Sales copywriting presentationThis week, Lance and I are at Microconf (#microconf) with 170+ micropreneurs and generally awesome peeps.

If you don’t know about Microconf, you should totally check it out here. We’ve still got another day to go, and we’ve already learned:

  • How to validate your startup idea (Josh Kauffman, author of The Personal MBA and The First 20 Hours)
  • The best startups to bootstrap (Jason Cohen, WP Engine)
  • What to look for – and what not to bother with – in your analytics (Ben Yoskovitz)
  • Exactly how Rob Walling has grown HitTail from $2500/mo to $25000/mo in a year (Rob Walling)

PLUS, smart ways to market your startup… how to make $$ with your app… the process of getting from 1 to 989 customers… and – a personal fave – how to manage your emotional well-being and relationships when running a startup.

I presented Monday afternoon – check out my presentation below. If you like it, tweet it! If you have Qs, leave ’em in the comments here or on – and I’ll send ONE commenter a FREE copy of Josh’s book, The First 20 Hours. (Thanks to Josh for giving us 2 copies. We’re keeping one for ourselves. 🙂 )

Just be sure to comment here or on Slideshare – then check back on Friday to see who’s gettin’ it (so you can send me yer deets).

UPDATE: For those looking for my Unbounce unwebinar on a similar topic, here’s the presentation for that!