2 Minute Teardown - Small EmbossPeople love a good live teardown.

It was super-fun to do teardowns at Microconf in Vegas. And I’ve had loads of requests for more ever since…

So we’re starting something new around here!

It’s called Teardown Tuesdays, and this is the first installment. I’m hoping to keep teardowns in the 2-minute range, but y’never know.

We’re planning to combine this with Theory Thursdays to round out your CRO learnin’ each week. Sound cool?

Let’s see how this pans out, shall we? Starting now…

This Week’s Teardown Is for

What if HALF of your annual donations came in during a 6-week period… when every other non-profit on earth was competing for your prospects’ attention… to say nothing of the retailers clawing hungrily at their ever-shrinking wallets?

You’d wanna make sure your site is about as optimized as possible to bring in donations, yes?

Check out my teardown – and see if you agree with my quick donation-boosting recommendations…

Watch the Video Teardown on
How to Get More Donations Online

A big part of this teardown was on “friction” in button copy…

To see how to reduce friction in your copy, check out this post

And be sure to help SpecialOlympics.org out! Tell them below how to get more donations online….

How do you think they can improve their chances…?