Should you publish on Medium… or only on your blog?

Day 3 content on Medium or not?You could focus on your own blog. 

You could guest post like a mofo. 

Or, you could live life on the wild side and publish your articles on Medium. 

Yes, Medium.

And no, not Medium, like, the television drama series with Patricia Arquette.

And no, not Medium, like, Hey y’all, my psychic medium told me to chat to my spirit friends when I feel lonely.

The Medium I’m talkin’ about is a different world all together.

This Medium is kind of like the magical island from Losta virtual isle that protects words and pushes ideas forward.


Best described by the Medium team…

“Medium is a place where the measure of success isn’t views, but viewpoints. Where the quality of the idea matters, not the author’s qualifications…

The world has reached a saturation point of shallow, thoughtless content, and half-skimming through these pages of filler is increasingly unfulfilling. Every day, your Medium homepage is full of stories with depth and meaning—stories that make you laugh, cry, and actually feel things.”

Sold, right?

Who doesn’t want to laugh, cry, and feel things?

(I like to feel things.)

Founded by Twitter co-founders Ev Williams and Biz Stone in August 2012, this blog-publishing platform has evolved into a community of writers and readers who believe…

  • publishing should be easy
  • quality trumps pedigree—Amen!
  • if you have a voice, you should use it
  • la creme always rises to the top
  • reading stories online can feel good, really good
  • content should look beautiful
  • great stories will spread like wildfire

If you’ve never seen Medium, take a peek at my home, below.

(Don’t worry, I tidied up before you arrived. Grab a cocktail, sit back, and relax.)

Medium screenshot

You’ll notice the following displayed on your Medium homepage:

  • “Top Stories on Medium”, highlighted in the sidebar
  • Featured tags to help you discover new stories
  • Recent and popular stories from the writers and publications you follow (wanna follow me?)

Medium’s primary focus is to build an optimal reading experience for its users by providing:

  1. white space! lots and lots of white space—because using white space properly between paragraphs and the margins can increase comprehension up to 20%, as pointed out by Dmitry Fadeyev, creator of Usaura via
  2. highlightsa way for readers to share their favorite lines with their followers and connect socially
  3. estimated reading timesbased on the average reading speed of an adult (roughly 275 words-per-minute) and created to help readers estimate reading time without scrolling down the page (example below…)


While we are talking about time—it’s worth noting that the optimal post is 7 minutes. In case you were wondering. And because the Medium team cares about providing the best user experience for the reader—I’ll warn you—it’s far too easy to lose yourself in the platform and spend hours jumping from story to story.

How-to-the-ever, we’re not talking about island hopping today.

We’re talking about whether or not Medium will help you get more bling for less cha-ching.

Mo’ exposure, mo’ money, mo’ influence.

Oh yeahnow we’re speaking the same language.

Want mo’ exposure? Publish on Medium…

You invest hours writing your article.

You’ve most likely pissed off a friend or a partner or maybe even (but hopefully not) a child by going AWOL for days at a time.

Now that your article is polished and oh-so-pretty, don’t you want to share it with the world? … to ensure that your time in absentia is worth it, in the end? Or whatever, maybe you wrote the article for you and you don’t give a *beeeeep* about what others think. Because you like it. And you have things to say and share with the world. Own it.


There’s nothing that will make you feel more alive like sharing your ideas with a community of thousands.

While the exact number of users on the Medium platform is a bit fuzzy, supposedly there’s an estimated 625K+ users on the Medium platform today. Probably more.

Imagine all those eyeballs focused on your words, thoughts, and gifs.

Want mo’ money? Publish on Medium…

Exposure leads to opportunity.

And opportunity leads to cash.

Meet Simon Owens, a Content & Social Media Marketing Consultant.

Simon is maxed out with client work.

Where did his clients find him?


“Almost all the people I work with now are people who have read one of my articles or several articles and reached out to me.

I’m full right now and can’t take on more clients, but the call-to-actions I used to include in my (Medium) articles went something like, ‘Do you want me to write for you? Click here to learn more.’

… the CTA would take them to my services page, so that was how I was getting my clients.”

