one offer – per email).

The main difference is that emails written for businesses are designed to sell something.

Whether you’re selling a product or selling people the idea of working with you – the whole goal of that email is to get your reader to say yes to what you’re offering them.

And that is why you can write emails for money.

Because email can make your clients money.

How you can write emails for money

With an average return on investment (ROI) of 4200% ($42 profit for every $1 spent), email marketing is a worthwhile strategy for businesses.

In fact, according to Litmus, 4 out of 5 marketers would rather give up social media than email.

Rick Astley dancing. Text reads: Never gonna give you up

This means that businesses will pay for emails that increase their conversions and engage their audience.

So writing emails can be an excellent service to offer in your copywriting business.

And email conversion strategist Samar Owais says that writing emails is a great way to continue projects with clients you love.

“The one thing I love about email is that it’s never just one project. A business always needs more emails.

Did an onboarding project for a SaaS company? Bet you have ideas for a retention-focued email project to retain the users they just onboarded.

Created a post-purchase flow for an eCommerce brand? There are 4 types of cart abandonment flows you can suggest next time that’ll make the brand money as soon as they go live.

Done with their life cycle emails? You’ve got promotional campaigns and weekly newsletters to talk about next… the work is never-ending.

The opportunities for repeat work are boundless.”

So how can you turn this powerhouse marketing strategy into a revenue stream for yourself?

Let’s look at some ways to get started writing emails for money when you’re new to copywriting and don’t have the income yet to make huge investments (like joining a mastermind or intensive class).

Follow copywriters who already write emails for money

The first step to becoming better at writing emails – find people already writing amazing emails. See what they’re doing.

  • Join their email list
  • Read their emails and rewrite them
  • Deconstruct their emails and look at the techniques they use

There are a ton of great newsletters that fellow copywriters love. These often have business tips, writing advice, and personal stories we, as copywriters, can relate to.

One of my favorite newsletters comes from Ash Ambirge – she sends an email every Friday that includes a video of her giving feedback on what a business is doing well and what they could do even better.

They’re bite-sized business lessons straight to your inbox.

Ash Ambirge writes emails for money by creating newsletters for her subscribers that promote her products.

Work on building your list

If you really want to write emails for money but need to master the craft,

Make building your own email list a priority.

To master email copywriting and to start making money from your emails, you need to build your own email list.

Conversion copywriter Jessica Noel says that not only will building your list give you an audience to potentially sell to in the future, but it gives you a way to practice writing emails on a regular basis.

There are so many things you can learn just by growing your own email list and regularly talking to the people that are opening your emails.

When you build your own email list you’re having real conversations with real people who are eventually going to start knowing you, liking you and trusting you.

Plus you’re refining your email copywriting skills. Learning more about strategy. And how to put the reader first.

Focus on building an audience. Bring value with every email send.

You’ll be a much better email copywriter and you’ll build an audience that you can eventually sell to.”

Consistency is key. Even when it’s tough

Email marketing expert Tarzan Kay agrees that building a relationship with your subscribers and showing up consistently is a major way you can make money via email.

She also has some advice for when you get your first negative reply from a subscriber.

Consistency means sticking to the mission and the message even when some subscribers don’t like it.

Like the person who showed up in my inbox today saying, ‘I get that you want to tell your story, speak your truth, feel your feels. But trust me when I say… there are a lot of people who don’t care’.

Emails like that are going to make you want to quit and never write an email again.

But for every subscriber who backs away from you, there will be five more who step in closer and want to hear more.

Write for those people because those people are your buyers.”

When it comes time for you to send out your very first email to your list, use the advice from Copyhackers and nail that first impression with an epic welcome sequence.

It’ll give you that extra boost of confidence when you hit send.

Take courses about email copywriting

This may seem obvious, but many new copywriters will rely on their natural writing talent to start writing emails for money.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to have good writing abilities to be a copywriter, but it’s also important to learn the formulas and techniques that help create effective copy.

Taking a course that teaches you specifically about writing emails, like 10x Emails, will give you the skills to ensure you don’t have to guess when writing your copy.

This is also where deconstructing great copy will come in handy – you’ll be able to see the formulas you’re learning in action.

Take this Tutorial Tuesday, for example. Joanna Wiebe walks through an effective lead-nurturing email template.

She shows you what they did, why they did it that way, and how you can recreate this email to suit your own needs.

Practice your craft

The best copywriters are always practicing.

They’re consistently looking for ways to improve their skills.

When you’re getting started and you want to write emails for money, try these activities:

  • Write every day
  • Rewrite great email copy
  • Implement a new lesson immediately (which is why 10x Emails has so many templates – you can practice your new skill instantly!)
  • Write multiple drafts of your copy (and take a break between drafts – this lets you come in with fresh eyes)
  • Practice writing multiple subject lines and preview text (these really do help with your open rates)

Email marketing strategist Anna Sarayna says that writing emails for money is more than just knowing how to write them – you need to know how to get people to open them too.

“Get really good at writing subject lines by writing many of them.

When I was training a team of newbie copywriters, I insisted that they write at least 10 subject lines for each email.

(If you have the time, I recommend you write more.) They were initially annoyed, but came to see the value in the process.

Your first subject line will never be as good as you think it is. By writing multiple subject lines for each email, you evenutally stumble on a few gems.”

Get feedback on your emails

In the freelance world, getting feedback is tricky because you mainly work solo.

Email conversion strategist Eman Ismail says that finding a group of copywriter friends – and submitting her copy to Joanna Wiebe and Amy Posner – gave her a huge step up when she was learning how to write emails.

“One of the biggest pieces of advice I have, specifically for copywriters who are new to the game, is to start getting your emails reviewed by other copywriters.

Create a small group with fellow copywriters solely for getting feedback on your work. Establish a feedback loop – you’re getting copy reviewed and in turn, you’re reviewing their copy.

It’s as much a learning opportunity for you to be reading and reviewing other people’s emails as it is getting your own emails reviewed.

It’s also a really great way for you to gauge where your skill level is.

Yes, getting feedback is painful sometimes, but it makes you so much better so much faster.”

It’s essential to have a trusted group of other copywriters to show your work to.

You learn how different people interpret your emails and how to use persuasive techniques to support your copy – all through copy reviews.

Don’t stop learning how to write emails

The best copywriters never stop trying to improve their skills.

Keep writing and practicing.

Take the plunge and get a copy review.

Stay up to date with what’s happening in email marketing.

And for more email copywriting resources, check out the complete guide to writing emails and watch the email tutorials.