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Copywriting Worksheets for Headlines & Subheads

How to Assess Your Headlines (PDF)

The Ultimate Checklist for Headlines and Subheads (PDF)

Copywriting Worksheets for Value Propositions

Audit Your Competitors’ Value Propositions (PDF)

Evaluate Your Own Value Propositions (PDF)

Copywriting Worksheets for Buttons & Calls to Action

Button Layout, Positioning & Design Checklist (PDF)

Audit Your Competitors’ Top Calls to Action (PDF)

Determine Your Click Triggers (PDF)

Writing Button Copy (PDF)

Copywriting Worksheets for Messaging & Copywriting in General

Checklist for Basic Copy Formatting (PDF)

Fill in This Table to Create a Product Positioning Document (PDF)

Neutralize Your Visitors’ Top Anxieties (PDF)

Audit Your Competitors’ Home Pages (PDF)

Audit Your Competitors’ Top Messages (PDF)

All our copywriting worksheets can – and in some cases should – be used while reading the Copyhackers ebook series and completing exercises within.

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Copywriting tutorials

How to use surveys to write LFSP
SEO copywriting
Why good copy performs badly
Conversion copywriting defined
How to use VoC to create outlines
How to validate your copy
How to make your writing sound good
Getting creative with conversion copy
How to write headlines
How to be specific in your copy
How to write great bullet lists
How to write a long-form sales page
How to write compelling “agitation” copy
How to write holiday copy
3 essential copy techniques to use daily
How to write a sales page
How to optimize crossheads/subheads

How to optimize Facebook ad copy
How to write an Adwords ad
How to write Facebook-compliant ads

How to evergreen your course sales
How to use SEO landing page
How to get more subscribers
How to script the first sales video
How to script the second sales video
How to script the third sales video

How to use conditional messaging
How to write welcome emails
How to write a launch-day sales email
How to write a last-day launch email
How to write a cold email
How to write cold emails for services
How to write a trial-ending SaaS email
How to write a post-welcome SaaS email
How to write TOFU emails


What to ask your clients
How to shift the way you think about money
Think you’re not ready for a VA?
How to get paid to write proposals
Creating and selling packages
How to write a project proposal
How to present your copy to clients
How to get more proposals approved
How to wireframe your landing pages
The art & science of pestering
How to pitch your copywriting services
How to create a biz-worthy home office
How to handle awkward client convos
How to master customer interviews
How to keep your copy reviews on track

How to write a long-form sales page using survey data
A super-speedy formula to find VoC
How to Marie Kondo your VoC data
Optimize your email sequence with Trello
How to research a blog post
How to plan a SaaS onboarding funnel
How to use Amazon review mining
How to do a content audit
How to know what your visitor’s thinking
Creating a launch command center
A 3-part copywriting process for newbies

Likes to leads
SEO copywriting
How to optimize a headline
How to optimize a SaaS sequence
How to optimize content for SEO
How to validate your copy
How to optimize Facebook ad copy

Breakthrough blog post topics
How to write an epic blog post
How to write a mass-appeal blog post
How to write funny content
How to keep readers reading
Blog post formula for authority building
How to write an ultimate guide

Sweep 1: The Clarity Sweep
Sweep 2: The Voice + Tone Sweep
Sweeps 3 & 4: The Believability Sweeps
Sweep 5: The Specificity Sweep
Sweep 6: The Heightened Emotion Sweep
Sweep 7: The Zero Risk Sweep