Want more clients and cash? Start writing.

Want mo’ influence? Publish on Medium…

Nothing says, “I know my sh*t,” quite like publishing a post on Medium…

…and receiving hundreds of shares and recommends. And yes, when readers click on the cute li’l heart below your article, they are in fact recommending your article to their people.

(Side note: nudge your readers to click on the heart. Spell it o-u-t, if necessary, to get results.)

More hearts = more love = more views.

When you publish quality articles consistently on Medium, people and publications take notice.

Simon’s increased his influence by partnering with a handful of different publications on Medium:

“Publications started inviting me to contribute to their Medium publications … and they had their own following.

So after I published a piece of content (on my page), I would wait 24 hours for it to pick up its own traction, based on my following. And then I would submit it to a publication, which would expose it to an even larger following.”

For example, the ART + marketing publication, below, featured one of Simon’s latest articles, I tried Facebook’s revamped Notes tool for a month. Here’s what I learned.


Here are the three ways you can feature your story in a publication via Medium:

  • Be the publication owner
  • Be an editor of the publication
  • Be an invited writer for the publication. Your story must first be accepted by the owner or an editor.

Change minds, shape opinions, and move others to take action, just like Marie…

Meet Marie Poulin, Digital Strategist / Designer / Idealist / Rock Climber. And Medium Sensation. 

MariePoulinMarie used her content to increase brand awareness, reach new audiences and position herself as an expert, which ultimately led to speaking invites, interviews, list growth, new clients, and more.

As an experiment, Marie cross-published one of her articles on the following 3 platforms, each with a unique headline and slightly-altered copy:

>>>>>>> The Medium article went viral.

It was recommended by 1.6K people and viewed by 97K people.

Turns out, Marie’s article was featured by the Medium Staff, which ended up sending Marie a ton of traffic, shares, and likes.

The Medium article also led to an actual lights ‘n’ camera crew showing up at Marie’s doorstep for an in-person interview for a book on design leadership. Aaand a speaking invite at the Gather North Conference. Said Marie:

“There’s no way I would have had that traffic and that interest from my own blog. I just don’t have that level of readership. 

…You can’t get traction if you don’t get up the courage to put your ideas out there. What are you waiting for?” 

That is the question.

What are you waiting for?

Check out Marie’s “viral” article on Medium…

Compliments of

Before you get distracted by the thought of going v i r a l, I’ve gotta confess >>> this article is not about the V-card. If you really want to understand why things catch on, read Jonah Berger’s book, Contagious. He’ll fill you in.

This article (right here, right now) is about whether or not you should publish your content on Medium. Because:

Everyone who’s anyone is on Medium, eh?

But what the hell – should you be on Medium, too?

The keyword being you. Not so-and-so or anyone featured in this article. Just you.

And if Medium makes sense for you, we’ll explore how you can maximize your Medium experience and…

  • reach new audiences
  • increase your influence
  • grow your list
  • sell your services
  • feel like a D-List Celebrity
  • land interviews & speaking invites

Maybe you’ve heard about blogs like Signal v. Noise – brought to us by the makers of Basecamp – moving to Medium for a handful of reasons, like this one, highlighted below by David Heinemeier Hansson, cofounder & CTO at Basecamp and creator of Ruby on Rails:

“Between RECONSIDER and The day I became a millionaire, I’ve had more than 500,000 people see those articles. We just weren’t getting those numbers hosting Signal v. Noise on our own island.”

And maybe you’ve heard about the founder and host of the Unmistakable Creative Podcast, Srinivas (Srini) Rao, publishing his personal (7.6K followers) and company (1.2K followers) content on Medium religiously, Tuesdays / Thursdays / Saturdays. After Srini joined Medium in 2013 (out of morbid curiosity) his article, How Writing 1000 Words a Day Changed My Life, went viral reaching 75K people with 1.6K recommends.

The cool part?

An acquisitions editor at Penguin found Srini’s post, which ultimately led to a book deal with the publisher. Ummmm … pretty sweet. eh?

Compliments of Srinivas Rao
Compliments of Srinivas Rao

Srini also mentioned that Medium is the 3rd largest traffic referrer to his website, Unmistakable Creative. Not bad.

