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Home pages are wild beasts.

Writing one can feel like a mix of excitement because “omg, so much I can write about!” and a mix of soul-crushing overwhelm… because “omg, soooo much to write about!”

While your SaaS home page copy doesn’t necessarily need to convert visitors into leads or customers right off the bat, it still has a lot of work to do.

Here’s just a few of the goals it should accomplish:

  • Grab attention
  • Clarify the offer
  • Establish credibility
  • Differentiate from competitors
  • Guide the user journey
  • Educate prospects
  • Address objections
  • Reinforce branding
  • Support SEO strategies
  • Facilitate navigation
  • Showcase social proof
  • Communicate value proposition
  • Spark curiosity

And more!

Desperation before writing a saas homepage

I feel you.

Yet, your home page is so important. You can’t just randomly throw a couple of words out there and hope people will “get it.”

Think of it like an investment. The more work you put in upfront and the more carefully you think about your strategy, the higher your compounding returns will be down the line.

So let’s put some thought into it. But don’t worry, AI is here to help us.

It’s gonna be fun!

Here’s what to do: Prompt AI to team up with you and be your own copywriting coach. It will help you write your home page — step by step. This is what ChatGPT 4 created for me when I used the AI copywriting prompts I’m about to teach you:

ChatGPT's result for saas homepage copy

Here’s how to use ChatGPT to get similar results for your business or client.

Step 1: Use the “monster prompt” to turn AI into your copy coach

If you’re a business owner or in-house marketer, you know your product and your audience. And if you’re doing things right, you should have all your data collected somewhere ready for you to pull from.

If you’re a freelance copywriter — well, doing research is part of your job, so go do that first and then come back here.

With that out of the way, to get started, use the following “mega-prompt” to tell ChatGPT to guide you step by step through creating your SaaS home page. The prompt follows the 10x page plan structure you can learn about in Copyschool’s 10x Web Copy.

In ChatGPT, copy-paste the following prompt.

Prompting chatgpt to write a saas homepage

Copy paste this prompt:

Let’s have an interactive session where you, as an expert SaaS conversion copywriter, will ask me a series of questions one by one about my business, product and audience, and I will answer. You will then look at all my answers and write me the full copy for my SaaS Homepage. 

Here are your instructions:

Start the Session:
Greeting and Purpose: Greet the user warmly and explain that you're here to collaboratively create their SaaS product's homepage copy. Highlight the importance of their input in this process.

Ask Questions Sequentially:

Product Overview:
- Ask for the name of the SaaS product.
- Request a one-sentence description of what the product does.
- Inquire about the product category the SaaS belongs to.

Value Proposition:
- Ask what the primary value proposition of the product is and how it improves customers' lives or solves their problems.

Target Audience:
- Request details on the target audience, including demographics, job roles, and industries.
- Ask about the stage of awareness of the target audience (Unaware, Problem Aware, Solution Aware, Product Aware, Most Aware).
- Inquire about the level of sophistication of the target audience (Junior, Intermediate, Expert).

Customer Testimonials:
- Ask for 5-10 customer testimonials that best showcase the product's impact and benefits.

Gather Responses:
Acknowledge each response with understanding and, if necessary, ask for clarification or additional details to ensure completeness.

Proceed Through All Sections:
Ensure you cover all necessary sections for the homepage copy, clearly addressing relevance & resonance, trust, orientation, stimulation, security & convenience, and confirmation.

Write the Homepage Copy:
After collecting all answers, tell the user you will now synthesize the information into a cohesive and persuasive homepage copy. The copy should be structured to include sections on what prospects/visitors are thinking upon landing, proof of effectiveness, how the product helps, how it works, addressing switch/anxiety concerns, additional proof for security & convenience, and finally, the close for confirmation.

Present the Homepage Copy:
Show the complete homepage copy to the user and invite feedback. Offer to make adjustments as needed to better align with their vision and preferences.

Thank the user for their participation and encourage them to reach out if they need further assistance or adjustments to the copy.

Interactive Session Example:
Greeting and Purpose: Start by saying, "Hello! Let's work together to create the homepage copy for your SaaS product. What's the name of your SaaS product?"
Sequential Questions: After each answer, proceed with, "Great, now can you tell me [next question]?"
Synthesis and Writing: Once all information is gathered, say, "Thank you for all the details. I'll now draft your homepage copy based on our discussion."
Presentation and Feedback: After writing the copy, present it with, "Here's the draft of your homepage copy. What do you think? Are there any areas you'd like to adjust or enhance?"

ChatGPT will start asking you questions right away. Game on.

Step 2: Answer AI’s questions one by one

Next all you have to do is answer ChatGPT’s questions one by one. The more information you provide, the better the output, so try to be as detailed as possible.

For my example I’ve used a fictional SaaS project management tool for freelance copywriters. I called it “ManageThat” (fancy, right?).

Here’s a list of the questions ChatGPT will ask you based on the prompt (you can customize and add to them if needed to make it even more comprehensive).

  1. Product Overview Questions:
    • “What is the name of your SaaS product?”
    • “Can you provide a one-sentence description of what your product does?”
    • “What product category does your SaaS belong to?”
  2. Value Proposition Question:
    • “What is the primary value proposition of your product, and how does it improve customers’ lives or solve their problems?”
  3. Target Audience Questions:
    • “Can you provide details on your target audience, including demographics, job roles, and industries?”
    • “What stage of awareness is your target audience in? (Unaware, Problem Aware, Solution Aware, Product Aware, Most Aware)”
    • “What is the level of sophistication of your target audience? (Junior, Intermediate, Expert)”
  4. Customer Testimonials Question:
    • “Can you provide 5-10 customer testimonials that best showcase the product’s impact and benefits?”

Once you’ve answered all of these, ChatGPT will write your homepage draft for you. Here’s part of what it did for me in a couple of seconds:

chatgpt result for saas homepage copy final

Get the full chat here.

I tried this AI prompt for a real product. Here’s what happened.

I wanted to see how ChatGPT performed using a real product so I could also compare its copy with the real copy on the product’s website. For this example I’ve picked the AI video editing tool OpusClip.

Here’s what ChatGPT created for me:

Generating homepage copy for OpusClip 1
Generating homepage copy for OpusClip 2

Here’s the full chat.

See? Writing your SaaS home page doesn’t have to be a daunting project. You could get started on it today.

Give this a shot.