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Copywriting Worksheets for Headlines & Subheads

How to Assess Your Headlines (PDF)

The Ultimate Checklist for Headlines and Subheads (PDF)

Copywriting Worksheets for Value Propositions

Audit Your Competitors’ Value Propositions (PDF)

Evaluate Your Own Value Propositions (PDF)

Copywriting Worksheets for Buttons & Calls to Action

Button Layout, Positioning & Design Checklist (PDF)

Audit Your Competitors’ Top Calls to Action (PDF)

Determine Your Click Triggers (PDF)

Writing Button Copy (PDF)

Copywriting Worksheets for Messaging & Copywriting in General

Checklist for Basic Copy Formatting (PDF)

Fill in This Table to Create a Product Positioning Document (PDF)

Neutralize Your Visitors’ Top Anxieties (PDF)

Audit Your Competitors’ Home Pages (PDF)

Audit Your Competitors’ Top Messages (PDF)

All our copywriting worksheets can – and in some cases should – be used while reading the Copy Hackers ebook series and completing exercises within.

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