So if Medium sounds like such a dreamboat, what could possibly be the problem?

Ask Paul Jarvis, the writer and maker behind the Creative Class.

He’s been a fan of Medium and he’s been publishing content on the platform since the early days, as a beta user. But…

>>>>>>> Paul recently left Medium.

You can catch all the juicy breakup details in his article, It’s not you, it’s me.

While Paul agrees that traction on Medium tends to be greater than traction on his own site alone, he gave lots of reasons for leaving Medium to own the playground he plays in.


In Paul’s words:

“I noticed that Medium was kicking my ass in terms of domain authority and SEO (so my articles there were always coming up higher in searches than my own site).

And I just wasn’t getting the same amount of newsletter signups from medium articles as I was from articles on my own website.”

Paul left for other reasons too, like…

  • no remarketing
  • no control over the branding
  • no ability to add sign-up forms, etc.

And ultimately, Paul realized that he cared less about audience growth and more about audience trust.

“I can be in control of making sure I build (audience trust) if people are consuming my work on my own site or my newsletter, but I can’t if it’s on another platform.”

Ah, yes. That reminds me—we should talk about sharecropping. What’s that? Good Q. Digital sharecropping is publishing on a platform you don’t control. In Julie Neidlinger’s article, Should You Be Using Medium To Blog, she asks, “Would you build a house on your neighbor’s lot and expect that to work out well in the end?”

Well, would you?

Julie warns:

“The company (in this case, Medium) gets the benefit that comes from massive amounts of content: traffic, acclaim, and attention. Plus, when you don’t control where you blog, you won’t be able to do much if the system you’ve chosen to blog on decides to close up shop.”

Before you get scared off by this feudalistic farming practice…

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of publishing on Medium…

Should you abandon your existing blog? Should you invest all of your writing / content time into Medium, a site you don’t know that could take all your traffic and close down tomorrow? To help you out, I’ve developed this list, thanks to endless hours of research:

The PROs of Publishing on Medium:

  • Reach new audiences with the tag, follow, and @mention features.
  • Stay connected and social with your followers using the highlighter feature.
  • Attract attention – your followers are notified every time you publish a new post.
  • Look gorgeous with the attractive, clean aesthetic.
  • Access an easy-to-use front-end interface.
  • Connect to your Twitter and Facebook networks to boost your following from day one.
  • Add up to 3 tags to your story to reach people interested in your content.
  • Schedule your articles by picking a date and time to publish.  
  • Publish in multiple languages with Medium’s 20+ different languages.
  • Do all of the above for free (’nuff said).

The CONs of Publishing on Medium:

  • No Google Analytics. Medium does have a built-in stats feature so you can track views, reads, recommends, and referrals for every post.
  • No control. It’s a 3rd party platform, which means the rules could change at any point. 
  • No list-building widgets. If you want to use Medium to grow your list, you need to get creative and figure out how to direct the Medium readers to your website to sign up for your newsletter. You can’t add hello bars, pop-ups, visual CTAs.
  • No monetization or advertising opportunities. If you want to make money via your content, Medium is not the right place for you.
  • No guaranteed life expectancy. It could disappear overnight, like Myspace. Good ol’ Myspace.


This is how you’re going to publish on Medium, mmmkay?

If you want ‘mo exposure, ‘mo money, and mo’ influence – which you’re very smart to want – follow these super-simple steps: 

  1. Write a killer article.
  2. Post the article on your website.
  3. Repurpose the article and use Medium as a secondary content platform. << important!!
  4. Focus on growing your following on Medium.
  5. Guide your Medium readers to your website, using a Call-To-Action and links back to your website.

Whatever you do, don’t ditch your own blog.

Maggie Patterson, co-founder and communication strategist at Scoop Industries, recommends that you never rely solely on someone else’s platform as the backbone of your brand. So if you’re publishing on Medium, you should definitely publish content on your own website as well. Maggie told me:

“You need something on your site when people visit and for them to have a reason to keep coming back to your site.  

Blogging is so far from dead in my opinion, no matter what experts out there may have you believe.  

