How to Grow Your List with Quizzes: Part 2

Presented live on Tuesday, April 21, 2020

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Part 2 of our “Grow Your List with Quizzes” series happens here.

You’ll see a whopping SIX hacks to optimize your quizzes.

So you can grow your email list wicked fast.

And more importantly:

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Joanna Wiebe: We are here with Dawn, who works with Chanti was in last week to talk about basically an intro to quizzes and now, Dawn, you’re going to build on that for us today.

Dawn Petrin: Huh. Yes.

Joanna Wiebe: We know right on from, like, I guess we first met in person last year at TCC IRL in Brooklyn. Yeah. We had some lunch, it was ramen. Who doesn’t love ramen?

And yeah, you’ve been part of 10 X freelance copywriter. You’re like everybody’s saying, hey, Dawn, hey Dawn. So gettin’ known. Yeah. So you’re going to talk to us about what you’re getting known for. Quiz stuff.

Dawn Petrin: Cool. Thank you. Yeah, I want to first of all say like, whoa, sweet 10 X FC because I have all my buddies on here saying hi and feel a lot better. Hi, Betsy and Antoinette and Sophia. So I’m going to share my screen and get started.

Joanna Wiebe: Alright, cool. Let’s see.

Dawn Petrin: Okay, awesome. So yeah, this is six hacks to grow your list by optimizing your quiz. And when I first started putting this tutorial together for Jo. She was like, oh, there’s so much here. So she helped me pull out some smaller ones for you.

And yeah, I have lots more if you want to hear about it so his is going to build on what you learned last week with Chanti. And I think what’s like really most important is that what we’re trying to do with the quizzes make people feel something.

Get them in a good mood and having fun and also plant the seed of your awesomeness right into the quiz, so that way when you do show up in your in their email they already know kind of what you’re doing and why.

So this is Amy wine I helped her optimize her quiz and we got 7000 leads from her first quiz, as well as 423 people In her beta launch of her course.

This is Bethany Perry. I also helped her optimize her quiz. And one really cool thing that happened with her. Is that she discovered something new about her audience with her quiz that allowed her to create a course.

That she’s already seen like $26,000 worth of sales from in the last couple months, as well as people After reading her results. A couple people reached out and asked her, one on one coaching before they even got the nurturing sequence and she’s really working on optimizing her quiz. So I think it’s going to change over time.

And then this is Zafira I did not have to optimize her quiz, because she’s an incredible copywriter. She got doubled her list in one month with zero ad spend, she had people reaching out to like take part of her offers right away.

And she said, her favorite part is that she has like an intentional lead magnet and that really makes people feel seen and understood and that she can use for like dedicated different funnels over time.

What to Expect in This Tutorial [02:46]

It’s not just like Chanti Zak style quizzes that can do it. I’ve got a friend and 10 X FC named Zack Shay, and one of her quizzes for her clients getting an 89% open rate another friend named Chanteuse Marie who’s quizzes are getting a 67% completion rate. So it’s totally doable. Of course, these are amazing copywriters

So what we’re going to cover in the next probably 16 minutes now is:

  • Where to start with quizzes
  • The kind of quiz that gets shared the most
  • How to make your quiz fun
  • Optimizin’ those quiz titles
  • How to get people to imagine their crazy lives with you in them
  • How to get tones of shares and crazy engagement

Who is Dawn Petrin? [03:27]

So yeah, I’m down, I live in Kelowna BC. I’m from Edmonton, I’m trying to convince Jo to move here.

Joanna Wiebe: That would be easy, I’d happily move there.

Dawn Petrin: I will find you a place to be in. Copyhackers groupie, and I’m in 10x FC
Also, I love copy editing and I’ve been working with Chanti for like a year and a half. So we made me a bonus for her quiz courses last year. And that’s how I got to get on to all these quizzes and find out and kind of what I’m doing.

Quiz Hack #1 – Start at the end [03:56]

So first hack is started the end. And that’s what your goal and Chanti spoke about that last week by basically if you just want like a general lead gen magnet be more general. And if you’re launching something be more precise.

So right here. This is from Melissa Griffin’s quiz that she used to launch her email list Academy last December. And look, it’s not a small title discover your perfect List Building strategy based on your one of a kind of personality. So this actually like segments. People like right into where she needs to know about them for their List Building

And then we’ve got Janet Kutcher. What’s your secret sauce. So you can see this is like, way more general how to own your awesome stand out from the crowd, build a successful business and have fun doing it. And these are both Chanti quizzes.

