Free Copywriting Cheat Sheets

Sales Page Checklist

The mega list! A 7-page PDF you can print and refer to once you’ve completed writing & editing your sales page… and you’re nearly ready to publish it online.


Headline Cheat Sheet

A 1-page PDF you can print and refer to every time you want to write a headline, create a headline test or simply optimize an existing headline (if you don’t have traffic to test).


101 Copywriting DOs & DON’Ts

A four-page PDF checklist you can use to review every page of copy you write! Totally free to download – and, like popcorn shrimp, great for sharing.

101 DOS & DON’TS >>

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Copywriting tutorials

How to write headlines
How to be specific in your copy
How to write great bullet lists
How to write a long-form sales page
How to write compelling “agitation” copy
How to write holiday copy
3 essential copy techniques to use daily

How to write an Adwords ad
How to write Facebook-compliant ads

How to write welcome emails
How to write a launch-day sales email
How to write a last-day launch email
How to write a cold email
How to write cold emails for services
How to write a trial-ending SaaS email
How to write a post-welcome SaaS email
How to write TOFU emails

How to write a project proposal
How to present your copy to clients
How to get more proposals approved
How to wireframe your landing pages

How to research a blog post
How to plan a SaaS onboarding funnel
How to use Amazon review mining
How to do a content audit
How to know what your visitor’s thinking
How to use SEO landing pages
Creating a Launch Command Center
How to evergreen your course sales
A 3-part copywriting process for newbies

How to optimize a headline
How to optimize a SaaS sequence
How to optimize content for SEO
How to validate your copy
Optimize your email sequence with Trello

How to write an epic blog post
How to write a mass-appeal blog post
How to write funny content
How to make your writing sound good
How to keep readers reading
Blog post formula for authority building
How to write an ultimate guide

Sweep 1: The Clarity Sweep
Sweep 2: The Voice + Tone Sweep
Sweeps 3 & 4: The Believability Sweeps
Sweep 5: The Specificity Sweep
Sweep 6: The Heightened Emotion Sweep
Sweep 7: The Zero Risk Sweep

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