The truth is your blog is yours, and it’s your hub. You can be successful guest posting or on social, but if you can’t move those people back to your turf and convert them into subscribers or buyers, what’s the point?”

And while you can’t add pop-ups or a hello bar to Medium, you can include a brief bio at the bottom of your article.

Remember Marie Poulin, mentioned above? Marie promotes her online mentorship program, DIGITAL STRATEGY SCHOOL, in a graphic at the bottom of many of her Medium articles, with a link to the sales page, like so:


You can also include a link to a lead magnet to help drive email sign-ups and grow your list.

Speaking of which… Whenever Dorie Clark, CEO of Clark Strategic Communications, guests posts for publications like the Harvard Business Review or Entrepreneur, she includes a free giveaway or lead magnet (example below) that incentivizes people to sign up for her list. (Some call this opt-in bait. Others, like Brian Clark, call it “ethical bribes.”) 


Like Dorie says:

“No one wants to subscribe to another newsletter, but they are interested in excellent free content.”

Focus on creating excellent free content and building a lead magnet for your readers, using a platform like LeadPages. Easy, right? Suuure…

How to maximize your experience & get read on Medium

Don’t post to Medium and vanish! Like posting in any social space, Medium posts are more likely to rise to the top if you:

  1. Link to Twitter and Facebook to instantly gain a ton of followers
  2. Use the tagging feature so followers can find you
  3. Pitch yourself to publications to gain even more exposure for each post
  4. Import your best blog content into Medium to show off your stuff
  5. Post consistently (duh!) – the more you post, the more you’ll build a following
  6. Select a high-quality photo (minimum 900 pixels, or 900×900) for the top of the story. TIP: Horizontal images work better than vertical.
  7. Write a compelling headline for your article – headlines absolutely positively matter
  8. And don’t forget to create your own opt-ins within your article, like Simon Owens did:



If you’re putting in the work and creating original content, why reserve it just for a select few? 

So why not share your best ideas and your best work with the 625K+ people on Medium?

Which leads me to a challenge for you:

I challenge you to take one of your best blog posts from your very own website and publish it on your own Medium page / publication. Then share the link in the comments below.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ll be taking the Kira Hug Medium Challenge! We’re planning to publish all our posts on Medium, and we’re currently aiming to do so a week after the post first appears here.

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Kira is a Brooklyn-based copywriter + online strategist at Kira Hug Media. You should follow @kirahug on Twitter and remember to download her branding guide for copywriters

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        This would be seen as manipulative practice, is frowned on my Google, and would likely lead to such a ‘penalty’.

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    • Kira Hug

      Nice! Looks like you’re linking to your FB page vs. website. Are you trying to grow your FB following? Just curious! -K

      • Thanks, Kira! I added links to both my website and FB page at the end of the article. Curiously, the website link that I typed was converted into the snippet (shown above the FB link) automatically by Medium. I thought it looked good so I left it that way. It’s not a linked image that I created.

      • Kira Hug

        Oh, gotcha! The snippet image looks great. I was more tempted to click on the FB link, though. If I were you, I’d pull out the FB link so you don’t distract your readers from the most important link, the image redirecting your people to your website. Really cool.

  • Done!

    I agree, I think the “important” posts must -definitely- be on your own blog/property. And republish, or put your “fun” and “filler” posts on medium.

    • Kira Hug

      Hey Eric, I like how you squeezed in a link back to your website right below the headline. Smart.

      • Thanks! I have also found Medium works really great combined with my email list. They “crank” each other up…

  • i post informative blog content, but i’ve also done a few creative essays. this one did pretty well:

    • Kira Hug

      Hey Josh, looks like your article had a ton of recommends. Any takeaways from your experience on Medium? What works / what doesn’t work?

      • Thanks Kira, it did go ‘viral’ to an extent. I wrote more about the aftermath here:

        But the publication was key & it got picked up by Medium staff & went in one of their emails, I think. I wasn’t full prepared for that level of traffic at the time, but I did sell some copies of my ebook from it.

  • Challenge accepted! Thanks for such an informative post. I’m sold on Medium.

