Conversion XL (CXL) is a great online resource for marketers. In this article, we share our picks for the top 5 copywriting articles on the CXL blog.

In a sea of sameness on the internet, finding great content is like searching for that second sock in a mountain of laundry.

You know it’s there, but somehow slogging through to get to it feels hopeless.

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What is Conversion XL?

When it comes to great copywriting resources online, there are few websites that provide real value.

Copyhackers is the go-to website for startups and marketers who want to learn conversion copywriting. But we’re not the only copywriting resource.

And since our goal is to help you get better at copywriting, we’re sharing another useful online resource.

Conversion XL is where many marketers go to learn online.

The CXL team prides itself on publishing well-researched and highly actionable content that provides value.

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To prepare for this post, I took the time to read through all the copywriting articles on the Conversion XL blog.

It took some time, but I was able to narrow that list down to the top five articles that will help you improve your copywriting skills.

Whether you’re a content writer or a copywriter, you’ll find at least one gem on this list to help you become a better copywriter.

Conversion XL copywriting articles: Our top 5

1. Copywriting based on the science of persuasion

In Copywriting based on the science of persuasion, CXL founder Peep Laja looks at some of the most prominent books and research on copywriting.

blog header image - Copywriting based on the science of persuasion

Peep explores Robert Cialdini‘s principles of persuasion and Robert Gifford‘s five elements of an effective message.

There’s even a section on research by Kellogg professors Angela Lee and Brian Sternthal that provides insight into the art of persuasion.

…first you have to figure out the emotional vibe of your prospect – or figure out what kind of motivations you’re targeting with your product.

If you get it right and the level of abstraction fits the goal, people understand messages better and are more easily persuaded.

Peep Laja – Copywriting based on the science of persuasion

Laja also looks at how neuromarketing research can shape the way we persuade buyers.

Why it made the cut:

There’s a lot of advice about copywriting on the internet, but what makes this article so great is that it’s based on credible research.

Laja explains the why behind a lot of the copywriting principles we take for granted.

And understanding the why can improve how we apply these principles.

Read the article here.

2. 16 Copywriting Mistakes You’re Probably Making (and How to Fix Them)

16 Copywriting Mistakes You’re Probably Making (and How to Fix Them) delivers in spades.

CXL blog header image - 16 Copywriting Mistakes You’re Probably Making (and How to Fix Them)

Marketer Shanelle Mullin starts by explaining what copywriting is.

Then she proceeds to discuss 16 common copywriting mistakes — and she has direct quotes from industry pros to support them.

But Mullin doesn’t just leave us to suffer with the knowledge of our errors. She also provides solutions for each copywriting mistake.

And as a bonus, the article includes multiple screenshots showing brands that get it right.

While copywriting may seem like a simple concept, it’s truly an in-depth process. 

Whether you’re investing in yourself and taking the time to master the science behind it or looking to hire someone to do it for you, it’s not an inexpensive process.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is.

Shanelle Mullin – 16 Copywriting Mistakes You’re Probably Making (and How to Fix Them)

Why it made the cut:

This article doesn’t just leave us with a list of 16 copywriting mistakes. A recommended fix follows each mistake.

I also love that there’s a lot of insight and direct quotes from experienced copywriters.

This makes the article a solid resource that you can bookmark and revisit.

Read the article here.

3. How Do You Know If Your Copy Is Any Good? (My 5 Step Process For Copy Testing)

The best copywriters always test their copy and look for ways to optimize.

blog header image - How Do You Know If Your Copy Is Any Good?

How Do You Know If Your Copy Is Any Good? (My 5 Step Process For Copy Testing) by Tommy Walker is a solid resource if you’re wondering how to test your copy.

It’s not a list of hacks or quick tips.

Instead, the post provides specific steps and tool/resource recommendations for each step.

Use this review process to hit your prospect in the gut, nag them while they sleep, or experience moments of pure joy when entering their credit card number, because they already know the dramatic improvement you’re bringing to their lives.

Tommy Walker – How Do You Know If Your Copy Is Any Good? (My 5 Step Process For Copy Testing)

Walker’s 5-step process includes strategies like qualitative data gathering with a tool like Wynter, scroll testing, and getting your copy peer-reviewed.

Why it made the cut:

Here at Copyhackers, we love actionable insight. And this article is full of actionable insight.

Walker provides actionable steps and tool recommendations. Plus, he links to data and research that supports the information he shares.

Read the article here.

4. Sales Copy: 7 Never-Fail Principles

The number one goal of conversion copywriting is to sell. So as conversion copywriters, sales copy is a big part of what we write.

CXL blog header image - Sales Copy: 7 Never-Fail Principles

Sales Copy: 7 Never-Fail Principles is one of the shortest on the site, but it still provides value.

It’s a cheat sheet with seven useful sales copy principles written by CXL founder Peep Laja.

The list includes principles like ‘Know who you’re talking to,’ ‘Write a compelling headline,’ and ‘Don’t make them think.’

Thinking is hard. Most people don’t want to do it.

They look at your copy and want to understand what you’re offering. If it’s not obvious in the first few seconds, they’ll move on.

Peep Laja – Sales Copy: 7 Never-Fail Principles

The article includes multiple links to more in-depth articles if you want to dive deeper into the topic.

Why it made the cut:

Sometimes you just need a list of useful tips you can quickly reference when writing, and this post provides that.

Read the article here.

5. 6 Neurolinguistics and NLP Principles To Power Up Your Copy

If you use copywriting to sell stuff, you likely use formulas that take advantage of neurolinguistics or NLP principles.

CXL blog header image - 6 Neurolinguistics and NLP Principles To Power Up Your Copy

In 6 Neurolinguistics and NLP Principles To Power Up Your Copy, content marketer Hassan Ud-deen covers six neurolinguistics principles that can make your copy better.

Ud-deen starts by explaining neurolinguistics and NLP before diving into the six principles.

He covers principles including “disruptive reframing to increase perceived value” and “rhythm and alliteration.”

Ud-deen mentions one study that found rhyme influences whether or not university students believed a statement to be true or false.

…The rhyme as reason effect [is] closely linked to cognitive fluency, which states the easier something is to understand or do, the more profitable, pleasurable, and safer it is perceived to be.

Hassan Ud-deen – 6 Neurolinguistics and NLP Principles To Power Up Your Copy

Why it made the cut:

NLP and neurolinguistics principles can be powerful, persuasive tools for enhancing conversions.

Ud-deen provides links to a lot of research that supports each principle while also providing examples of each principle at work.

Read the article here.

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