Quiz Hack #2 – Make your quiz a personality quiz [04:48]

Yeah, so next up is make your quiz a personality quiz. So these get shared the most. And the reason for that is because people care about themselves more than most things right? So, you could consider basing your results on like Myer Briggs or any ground 16 personalities even horoscopes.

And if you want to segment based on their level of expertise. You can still use a personality quiz. Just ask questions within the quiz and then tag people based on their answers.

And this means you can ask them about their favorite subject, them, as well as appeal to their ego – kind of the same thing. This is the last question on Zafira’s quiz and it gets people a warm and fuzzy ready for their results and ready to share.

Joanna Wiebe: Hold up before you switch screens. Can you go back? Yeah, just so people can see it. So I just want to look at this. So, you often get complimented on. I’m just wondering, so. Oh, I see. Okay. Cool. Cool. And just as a side note, the previous slide, I think it was a Julie set or no, sorry, it was a previous example, but it was the one for Melissa Griffith. Yeah, she said, it was her favorite quiz ever.

Dawn Petrin: Oh, who said that?

Joanna Wiebe: Julie in chat.

Dawn Petrin: Oh, nice. Well, um, yeah. That is a pretty sweet quiz and Melissa is also like just if you want to learn how to like get people hyped up about your stuff. I just follow her. She’s really cool and exciting.

Um, this is the personality quiz for kind of like maybe almost a boring topic right like Tarzan K wants to help people make more money. So she said, What’s your 80’s pricing persona?

This worked really well. I forget like how much the ad spend was hardly anything for tons of leads. And then this is Chanti’s quiz, which is not a personality quiz. And I mean Chanti is the best and this one doesn’t get shared as much. So I think we’re going to like work on a personality quiz for next time.

Quiz Hack #3 – Make it fun [06:34]

So the next quiz hack is to make it fun. So you don’t want to make people work too hard. Do your best. Ask easy questions that make people like keep taking the quiz. If you do have questions that are less fun, just like coach them in between two more fun quiz questions.

And we’re back to Zafira’s quiz and this is her first question. So you are seeing her last and her first  And it’s what’s your favorite way to ground yourself before taking on the day. So getting my sweat on, carving out alone time, stepping out of the house to get some air, sleeping in and taking it easy.

So right away. People are like, yeah, grounded. How do I feel that way? You know, so that’s like, it’s not like stressing them out by, like, how much money did you make or something.

And even more than that, this actually like seeds, one of her offers because she positions her day rate as a copywriter as a day at the copy spot. So this question is doing one double or triple work right now.

And then this is a question from under Chanteuse Marie’s quizzes, but like from a long time ago and my close is really fun, but I think you can optimize this because like I don’t actually know anything about these directors, maybe Clint Eastwood.

Becasue I’m not really that big on TV and stuff. So what I got best to do is which TV character best describes your current professional situation actually explain it.

So I don’t know who Olivia Pope is but maybe I identify as an entrepreneur running an in demand high end empire. Maybe I’m the boss and my team is killing it. You know, that way I can like choose without like feeling lost or if you like, I don’t know what I’m doing and doesn’t matter if I know these people are.

Quiz Hack #4 – Redo your quiz title [08:15]

Yeah, so the next one is redo your quiz title. And this is just like treating your quiz, like a headline, so make sure its

  • Benefit driven
  • Attention grabbing
  • Fun and easy to understand

This is probably what you’re going to put your ad spend towards too.
Dawn Petrin: So then use a subhead to go deeper

  • Tell your quiz takers how long it’s going to take
  • Tell them what they’ll get
  • You can also start to establish yourself as an authority here.

You can also check out this link:

And this is from Amy’s quiz. How lit is your marriage? So when this got to me. I think the quiz was like, are you married roommates or is your marriage on fire. So what I wanted to do here is just like make it more visceral and make it more fun.

And I think like when people feel things in their body. They’re just more willing or able to like put their interest and their attention towards it. And this actually did really well Amy’s just pivoting to online and at the end I show you how many shares. She got so go there.

And similarly, yesterday I was on 10x FC and my buddy Summer texted and she’s like dawn. I have the most amazing quiz ever from Chanteuse and it’s a really amazing quiz.

And I have 33 titles and sub heads that I made her make and I don’t really love any of them. So like I get to just optimize, which is easier than being creative and I just like look through the quiz was in shock and awe at how awesome it was, and then saw the word headache and Summer helps like or is an email marketer and I was like, Well, why don’t we just call the quiz.

And what did we come up with what’s giving you that email headache and the better than over the counter care to reduce churn boost conversions and increase sales. So, I mean, honestly, this is like stealing little bits of what Chanteuse has had and just like they were in headache popped out. So if you can make it visceral that can be really helpful.