    Writer Takes Flight, Or, Why I Left My Husband, Opened Pandora’s Box, and Moved My Life To West Africa:—published_user——1

    • Kira Hug

      Following you on Medium : ) BTW I can relate to the part you wrote about resistance (there was a lot of resistance centered around writing this article as well!):

      “The challenge is to jump through the wall of fire that is your resistance, day after day, and each time you will become a little more fireproof.”

      • Resistance is definitely a familiar foe for those of us who do this regularly. Thanks a bunch for reading. I’ll be adding some more of my blog posts soon!

  • Pete Renzulli

    Re purposing content from your site is ok on Medium? Sounds awesome to gain traction if that’s true

    • Kira Hug

      Hi Pete,
      Try it and test it and let me know how it goes. We can compare results.

  • Wow, great piece Kira. Appreciate how in-depth and both sides of the coin are are. Archiving forever in the Mac & Cheese vault!

    • Kira Hug

      Thanks, Saya!

  • Giorgi Tabidze

    Great analyzed post Kira,

    But I want to talk about near future – You know, Getpocket made a huge jump last month testing its platform new way from private to public. Its not all about public profile, we have to think about Recommendation articles through user social networks. Community oriented move means searching and exploring articles through people, your friends and influencers. I think Getpocket will win a competition for searching and exploring articles than Medium, because Medium its limited.

    and time-to-time if Getpocket will execute this new market well, what will be value of Medium? (it will have its value but will decrease). At the same time website builders such as Squarespace has a war with its competitors for Blgging+Personal Branding market with its simple CMS and well designed templates(+ good SEO) for a lunch price.

    If we will mention value of personal blog and + Getpocket (recommendation + your social networks), well, main traffic will be from huge network Getpocket + your social networks.

    What will be value to have a followers on another place(Medium), if Getpocket will win content searching/exploring market?

    I think there will be huge changes on around web content market.

    I want to write an article about it. If you want to collaborate twitt me @gtabidze

    • Kira Hug

      You should definitely write an article about it. I know nothing about Getpocket so I’m sure there’s a lot I can learn.

  • hdc77494

    As I was reading this, in my head I was screaming the sole purpose of all media is to drive traffic to a property I own. Thankfully you got to that in the end. You were so even handed I was worried. LOL.

    • Kira Hug

      I like to stress people out. It’s a gift.

      Glad I didn’t let you down ; )

      • hdc77494

        Kira, why do you think Medium articles have no share button? It’s like they only want internal reach… another thing I noticed is that artiest comments seem to disappear into a vacuum. There’s little effort to stimulate community.

      • Kira Hug

        I found a share button at the bottom of the article, to the left of the “bookmark” button. You can share via FB and Twitter. The design is discreet so it’s easy to miss.

  • “Repurposing” is the key! This is very different than duplicating your post, especially for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google likes original content. By putting the same content on multiple sites, it will affect the ranking Google gives you.

  • I just tried Medium – found I was already signed up since last year and with 59 followers. Posted my first article and LOVE the place. So much whitespace, so much control – and so little distraction. My post looks great and the fact that people can see how long it will take to read – perfect! This is my go to place for article marketing form now on!

    • Kira Hug

      Hi Dave! Did you just post your first article? Share the link so I can check you out : )

  • BJ Lee

    I see some post what seems to be the same article on both blog and medium. Doesn’t this cause SEO problems of duplicate content?

    • Kira Hug

      I was wondering the same thing, BJ.

      Here’s what I found:

      “Google’s Matt Cutts: Duplicate Content Won’t Hurt You, Unless It Is Spammy…

      In fact, Matt also said that 25-30% of the web is duplicate content and that you don’t have to worry about it if you aren’t trying to spam.”

      [via >>>

      • This has been on mind for a while especially reposting content for Medium and LinkedIn. Thanks for answering that question Kira!

      • Kira Hug

        You are welcome, Lillian!

  • Claudia

    Excellent advice. Thank you.

    Should we be worried about duplicate content and problems with SEO if we publish the same content on our blog and also on medium? Is there a way round this?

    • Kira Hug

      Thanks, Claudia!

