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A Handful of Notes from Our Newsletter Subscribers

“First of all, thank you for the terrific ideas and tips that you have shared with me, I’ve already put some of them into practice. In the meantime, I’ll keep reading your weekly emails avidly.”
– Valerie, Bristol, UK

“”More than anything, your newsletter content re-inspires me to alter my mindset and take action on those things that I know I could be doing better in terms of copywriting. Your excellent point about actually following through on the things you learn holds true, it’s the hardest part!”
Jesse Storimer, Working With TCP Sockets, Canada

“I just read the first lesson and the single line inspired me so much, ‘People want what they want.’ And I should try to give them a better reflection of themselves, that much focused my copy writing should be, am really happy I subscribed to you. Thank you so much!”
– Kartikeye, Indore Area, India

“Firstly, thank you for the e-mails, I’ve found them incredibly useful. My biggest challenge as a freelance software developer is deciding whether to write about the technologies I work with, or the business problems I can solve.  I’m not sure what the state of awareness of my visitors are. Your tips about looking at analytics is certainly a good starting point, so I will start there. Thanks again for the insightful email!”
– Glen, Norwich, Norfolk, UK

“I just wanted to say ‘thanks’ for the warm welcome, the $0 e-book and the quality feel to the interaction so far.”
– Simon M.

“I signed up for your email very recently. I really like your work and I really REALLY like how you write.”
– Alexandra, Greece

“Only yesterday someone tipped me your website and already I subscribed to the newsletter and am a fan. BIG fan. You see, as a social worker-gone secretary/pa to the CEO at childcare services then lost her job when new CEO entered – then crashed and burned – then was forced to go into outplacement I discovered that what I love most is to just write. It’s what I’ve always done and never ever considered a serious career. Step one: ask a writer. A good one. An EXCELLENT one. You! Just the option of mailing you and knowing I will get a response feels like a huge leap forward.”
– Linda, Groningen Area, Netherlands

“Looking forward to the course. I work with e-commerce so I will probably get tons of good stuff from the course and this newsletter.”
– Björn, Stockholm, Sweden

“I picked up your ebooks the other day and just signed up for your newsletter. I’d (quite selfishly) love more information on writing email copy and subjects. Can’t wait to be at a point where customers actually look forward to my emails! Anyhow, thanks again for doing such an awesome job. The work you do makes a big difference to people like me!”
– Ryan, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Hi Joanna. I’m glad to know about Copy Hackers! I just discovered you earlier this week and already bought your ebooks bundle and watched all your videos. As a search engine marketer, I’m a little uncomfortable with just how much I’m learning from you (shouldn’t I know more?), but I love it anyway. Thank you!”
– Amy, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

“That was an awesome email. I actually read every single word of it 🙂 which rarely happens.. hah. Haven’t had the time to read the next 4 mails, but I have them flagged, so hopefully I will do that soon.”
– Vessy T.

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