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Say hello to our fab teams of super-driven folks.

On the side of the biz, we’ve got:

  • Joanna Bain (Wiebe), founder, editor and director (jo@)
  • Sarah Dlin, product marketing lead (sarah@)
  • Paul Wiebe, customer success lead (paul@)
  • Angela Stojanov, partnerships and promotions lead (angela@)
  • Mike Cook, digital production lead (michael@)
  • Skylar McEvers, success and social coordinator (skylar@)

On the services / agency side o’ things, we’ve got:

  • Joanna Bain (Wiebe), copy chief (jo@)
  • Lisa Pierson, operations (lisa@)
  • Rashi Mehra, accounts (rashi@)
  • Hannah Shamji, research (hannah@)
  • Erin Steele, sr conversion copywriter (erin@)
  • Liz Painter, sr conversion copywriter (liz@)
  • Chelsea Armstrong, conversion copywriter (chelsea@)
  • Nikki Elbaz, sr conversion copywriter, email (nikki@)
  • Sophia Dagnon, conversion copywriter (sophia@)

And on the Airstory ( and Packrat ( side of the biz, we’ve got:

  • Joanna Bain (Wiebe), cofounder and head of product (jo@)
  • Steven Luke, cofounder and head of development (steven@)
  • Jelena Grimshaw, front-end developer (jelena@)

We’re super-proud to work with a huge variety of freelancers on content creation, copywriting, illustrations, design, building pages and other fabulosity (which officially became a word in late 2019, BTW).

Oh, and we’re looking for applications (sent to hr@) from badass, super-fab hit-the-ground-running folks for these roles:

  • Conversion copywriter
  • Conversion director
  • Blogger and editor

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Wiebe Marketing Ltd
dba Copyhackers
10268 89 St NW
Edmonton, AB Canada
T5H 1R4

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