      Here’s what I found:

      “Google’s Matt Cutts: Duplicate Content Won’t Hurt You, Unless It Is Spammy…

      In fact, Matt also said that 25-30% of the web is duplicate content and that you don’t have to worry about it if you aren’t trying to spam.”

      [via >>>


  • Quite frankly, even though the reach could be much higher using Medium, to really take control on our content, and even convert better with the desired audience, a full hosted blog is still the best idea. You can have the same experience by people like Gary Vaynerchuck and others like him that place snippets or even the entire article at Medium, but claiming that the original was posted on their website. This way, it will use Medium’s advantage, but keeping their digital real estate.

    • Kira Hug


      Agreed, Rui.

      All paths must lead back to your website.

  • Kira Hug

    Thanks for the thumbs up, Larry. Please share the link to your recent article – I’d like to check it out. And I admit, I’ve contributed to the shallow, thoughtless content in a past life … but no longer. Any tips regarding how to best repurpose your articles for Medium?

    • Hi Kira, here’s the article. Mind you, it is a slight bit of a rant!

      Regarding repurposing on Medium, all I’d say is its good to try make the articles meaningful. Keep it real and try to connect with people by telling a story. it seems to be a popular platform for writers and creatives. That’s why I like it.

      I honestly don’t know if Medium links are dofollow or not but that doesn’t concern me (they are likely nofollow). I share my stuff there to try bring readers back to my site, and if they do then hopefully they stick around!

      I don’t worry about duplicate content hurting Google rankings. My understanding is that Google will pick the content that was submitted to them first. However it is best to use the rel=canonical thingy which tells Google where the original article is.

      I usually wait about two weeks to submit my articles to other platforms. It gives Google enough Imelda to index it.

      Hope you like the article!

  • Great piece! I’ve been dabbling on Medium for some time now and I really like it. I tend to repost LinkedIn articles there (with a link at the bottom or the Medium article to the original).

    • Kira Hug

      Thanks, Laura! Where do you usually link to on Medium? Your website? Do you end up driving traffic to your website? Lots of questions for ya ; )

      • I may publish something on LinkedIn first, then repub it on Medium (with a link at the bottom of the piece that drives back to the LinkedIn original so that I can potentially increase my LinkedIn followers too). Such a tangled web we weave! I choose to do this since I have more followers on LinkedIn than my personal blog.

      • Kira Hug

        Gotcha. It is such a web! You could also drive your large LinkedIn following to your mail list with a juicy lead magnet. That way you can communicate with your people via different channels. I’ll follow you on Medium now…

      • Followed ya back! Have you written any articles on lead magnet best practices? Would love to see if so!

  • Great topic! I’ve struggled with this question myself. I enjoy reading Medium daily, but I’m not sure I’d want to double-down on Medium as a tool for building a business. Sure, it works wonders for the team at Basecamp… they have millions of customers and at least 1 NYT best seller (i.e., they have a massive audience and brand recognition)… but what if you don’t already have a huge audience?

    Medium now allows custom URLs (i.e.,, but Medium is still too one-way in terms of communication flow… it’s reader-to-business… and not so much business-to-reader. I expect that as pressure mounts for Medium to produce revenue, their one-sided model may show some cracks.

    • Kira Hug

      Yeah, I wouldn’t build my business solely on ANY platform, unless I owned it. Too many variables. I DO think it’s a great platform to experiment on right now … especially since it’s attracting so much media attention and eyeballs. Who do you recommend I follow on Medium, Lance? Any favorites?

      • Now THAT’S the question.

        I read 10-15 Medium posts per day and couldn’t tell you who wrote them. I don’t follow anyone.

        I do look at the author, but I rely heavily on Medium’s Top Stories (which, as I understand them, are a combination of hand-curated and audience-recommended posts).

        I use Top Stories like I use Netflix’s “Recommended For You”.

        And as such, I think floating to the top of the ever-increasing pile of content will become more and more challenging… kinda like the App Store and the challenges it presents to anyone who’s not listed at the VERY top.

      • Kira Hug

        That’s interesting.