Quiz Hack #5: Use future pacing [10:07]

Next quiz hack. Number five is used future pacing. If you don’t know that much about future pacing, there’s tons of information on Copyhackers about that. Here’s one:

But basically it’s getting people to imagine what their lives would be like if they had you and your solution in it so that when you do present your offer their prime for it. Chanti often has these like you want to vacation. Where do you go and why questions.

I don’t think now is the best time to write anything about vacationing but normally could be a good way to get into people’s aspirations. So here is a version of it. Again, we’re looking at Zafira’s because she’s amazing. So your fairy godmother turns up and she’s feeling really generous today tell her what kind of marketing magic you’re looking for pick as many options as you like.

So again, this does double duty because she gets to like find out what you’re looking for. And also you get to like imagine yourself with a fairy godmother fixing your stuff.

Similarly, we’ve got Beth’s genie in the house, you get one wish. What do you choose and Beth is like a business coach and like a mindset coach. I get it. These things go together. So with this one. She can find out what’s most important to people.

Let’s see. Oh yeah, there are more examples of future pacing in the world. And actually in my slide deck. You can find other quizzes to go look at.

Quiz Hack #6: Share your quiz. Everywhere [11:34]

So the next quiz hack is like share your quiz everywhere. And don’t be shy about it. So we’ll go right here. So send it to your email list. Make it your bio and Instagram post in your stories regularly shared on your business and personal pages on Facebook.

Like I said about Melissa Griffin, like she was incredible. And one thing that she did that I thought was really cool. Is she asked, she shared the results that people were sharing and then she asked people on Instagram, on her stories to share their results and how they felt about them in the stories and then tag her.

So then she reposted what reposted what they were sharing and then they re posted what she was sharing and, yeah, she ended up doing really incredibly so I thought that was really cool and I actually like that’s what I’m telling people to do before or to do now.

And then you can tweet it, LinkedIn, put it on your website for sure like Jenna uses it as her major lead gen sodas bath. Lots of people Pinterest is really awesome. And there’s lots of ways to like use Pinterest. 

We do not have time to get into for here and then also pay for ads. So the return on investment for quiz ads are actually insane, like right now Chanti, and I have a client who’s launching in may, and she’s getting her leads for 24 cents a lead.

So I know that Facebook is like maybe has less people paying for ads right now but it’s still, it’s a really great number and then if you can see here, like I said, on the left, Amy is new to online business and her and she only had ads on her quiz for like a month or something, she got 120,000 views 493 likes and shares or excuse me for 93 like comments or likes and then 164 shares.

So, it’s just I’ve never heard of another like lead gen magnet actually being shared like that. So I don’t know quizzes are great for that. And again, like how it is your marriage. Or something that’s like visceral and hard hitting is the best way to get people to do it.

I also feel like this ad is a lot easier to put together, then some of those like longer form Facebook ads that you might need for other lead gen.

Cool. So that’s the end. Except for that I have like 43 very dense slides because when Jo when I told Jo, talked to Jo on 10x FC. I was like, Oh my God, my quiz client got 3000 leads in her first week. And she’s like, You should do an optimizing your quiz tutorial. And so then I put everything I could think of into the slide deck.

Joanna Wiebe: She did! How many slides were there? There were like 58 slides or something like, well, it’s a 20 minute tutorial, hun.

Dawn Petrin: Yeah, totally.

Joanna Wiebe: But no, that was awesome. Um, I think everybody has a little bit of whiplash because some of the sections moved pretty fast, but go back through the replay will be available. Of course later so you can like watch and take a closer look at some of the examples.

Ange will chat out this link, which she just did. So you can go there and you can see a whole bunch of the slides. I was like, that’s a lot. It’s all awesome. It’s amazingly awesome.

The hard part was like getting things down to like just do these hacks like just these ones because there’s so much. But go over there and opt in to get those slides. Dawn, you did so well you flew through it, girl.

Dawn Petrin: Thanks, Joe. Yeah, I was like, I didn’t get 42 slides in 20 minutes. No problem.

Joanna Wiebe: That’s awesome! Thank you so much for coming in Dawn. Round of applause! Thanks for everybody for chatting and asking your great questions and getting so involved. You’ve seen the link to go get the full slide deck for this.

Diez says, is Dawn the guest who talked the fastest? Yes. Yes, she is. And I’m a a pretty fast talker too, but that was fast! So wicked. Ange, thank you too. Thanks everybody, and we’ll see you in our next tutorial Tuesday. Have a good one guys!

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