        I did learn that the authors don’t receive a lot of attention or real estate within the Medium interface, which is a problem since I like attention.

  • Medium’s a fascinating platform, but it’s also a Silicon Valley tech company that’s venture-funded and needs to start producing revenue. Their focus is on cultivating more prominent, high-profile users such as already-established writers and corporate brands (after all, this is where the money is). The Medium product in its current form is not built to support solo-entrepreneurs, marketers and aspiring writers.

    Yes, it’s fine to have a presence there, but I certainly don’t advocate it as a platform to build a business or audience. I’ve written a few articles there which barely reached anyone. And speaking of Paul Jarvis, another writer named Conor O’Shea who had some traction on Medium also recently left:

    • Kira Hug

      Thanks for sharing Conor’s article, Charles. I agree with Conor that Medium should be a secondary channel for content, not a primary one. Love this quote from the article btw, “I’ve predicted the rise and fall of multiple pieces of software that I’ve loved over the years. Maybe I’m like a rat on a ship and I know when to get off, I don’t know, but I’ve got that feeling once again and that means it’s time plan my exit strategy.”

  • I’m all for slicing and dicing and reaching new people. But are they the right people? Are they the audience we’re looking for? An audience the size of the Superball is of no use if the people we want to reach are into water polo.

    • there’s that too. And all the questions that go with it, like are the people reading articles on Medium the type to be in a position to hire you, or will there be other steps that will require more lead nurturing? Lots more to talk about on that front but you get the idea.

      • Kira Hug

        Great question. Simon Owens (referenced in this article) mentioned that he received numerous job leads from his articles on Medium. Building his Medium portfolio makes sense for him since that is exactly how he gets paid. He writes Medium articles (and other forms of content) for his clients.

    • Kira Hug

      Agreed. If you’re speaking to the wrong people, what’s the point? I’d like to dive deeper and explore the audience on Medium. Who hangs out there the most? If anything, researching this article led to an endless amount of new questions for me. I need to become buds with the Medium staff so I can bug them with all of my questions ; )

  • “Repurpose the article and publish on Medium as a secondary content platform.” Sure, who’s going to talk about ways to slice and dice your original article so that the people on Medium will get the most value?

    For example (and I don’t publish there so I have zero clue if this idea will fly…this is just simple repurposing 101):

    Main article on my site is about how to send smarter and more effective email campaigns using dynamic content and list segmentation.

    Medium post is:
    a) a rewrite?
    b) an op-ed on everything wrong with email, specifically the homogeneity of everybody getting the same message that links back to your original article as a solution?
    c) a partial rewrite that only focuses on one aspect of segmentation, and links back to the original for the rest?
    d) something different (which I’d selfishly love for us to flesh out)

    • Kira Hug

      Yes, repurposing the article to publish on Medium is another article in itself AND definitely needed. This is something that I need to experiment with myself. Marie Poulin mentioned that she would personalize her articles on her own blog and generalize them more for the Medium audience. It depends on who’s following you on Medium, but I’d guess that the Medium crowd is different from the marketing crowd that may be following your company blog. I personally want to experiment with partial rewrites with minimal changes to see what happens. The less changes = the better for me. BTW, if you repurpose your article for Medium, please share the results! Thank you, -Kira

  • Rob

    Challenge accepted. Now, which post…

    • Kira Hug

      Did you choose a post yet, Rob?

  • Awesome advice, Kira! I’m going to publish my latest blog to Medium right now.

    • Kira Hug

      Thanks, Jessica! Share the link so I can check it out : )

      • Kira Hug

        Gorgeous! Did you import all 3 posts or did they already live on Medium? How was the experience? Tell me, tell me…

      • I only uploaded the Evolution of Content one today. The other two were already on there. The first one (Tech Topics) got crickets in response, but I didn’t push it at all. For the record, that post has been one of the most popular on my own blog for years. The second one (SlideShare), got some notice — but only because Joanna tweeted it out!

        If I remember correctly, I copied and pasted the other two — while I actually IMPORTED the Evolution of Content post. We’ll see if that makes a difference at all.

      • Kira Hug

        Yes, let the experiment continue…

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